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[blocks in formation]

Enter KASTRIL, followed by Dame PLIANT.

Sub. Come near, my worshipful boy, my terræ fili,3

That is, my boy of land; make thy approaches: Welcome; I know thy lusts, and thy desires, And I will serve and satisfy them. Begin, Charge me from thence, or thence, or in this line; Here is my centre: ground thy quarrel.

Kas. You lie.

Sub. How, child of wrath and anger! the loud lie?

For what, my sudden boy?

Kas. Nay, that look ye to, I am aforehand.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Come, sir, the captain will come to us presently: I'll have you to my chamber of demonstrations, Where I will show you both the grammar, and


[Kisses her.

And rhetoric of quarrelling; my whole method
Drawn out in tables; and my instrument,
That hath the several scales upon't, shall make you
Able to quarrel at a straws-breadth by moonlight.
And, lady, I'll have you look in a glass,
Some half an hour, but to clear your eyesight,
Against you see your fortune; which is greater,
Than I may judge upon the sudden, trust me.
[Exit, followed by KAS. and Dame P.

Re-enter FACE.

Face. Where are you, doctor?

Sub. [within]. I'll come to you presently. Face. I will have this same widow, now I have seen her,

On any composition.

Re-enter SUBTLE


Sub. Is that the matter? Face. Nay, but hear me. Sub. Go to.

Sub. What do you say?

Face. Have you disposed of them?

Sub. I have sent them up.

Face. Subtle, in troth, I needs must have this

1 See note 2, p. 90, col. 2. 2. In the channel of her forehead.'

3 line of fortune.'

4 in the hill of Venus.'

5 juncture of the ring or circle.' astrological terms.

These are also

[blocks in formation]

Re-enter FACE, introducing SURLY disguised as a

Brain of a tailor! who comes here? Don John!
Sur. Senores, beso las manos a vuestras mercedes.'
Sub. Would you had stoop'd a little, and kist
Face. Peace, Subtle.
[our anos!
Sub. Stab me; I shall never hold, man.
He looks in that deep ruff like a head in a platter
Serv'd in by a short cloke upon two trestles.

Face. Or, what do you say to a collar of brawn, cut down

[blocks in formation]

My precious Diego, will prove fair enough To cozen you in. Do you mark? you shall Be cozen'd, Diego.

Face. Cozen'd, do you see,

My worthy Donzel, cozen'd.
Sur. Entiendo.s

Sub. Do you intend it? so do we, dear Don.
Have you brought pistolets, or portagues,
My solemn Don?-Dost thou feel any?

Face. [Feels his pockets]. Full.

Sub. You shall be emptied, Don, pumped and Dry, as they say. [drawn Face. Milked, in troth, sweet Don. Sub. See all the monsters; the great lion of all, Don.

Sur. Con licencia, se puede ver a esta senora? 6 Sub. What talks he now?

Face. Of the sennora.

Sub. Oh, Don,

That is the lioness, which you shall see
Also, my Don.

Face. 'Slid, Subtle, how shall we do? Sub. For what?

Face. Why, Dol's employ'd, you know.

Sub. That's true.

'Fore heaven, I know not: he must stay, that's all. Face. Stay! that he must not by no means. Sub. No! why?

Face. Unless you'll mar all. 'Slight, he will suspect it:

And then he will not pay, not half so well.
This is a travelled punk-master, and does know
All the delays; a notable hot rascal,
And looks already rampant.

Gentlemen, I kiss your honours' hands.' * 'Thanks.'

Le in the deep plaits of his ruff.

By heaven, gentlemen, a very handsome house!' 'I understand.'

With permission, is it possible to see this lady?'

Sub. 'Sdeath, and Mammon Must not be troubled.

Face. Mammon! in no case.

Sub. What shall we do then?

Face. Think you must be sudden.

Sur. Entiendo que la senora es tan hermosa, que codicio tan verla, como la bien aventuranza de mi vida.1

Face. Mi vida! 'Slid, Subtle, he puts me in mind o' the widow.

What dost thou say to draw her to it, ha!
And tell her 'tis her fortune? all our venture
Now lies upon't. It is but one man more,
Which of us chance to have her: and, beside,
There is no maidenhead to be fear'd or lost.
What dost thou think on't, Subtle?

Sub. Who, I? why

Fac. The credit of our house too is engaged. Sub. You made me an offer for my share erewhile.

[blocks in formation]

Sur. Senores, proque se tarda tanto?2
Sub. Faith, I am not fit, I am old.
Face. That's now no reason, sir.

Sur. Puedo ser de hazer burla de mi amor? 3 Face. You hear the Don too? by this air, I call, And loose the hinges: Dol!

Sub. A plague of hell

Face. Will you then do?

Sub. You are a terrible rogue!

I'll think of this: will you, sir, call the widow? Face. Yes, and I'll take her too with all her faults,

Now I do think on't better.

Sub. With all my heart, sir;

Am I discharged o' the lot?
Face. As you please.

Sub. Hands.

[They take hands. Face. Remember now, that upon any change, You never claim her.

Sub. Much good joy, and health to you, sir. Marry a whore! fate, let me wed a witch first. Sur. Por estas honradas barbas 1—

Sub. He swears by his beard.

Despatch, and call the brother too. [Exit FACE. Sur. Tenyo duda, senores, que no me hagan alguna traycion.5

Sub. How, issue on? yes, præsto, sennor. Please you Enthratha the chambrata, worthy Don:

I hear the lady is so handsome, that I am anxious to see her, as the most fortunate circumstance of my life.'-GIFFord.

2Gentlemen, why do you delay so much?' 3Can you be making a jest of my love?' 4By these honourable beards.' (?)

5 I fear, gentlemen, that you are about to play me some foul trick.'

Where if you please the fates, in your bathada, You shall be soaked, and stroked, and tubb'd, and rubb'd,

And scrubb'd, and fubb'd, dear Don, before you go.

You shall, in faith, my scurvy baboon Don.
Be curried, claw'd, and flaw'd, and taw'd, indeed.
I will the heartlier go about it now,
And make the widow a punk so much the sooner,
To be nged on this impetuous Face:
The quickly doing of it, is the grace.
[Exeunt SUB. and SURLY.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Kas. Bravely, i'faith!

Face. Nay, he will use her better.
Kas. Do you think so?

Sur. Senora, si sera servida, entremonos.
[Exit with Dame PLIANT.

Kas. Where does he carry her?
Face. Into the garden, sir;
Take you no thought: I must interpret for her.
Sub. Give Dol the word. [Aside to FACE, who
goes out.]-Come, my fierce child, advance,
We'll to our quarrelling lesson again.

Kas. Agreed.

Sub. 'Pray God your sister prove but pliant!
Kas. Why,

Her name is so by her other husband.
Sub. How!

Kas. The widow Pliant. Knew you not that?
Sub. No, faith, sir;

Yet, by erection of her figure, I guessed it.
Come, let's go practise.

Kas. Yes, but do you think, doctor,

I e'er shall quarrel well?
Sub. I warrant you.


All sounds of voices, in few marks of letters-
Face. Nay, you must never hope to lay her now.
[They all speak together.
Dol. And so we may arrive by Talmud skill,
And profane Greek, to raise the building up
Of Helen's house against the Ismaelite,
King of Thogarma, and his habergions
Brimstony, blue, and fiery; and the force

I love a Spanish boy with all my heart.

Sub. Nay, and by this means, sir, you shall be Of king Abaddon, and the beast of Cittim:

Which rabbi David Kimchi, Onkelos,
And Aben Ezra do interpret Rome.

To a great count.

Kas. Ay, I knew that at first.

Face. How did you put her into't?
Mam. Alas! I talk'd

This match will advance the house of the Kastrils.


Another room in the same.

Enter DoL in her fit of raving, followed by MAMMON.

Dol. For after Alexander's death-
Mam. Good lady-

Dol. That Perdiccas and Antigonus were slain,
The two that stood, Seleuc', and Ptolomee-

Mam. Madam.

Dol. Made up the two legs, and the fourth beast, That was Gog-north, and Egypt-south: which after Was called Gog-iron-leg, and South-iron-leg

Mam. Lady

Dol. And then Gog-horned. So was Egypt, too: Then Egypt-clay-leg, and Gog-clay-leg

Mam. Sweet madam.

Dol. And last Gog-dust, and Egypt-dust, which

In the last link of the fourth chain. And these
Be stars in story, which none see, or look at—

[blocks in formation]

Mam. What shall I do?
Dol. For, as he says, except

We call the rabbins, and the heathen Grecks-
Mam. Dear lady.

Dol. To come from Salem, and from Athens,
And teach the people of Great Britain-

Enter FACE, hastily, in his servant's dress.
Face. What's the matter, sir?!

Dol. To speak the tongue of Eber and Javan―,
Mam. Oh,

She's in her fit.

Dol. We shall know nothing

Face. Death, sir,

We are undone!

Dol. Where then a learned linguist
Shall she the ancient used communion

Of vowels and consonants

Face. My master will hear!

Dol. A wisdom, which Pythagoras held most

Mam. Sweet honourable lady!
Dol. To comprise

[blocks in formation]

Mam. Why, have you so?

Sub. It has stood still this half hour:
And all the rest of our less works gone back.
Where is the instrument of wickedness,
My lewd false drudge?

Mam. Nay, good sir, blame not him;
Believe me, 'twas against his will or knowledge:
I saw her by chance.

Sub. Will you commit more sin,

To excuse a varlet?

Mam. By my hope, 'tis true, sir.

Sub. Nay, then I wonder less, if you for whom

The blessing was prepared, would so tempt heaven, Will cure the itch,-though not your itch of
And lose your fortunes.
Mam. Why, sir?

mind, sir.

Sub. This will retard

It shall be saved for you, and sent home. Good sir,

[blocks in formation]

This way, for fear the lord should meet you. [Exit MAMMON.

Sub. [Raising his head.] Face! Face. Ay.

Sub. Is he gone?

Face. Yes, and as heavily

[blocks in formation]
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