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Ventilators were many years fince put reward of 251. to be paid upon convic. into Winchester goal, to the great com- tion. fort and benefit of the prisoners ; and are In the last will of judge Burnet, (who lately also put into Durham county goal. died last month, p. 43.) is the following

By capt. Wright, of the Endeavour, from declaration : “ I think it proper in this the coast of Guinea, we had the following folemn act to declare, that as I have account of the lors of the Mailborough, lived, so I trust I Thall die, in the true capt. Codd, of Bristol, by an insurrection faith of Christ, as taught in the scripof the Negroes the beginning of October tures; but not as taught or practised Jast. Capt. Codd having indulged 28 Gold- in any one visible church I know of; coast Negroes with their liberty on deck tho' I think the church of England is to aflift in navigating the Mip, they be- as little stuffed with the inventions of haved for some time in a very tractable, men as any of them; and the church of civil manner. Eut on the 3d day aster Rome is so full of them, as to destroy he failed from the bar of Bonny, while all that is lovely in the chriflian religion." most of the crew were below cleaning

THURSDAY, Feb. 1. the rooms, and none but the captain and At a general court of the South-Sea two white men, armed with cutlasses, company ic was resolved, that application left above to take care of the ship, all be made to parliament, to get the numon a ludden the Negroes on deck snatched ber of directors of that company reduced, the arins from them, wounded the cap- at the next clection, to i8, exclusive of tain, and forced him up the fore-throuds, the three governors, and the savings by where they thot him dead. The rest such reduéiion to be applied to the benefit of the Negroes securing the quarter-deck of the proprietors. and small-arms, became soon matters

FRIDAY, 2. of the thip, and spent the rest of the At the quarter sessions of the peace held day in most cruelly butchering the crew by adjournment at Guildhall, the petition (who were in number 35) except the of the journeymen taylors was taken into boatswain and cabin-boy, whom they confideration, and after foveral arguments faved to conduct the snip back again; of council in behalí both of the masters which they did after 8 days, and came and journeymen, the court ordered, that to an anchor within the bar of Bonny. the journeymens wages thall be 25. 68. About the same time the Hawk, capt. per day from Lady. Day to Midsummer, Jones, of Bristol, arrived at that place, and 28. per day the remaining part of the and hearing of the affair, bore down year, and that they mall work from 6 in on her, with an intent to re take lier; the morning till 7 in the evening. but the Negroes were so expert at the

great guns and small-arms, that they Sir Richard Adams, kut. and

foon repelled him. After putting the Wilson, Esq; were called to the degree
Bite Negroes afnore that chose it, in of serjeants at law in the court of Com.
number 270, the remainder, consisting mon pleas in Westminfier-hall, with all
of 150, weighed anchor, set their fails, the usual ceremonies. The motto of
and stood to sea, with intent, as is sup. the rings given to the lord chancellor,
posed, to go to their own country, tho' judges, &c. on that occasion, was, Imperio
the undertaking was extremely hazar- regii unus aquo:
dous, as they had no one to navigate

the thip, the boatswain having jumped Was held a general court of the Free
overboard the night before they failed, British Herring Fishery, when a petition
and got to the hawk; and it is supposed, to parliament was read and agreed to,
that on his escape, the poor cabin-boy for improving and amending the act and
fell a sacrifice to their revenge.

chaiter, whereby the society was estaSome malicious person or persons ha- blished. Then Mr. alderman Bethell, ving in the night between Jan. 20, and the president, acquainted the court, that 21, come upon the grounds of William there had been cauglit and cured the Smith, farmer and dairyman in the parish last year 9627 barrels, and all disposed of. of Bathwicke, in Somersetshire, and His majesty in council appointed the maimed and wounded one of his best following theriffs for 1753, viz. for Berks, milk cows, by cutting off her teats and Humph. Adams, Esq; Bedf. Fra. Lierne. tail, and at divers times before maimed Efq; Bucks, Cha. Woodnoth, Esq; Cumb. and wounded four other of his milk Hen, Curwen, Erq; Cheih. John Leeche, cows in the like manner: His majesty Esq; Camb. and Hunt. Sir Sam. Claike, has been pleased to promise his most Bart. Cornw. Will. Morrhead, Ele; gracious pardon to any of them (except Devon, Sir Jolio Chichester, Bart. Dojthe person who actually cut of the cows set. Humph, Sturt, Fíg; Derb. Goodere teats and tails) who shall discover their Fletcher, Esq; Ellex, Will. Hunt, Eig; accomplices. And as a farther encou- Glouc. Tho. Kemble, Elg; Heiti. Caiet ragtinent, the earl of Bath promises a Lomax, Esq; Herei. Tho. Dunne, F'q;


M 2


The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. Feb. Kent, Sir John Shaw, Bart. Leic. Will. men, and in a handsome speech refigned Herrick, Eíq; Linc. Cha. Amcotts, Eiq; his office as recorder. And two days afMonm. Will. Jer: xias, Esq; Northum. ter, William Moreton, Efq; senior judge Rob. Fenwick, Liq, Northamp. Arm- of the Meriffs court, was chosen recorder ftcad Parker, Eras Dorf. Hamileton in his room. Cuitance, Esq; Notting. Viundy Musters,

THURSDAY, 15. Esq; Oxf. Tho. !'orde, Erq; Rutl. Wuil. Among the papers read this day at the Pru:hfeld, Esq; Shrop. Rowland Wing- Royal-Society, was a very curious account field, Esq; Somer. John Macie, Efq; of a moft extraordinary thunder storm, Staff. Rich. Drakeford, Esq; Suff. kob. that happened last December in Cornwall; Sparrow, Esq; Southamp. James Ward, one of the fames of lightening which dirEfq; Surrey, Edw. Lan; ton, Esq; Sulsex, charged itlelt on a hill, bored several Rob. Randall, Esq; Warw. Penj. Pal- holes thro' banks, and into the ground, mer, Esq;

Wors." Tho. Phillips, Esq; cut several channels, like plough-surrows, Wilts, Edw. Poihill, Elgi Yorks. Sir along the hill, and Mattered feveral parts Ralph Milbank, Bart.

of a rock, as if blown to pieces with For South Wales, viz. 3recon, David gunpowder : Another fiaih discharged it. Williams, Erq; Caim. Will. Thomas, relf on a farm-house, beat down a large Eli; Cardig. Lewis Rogers, Esq; Glam. chimney of about 4 feet square, and Tho. Riuse, Lin; Fernb. John Smith, moved it to a considerable distance from Efq; Radnor, Rich, Loyd, Eiq;

the house, made several fraciures in the For North-Wales, viz. Argl. Bodychan partitions and windows of the upper Sparrow, Prą; Carn. Owen Hughes, Esq; rooms, besides rending the roof te pieces, Derb. Kenrick Eytor, Esq; Flirt, Edw. broke into the kitchen where the farmer Pennant, Esq; Aerion. Rob. Price, and his family then were, and truck Esq; Monts. Will. Powell, E1q;

down and stunned most of the persons THURSDAY, 8.

prefent. The farmer's son, who had just Vertue Hall, a fervant to one Mrs. before retired by his father's direction, Wells, who kept a house of ill faine near from a window, to a seat in one corner Enfield wain, was taken into custody, by of the kitchen, was killed, his cloaths virtue of a warrant from justice Fielding: almost rent to shivers, his hoes very much After a very strict exainination, the ac- scorched, and one of his toes cut so near. knowledged that Eliz. Canning, a young ly off, as to hang by a bit of skin ; alfo woman, who had been robbed by two fel- his dog, whiclı lay between his feet, was lows in Moorfields, about ten in the even- truck dead: What was most remarkable, ing, last New year's day, was afterwards the son continued in the position he was brought to Mrs. Wells's house, and con. before the ftroke, and his countenance fined there near a month, and that seve- not in the least altered; neither the man Tal menaces were made use of io induce nor dog firred on the shock : One perher to become a common prostitute ; but son in another room was thrown 12 feet that she would not comply. After ro from her place. The gentleman, who long confinement, the said Elizabeth Can- sent this account, went to the house and ning took an opportunity of pulling down examined every particular himself, and some boards, which were nailed before a has given a moft circumstantial relation of window, and made her escape, and came the extraordinary havock caused by this in a very miserable, naked condition, and fiath, which, for the variety of ways almost deprived of her senes, to her mo- wherein it acted, is perhaps as considerather, a poor widow, who lives in Alder- ble as were crer remarked before, in any manbury pottern. An old gypsey in Mrs. of the most tremendous thunder storms. Wells's house Nript her of her stays, and

MONDAY, 26. during her confinement she had no other The sessions ended at the Old-Bailey, subsistence than about a quatern loaf and when Charles Sickamore, for a burglary; a gallon of water. Mrs. Wells and the Mary Squires, the gypsy, for robbing gypsy had been apprehended before and Eliz. Canning of a pair of stays in the committed to prison.

dwelling house of Susannah Wells, at His majesty went to the house of peers, Enfield. Wah ; Edward Mac Manning, and gave the royal asient to the malt tax bill. for stealing wearing apparel, &c. out of MONDAY, 12.

a dwelling-house ; John Jetter, for reEight malefactors, condemned the two turning from transportation ; Grace Weelat feffions at the Old-Bailey, were ex- don and Isabella Roe, for a street robbery; ecuted at Tyburn. Lee and Nugent were and John Higgins, for a burglary, received respiced. See their crimes in our Mag. sentence of death. Mrs. Wells, as an acfor Dec. last, p. 574. and Jan, p. 42. ceilary to the gypsy after the fact, was TUESDAY, 13.

branded, and ordered to be imprisoned Sir Richard Adams, Inow a baron of fix months. the Exchequer, came to the court of alder



Jan. 28.



8. Sir Ch. Areskine, Bart. in Scotland. UGUSTINE Talbot, Erq; A

13. Robert Tothill, Esq; in Red Lion to Miss Montague, a 20,000l. Ntreet, Clerkenwell, fenior clerk of the fortune.

privy seal, and one of his majesty's jur35. Hon. George Bridges Rodney, Efq;

tices of the peace for Middlefex. to Miss Jane Compton, niece to the earl 15. Rev. Mr. John Stuart, prebendary of Northampton.

of Chichester, lecturer of St. James's, Feb. 2. Charles Gibson, Esq; of Ken

Garlickhithe, and one of the tecturers of fington-Gore, to Miss Francis Poole, a

St. Antholin's. 30,000l, fortune.

Capt. Wilton, an old experienced offi5. Rt. Hon. the lord Abergavenny, to cer in the army. the Hon. Mrs. Henrietta Temple, with a 16. Dr. Thomas Deacon, an eminent fortune of 1200l. per ann. and 20,0col.

physician at Manchester. in money.

17. Rev. Mr. Furney, archdeacon of 6. Mr. William Marshal, oilman in Surrey. Newgate street, to Miss Caroline Thom- 18. Francis Mitchell, of Pall. Mall, Son, an heiress.

Erg; who, during the whole time our 9. Edward Tyron, Esq; of Barilton

troops were abroad, was chief surgeon to lodge in Effex, to Miss Shelly.

our hospitals. 13. Jofeph Tantom, Efq; of Gallows.

24. Hon. Mrs. Crawford, fister to the green, to Miss Watkins of Bow, a late earl of Dartmouth. 20,cool. fortune. Philip Reginald Ryley Taylor, Esq; to


Stonehouse, L L. B.


15. Lionel Simpson, Esq; to lady Kitty J by Sir Richard usikins, Bares e contre


18. Mr. Benj. White, partner with Mr. Whilton, bookfeller, to Miss Ya!den.

22. Samuel Norman, Esq; cf Henley
upon Thames, to Miss Brookhank, daughie
ter of Stamp Bookfank, Esq; of Hackney.

Jan. 25. Her grace the dutchers of
Hamilton, delivered of a daughter.

26. The lady of Richard Syer, Efq; of
a fon and heir.

26. The lady of William Chetwynd,
jun. Efq; of a fon and heir.

Feb. 7. The lady of Mundy Mufters,
Fly; of a son and heir.

23 Counters of Hillfborough, of a fon.

25. The lady of the late Dr. Twisden,
bishop of Raphoe, of a daughter.

Jan. 25.
• 25. R

EV. Mr. Joseph Simmons,

a dificnting minister at

Martyn Sandys, Esq; uncle to the lord

The late Mr. Alderman Perry, who
had served the office of lord-mayor, and
was formerly one of the representatives of
the city of London, in parliament.

Mary countess dowager of Roxburgh,
who had been a widow 70 years.

Sir Wm. Napier, of Dorsetshire, Bart.
Hon. Wm. Tempeft Widdrington, Efq;

26. Lady Anne Boys, at Canterbury,
relict of the late Sir William Boys, M. D.

30. Joseph Smith, Esq; formerly an eminent grocer in Cannon-street.

Feb. 2. Mr. Henry Dodson, an eminent surgeon.

Anthony Kempe, Esq; aged 85, at Slin. don, in Suflex.

John Burridge, Erg; formerly memb, of pari, for Lyme-Regis, in Dorfer shire,

rectory of Clapham, Sucrey.-Mr. Hethrington, by the lociety of Eton-college, to the living of Fernham-Royal near Windsor.-Mr. Evans by the bishop of Ely, to the living of Great-Finborough, in Suffolk.-Mr. Robert Gascoyne, by lord Sandys, to the rectory of Eversholt, in Bedfordihire.--Mr. Richard Head, to the rectory of Chievely, Berks.

- James Stopford, D. D. dean of Kil. macduagh, made bishop of Cloyne, in the room of the late bishop Berkeley. -Mr. Robert Bathurst, presented by the bishop of London, to the living of Wennington, in Effex.-Mr. John Cherbury, to the vicarage of Great-Marlow in Bucks.- John Frankland, M. A. by the abp. of Canterbury, to the living of Sundrich, in Kent.-- John Denne, M. A. by ditto, to the living of Maidstone, in Kent,

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.
ENRY Charles Sommers, Eig; made

a captain in the firtt reg. of foot-
guards.--Frederick Frankland, Esq; made
a commissioner of the Excise ; and the
Hon. William Monson, Esq; commiffi-
oner of the revenues in Ireland, in his
room.-Sir William Lowther, Bart. made
lieutenant and custos rotulorum of West-
moreland. - William Herbert, Esq; made
colonel of the queen's reg. of dragoon
guards. Ploilip Thickness, Esq; made
lieut. gov. of Languard fort.-Mr. baron,
now Mr. justice Clive had the honour of
knighthood conferred on him by his ma-
jelly.- Edward Williams, Erg; choren
judge of the Meriffs court, in the rooin
of the new recorder. (See p. 92.)
[Biskups in care mexr.)



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Buried Males 828 2702



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71. 45 gl. 38

PRICES of STOCKS in FEBRUARY, BILL of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea B. Annu, B. Annu.3 p. Cent. S. S. An. Ind. Bonds B.Cir. p. Wind at Weather Bill of Mortality from

1746. |1747-8-9 B. Annu. 1751. STOCK. STOCK. S TOC K. Annu.oid Ann. new

præm. 1. S. d. Deal. London. Jan. 23. to Feb. 20. 1 143 * 192

107 106 106 107 106 107 103 \ 103

61. 16s1 15
o W. S. W.


61. 18s1 15

o W. S. W.
103 G

Femal. 599
3 144 %
107 } } 107 1 4 104 103 104 61. 1951 15 0 N. by E. front fair

N. front fair

Femal. 874 Sunday 107 106 ) 107 1 107 2 104 103 104 71. is

o E. by N. (now Neet Died under 2 Years old 595 144143)| 192

107 107 104

S. E. 107 104

71. 35 115

Between 2 and 5- 124
71 344


104 107 3 104 g

S. E. 71. 53 15 snow

5 and 10 108 106 Ž

104 107

71. gs i 15 0

이 S. W. clou. cold

10 and 20 - 35
9 143 1441
107 )

71. 55 115

o S. S. W.


20 and 30




N. W. 107



30 and 40 179
II Sunday

W. frost sair

40 and 50-

108 106

高 I 17

snow 6 E. S. E.

50 and 60 1 | 123 } 107 106

104 107

104 107

I 17 6. S. by W. thaw

60 and go

107 $


104 71. is

S. W. 117


70 and 80


107 1107 104 104

71. IS I 17 6 W. S. W. mild

80 and 90

107 106
107 104 6 104 71. 28

I 17 6 s. by W.

90 and 100
17 143

S. W.
121 107

mild 104 4 3 71. 3$ 107 * 104 I 17

S. W.
Within the Walls

19 143

S. W.

107 1 106 123

6 107 104 117


Without the Walls 402 20 143 193 121 107 108 106

107 104

6) W. S. W. wind fair 117

In Mid. and Surrey 781 21 143 1 193 121

107 ) 107 107 104 104

71. 25 117 6W. by N. wind fair

City & Sub, Weft. 377

S. W. 22 143 1196. 1951


104 107 71. Is

frost fair 23 143 144 1924 120 107/108 106 107 107 104 104 71. IS

I 17

6 S. by W. mifiing

107 $
71. 25

Weekly Jan. 30 117 6 N. by W.

cloudy W. S. W. Iclou. fair

Feb. 6 431 25 Sunday 108

104 71. IS

6 143


S. W. 107


13 392
27 143

107 104

6 N. N. W. windy
71. IS I 17

107 104

71. IS 1 17 6
N. W. cloudy

1702 Wheaten Peck Loaf 2s. Peale 198. to 228. per Quar.

|Tares 22s. to 255. per Quar. Mark-lane Exchange. Balinzitoke. Reading Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster, Devizes. Gloucester. Birmingham. Wheat 28 to 345 qu 081. ass load jol. ros lod ogl. ios load | ogl. 155 load ogl. ros load

345 to 42 qr 345 to 42 gr

5s od bush.

45 to 4 8d buil. Barley 155 to 175 od. 175 to oo qr 209 to our 155 to 19 ar 155 to 21 gr 16s to 18

178 to 22 28 ozd 25 40 to 2 6d Oats IIS od to i 145 to 17 14) to 155 10 to 1360 145 to 15 168 to 16 Is 6d to 25

IS 044 to is 8d

مان به نام ونهجه

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95 I , N consequence of the resolutions of the always opposed by the parliament, at

present thews itself more openly than in our last, the peers were again summon. ever, in the numberless writings and jued to come and take their seats in parlia- diciary declarations of many ecclefiafticks; ment on the 29th ult. but his most and is openly avowed by the archbishops Christian majesty issued fresh orders, com- of Paris and Tours in the answers which manding them on their allegiance not to they have presumed to make. attend, which they found it necessary to That an answer, perhaps less reprehenobey.

sible than these, in which two eccletasIn the mean time the poor nun St. Per- ticks disowned the supremacy of one of petua, who had the courage to refuse ac- his majesty's predeceffors, pretending to knowledging the bull Unigenitus, as well be subject only to his majesty's person, as the nunnery of S. Agatha, to which was censured by parliament, who, with The belonged, are like to be great sufferers, his approbation, prosecuted the authors. if not martyrs ; for on the 24th of Dec. That those prelates who assume this at nine at night, three exempts of the independence at present, exercise an arguards seized her, and carried her away bitrary power over the inferior clergy, by prisoner to the monastery of Port-Royal; commands that are irregular both in mat. and on the ad inst. an arret of the coun- ter and form, and by other abuses of their cil of state was issued, ordering the nuri- authority; and that the inferior clergy, nery of St. Agatha to be diffolved, and the by their blind, servile, selfish submisiun, fifters to quit the house in a fortnight ; help to establish this authority. which looks as if the court of France had That this system, and this conduct have resolved to support and enforce the bull given rise to the schism, of which his Unigenitus at all hazards; and this is the majesty himself has seen the danger, and more probable, as the court of Rome which will not be healed if the superior have lately issued a bull not only condemn- clergy, who promote it, be not curbed ing a book, intitled, An Apology for the by his majesty's courts, and the inferior. Conduct of the Parliament, but expresly clergy find a protection there under which enjoining submission to the bull Unigeni- they may execute the canons of the church tus.

and the laws of the state, notwithstand. Upon these disputes the parliament ing any order to the contrary. have resolved to present very strong re- That the authors and fomenters of schism monstranccs to his majesty, but no day execute the letters Paftoralis Officii, which has yet been appointed by the king for the parliament, even by the king's orders, receiving them; however, some copies of have always declared to be an abuse. them are handed about at Paris, contain- That, nevertheless, these ecclefiafticks ing in substance as follows :

pretend to be authorised by different arThat the king's supremacy, his autho- reis of the council, particularly that of rity over all his subjects without distinctia the 23d of August last : That if these on, the obedience of the people, and their arrets were carried into execution, they just liberties are the essence of every mo- would establish the very principles of narchy, and cannot sublift but by main- schism ; annul the most important judge taining the laws.

ments of his majesty's supreme courts, That his parliament is bound by its and throw contempt on the inferior conftitution and oath, to observe, and judges ; and inveft the clergy with an uncause to be observed, all the laws and alienable part of the royal prerogative, maxims of the kingdom, and to regulate to the prejudice of the unalterable laws the general polity of the state, which is of the realm. committed to them conformably to these. That the schism makes still new pro

That an essential branch of this duty is gress by means of the evocations, which to administer supreme justice in his ma- (except in certain cases, foreseen by the jesty's name ; to maintain the good order, laws) are contrary to publick order, jurhonour, and jurisdiction of his majesty's tice, the rights of the subject, prejudicial inferior courts ; and to represent in ge- to the courts of justice, and prohibited by neral to the king all abuses of his name ordinances, especially in criminal cales : and authority, and oppose any derogati- That his parliament cannot better ret on of them.

forth to his majesty the consequences of That, in different centuries, the cler. those cvocations, than by putting him in sy, in opposition to these invariable prin- mind of what the parliament said, in ciples, have discovered a spirit of inde- 1524, in a like case, of evocations. pendence ; and it is of importance to in- That the evoking the cause of a peer, form his majesty of their lyftem.

whatever might be the motive, directly That this system, which has always attacks the essence of the feerage, and been discountenanced by the lovereign,

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