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pr. ss. Noon.

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45. Nourse.

The Monthly Catalogue for January, 1753.

23. A perspective View of Auctions, DITINITY and CONTROVERSY.

pr. 6d. Reeve. "A

24. A Letter to the Earl of Harcourt,
Gospel, from the Objections of

L. Bolingbroke. By P. Whalley, pr. 1S. 25. An Enquiry into the Causes of the

present high Price of Muscovada Sugars, 2. Reflections on L. Bolingbroke's Let- pr. 4d. Coopor.

By J. Leland, D. D. pr. 25. 6d. 26. The Advantages of the Revolution, Dod.

pr. is. Owen. 3. The Credibility of the Gospel Hir- 27. Prejudice detected by Facts, relattory, Vol. IX. By N. Lardner, D. D. ing to Qucen Elizabeth and Mary Queen

of Scots, pr. ss. 6d. Corbett. 4. An Essay towards a Rationale of the 28. The Works of Christina Queen of literal Doctrine of Original Sin. By J. Sweden, pr. 28. 6d. Willon. (See p. 19.) Bate, M. A. pr. 15. 6d.


29. Some Account of the Irish, pr. is. 5. A View of the three Spirits in Man, Cooper. pr. is. Comyns.

30. An Essay on the Rationality of 6. Friendly Letters to a Deift, pr. 6d. Brutes, pr. 60. Bouquet. Rivington.

31. An Exposition of the King of Prur-
7. A critical Commentary on the Books fia's Motives for refusing to pay the Sile-
of Apocrypha. By R. Arnald, B. D. pro sia Loan, pr. 25. Raymond. (See p. 4.)
5s. 6d. Knapton.
8. A serious Address to cober Christians,


32. Employment for the Microscope.

By H. Baker, F. R. S. pr. 6s. Dodney.

33. A practical Treatise on the Diseases 9.

* Whifton's Sacred History of the of Horses. By J. Bartlett, Surgeon, pr. World, 6 Vols. Svo. pr. 215. Whilton.

10. The Commentaries of Cæsar, tran- 34. The Universal Merchant, one Vol. Nated into English. By W. Duncan. In

4to. pr. jos. 60. Owen, Folio with 85 Cuts, Maps, &c. pr. 31. 35. Philosophical Transactions. No. in Sheets. Dodsley.

497. Being an Appendix to those for the 11. Binop Burnet's Hisory of his own Year 175°, pr. 35. Davis. Time, and the Author's Life, 8vo. pr.

$ 5s, each Vol. sewed. Miliar.


36. 'The Travels and Adventures of MISCELLANEOUS,

W. Bingfield, Esq; 2 Vols. 12mo. pr. 6s. 12. The Fundamental Laws and Con- Withers. Ritutions of seven Potent Kingdoms and 37. The Travels of E. Browne, Esq; States in Europe. By J. T. Plulipps, Esq; formerly a Merchant of London, 2 Vols. pr. 55. Meadows.

12mo. pr. 6s. Hitch. 13. The Case of Henry Simons, a Po- 38. Amelie : ou, le Duc de Foix, Tralith Jew, pr. is, 6d. Comyns.

gedie de M. Voltaire, Wilson. 14. A Scheme of a Fund for the Main. 39. The Winter Evening's Companion, tenance of the Widows and Children of

3 vols. 12mo. pr. gs. Hitch. che Clergy. By F. Warner, A. M. pr. 6d. Owen.

SERMONS. 15. Remarks on Mr. Avison's EfTay on 40. A Sermon preached at an OrdinaMusical Expreslions, pr. 25. Robinson. tion held by the Bishop of Cheiter at

16. A Treatise on Forest Trees. By Richmond, Oct. 15, 1752. By F. Black W. Watkins, pr. 18. Rivington.

burne, M. A. pr. 6d. Knapton. 17. A Proposal for the Amendment and 41. The Christian Sabbath as old as Encouragement of Servants, pr. 6d. the Creation. By R. Parry, M. A. pr. is. Shuckburgh.

Dodsiey. 18. The compleat Englich Scholar. By 42. A Sermon. By J. Gill, D. D. pr. 6d. J. Buchanan, pr. 6s. Millar.

Keith. 19. The Will of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart, 43. Presumptive Arguments for the deceased pr. is. Virtuoso.

Truth of the Christian Religion. In ten 20. The Deift Triumphant ; or a Con. Sermons. By J. Duchal, M. A. pr. 55. futation of Atheism beyond all Contra- Millar. dillion, 12mo, pr. 35. Baldwin.

44. The personal Union of the Divine 21. Miscellaneous Thoughts Moral and and human Nature in Jesus Christ. In Political. Willock.

two Seimons. By T. Salmon, L. L. D. ?". A Fice Enquiry into the Motives of

Baldwin. (ob:e late Religions, p. 15. Cinpenter.

pr. is.

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.



To be continued (Price Six.tence each month.)
Containing, (Greater Varicy, ard more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the lame Price.)
1. An Accoun'c of the GamESTER, a new

XV. Or the Art of refining Silver.

XVI. Of Goid and Silver Wire drawing,
II. Duke of Newcattle's Letter to the Pruf- XVII. Two opposite Characters.

fian Minister, with an Abitract of the XVIII. A List of the Trustees for Sir Hans
Report .nnexed.

Sloane's Museum. III. Experiments of Lime- Water's prevent- XIX. Particulars of Capt. Cranstoun's ing Putrefaction.

Death. IV. The Life of Bishop BURNET.

XX. Success of Ventilators. V. Dr. Stukely's Conjecture of the Cause XXI. List of Sheriffs for 1753. of 'carthquakes.

XXII. Declaration in Judge Burnet's Will. Account of a moft extraordinary Thun- XXIII. General Court of the Free British der Storm.

Fishery. V8's. The Journal of a Learned and Poli- XXIV. POLTRY : Prologue and Epilogue

tical Club, &c. continued : Containing to the Gamefter ; the Lady and the Pimthe 6PEECHES OF A. Bæculonius and L. ple; an Enquiry after Contentment; to Valerius Flaccus, in the DEBATE on the Mr. Lambert ; a Midnight Thought, a Subsidy Treaty with the King of Poland, new Song, set to Mufick; Epitaph ; Epi

Ele&tor of Saxony. VIII. A Description of the Wild Boar. XXV. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR : IX. Abstract of Mr. Fielding's Proposal re- Malt- Tax Bill passed ; Sellions at the lating to the Poor.

Old Bailey ; Malefactors executed, &c. X. Obrervations on the Pruffian Memorial. &c. &c. XI. Extract from The whole Duty of Womar. XXVI. Promotions; Marriages and Births; XII. History of the Formation of the Hu- Deaths ; Bankrupts. man Foetus.

XXVII. Prices of Stocks for each Day. XIll. Account of the Genil, a new Enter- XXVUL. Monthly Bill of Mortality. taipment.

XIV. Mischiefs of Caming and Routs. XXX. Catalogue of Books.
With a curious Copper-Plate of WILD BOARS, drawn from the Life, and the HEAD

of the late Bihop BURNET, finely engraved.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at ine Role in Puier- Nolter-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any liagle Month to compleat Sets.

gram, &c.



The duke of Newcastle's answer to the

Prullian memorial


Abitract of the report on the same sub-

ject, made to his majesty by Sir George

Lee, Dr. Paul, and the attorney and

folicitor general


Character of a book, intitled, The whole

Duty of Woman, with an extract from



A description of the wild boar ibid. B
The JOURNAL of a learned and political
CLUB, &c. continued


SPEECH of A. Bæculonius against the

subsidy treaty with the king of Poland,

elector of Saxony


How the elcctors and princes of the em-

pire stand affected with regard to the

election of a king of the Romans 58

SPEECH of L. Valerius Flaccus in favour


Experiments Thewing that lime water pre-

vents putrefaction


Mischiefs of gaming and routs 66

Hiftory of the formation of the human

fætus in the womb


Account of the Genii, a new entertain-



of the art of refining silver


Observations on the Pruffian memorial,

concerning the Silefia loan


Abstract of Mr. Fielding's proposal for

making an effectual provision for thə
poor, for amending their morals, and
rendering them useful members of fo-


Of gold and silver wire-drawing

Dr. Scukely's conjecture of the cause of



An abstract of the life of bihop Burnet

80 – 34

his descent, and first ftudies 80

ordained priest by the bihop of Edin-

burgh, and chosen profesior of divinity

in the university of Glasgow 81

writes the Memoirs of the dukes of



settles in England, and appointed

preacher at the Rolls chapel ibid.

publishes his History of the Refor.

mation, and refuses the binoprick of



converts the earl of Rochester, and

refuses the mastership of the Temple


falls under the displeasure of the

coust, and retires out of the kingdom


The Hebrow criticism on a paffage in Genesis, ibe letter from Nottingbam, the letter concera-
ing a matbematical question, the rhyming quellion, c. shall be in our next. Eugenio's ebfer-
zdrowis on Tucimus, ibe verses from Eufebius, &r. Shall be cordered.

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ACCOUNT of the G A MESTER, thinking Stukely was as deep a loser as

a new Tragedy. (Sue tbe Prologue and himself. Things came to that extremity, Epilogue, p. 86.)

Beverly's house, goods, every thing was

rold to defray such cursed expences, and The CHARACTERS are

his wife, child, and Gifter forced to retire Beverly, a young fellow of an open

to lodgings. free disposition, but violently addicted to

A& 1. Mrs. Beverly and Charlotte gaming. Mr. Garrick. Lewion, his friend, in love with Char. A lament their distress in their new abode.

Beverly had been all night out, which lotte. Mr. Moslop.

fills them wish fear, when Charlotte en. Stukely an infamous gamester. Mr. deavours to alleviate her lifter's sorrows, Davies.

by assuring her of keeping her from Bates, Mr. Burton,

both gamesters

want, while the possessed any thing, but

and tools of Dawson, Mr. Blakes,

hints her fear of her brother's having lost Stukely.

her fortune, which was committed to Jarvis, an old man, late steward to Beverly. Mr. Berry.

his care. Jarvis, who had been steward B

to Beverly's father, and in his prosperity Waiter. Mr. Ackman.

to him, also enters, enquires for his maMrs. Beverly, Beverly's wife. Mrs. Prichard.

fter, begs not to be discarded, and knowCharlotte, his fiftor. Miss Haughton.

ing their calamities, generously offers what

his whole servitude had scraped together. Lucy, Mrs. Beverly's maid. Mrs. Price. A loud knock at the door alarms them

'R. Beverly had been a with assurance it is a dun, and Jarvis

man of large fortune, exits to quiet him, after having asked bleft with a tender wife C Mr. Stukely, who just enters, of his and beauteous child. master, whom he goes to seek. Stukely Charlotte his sister was denies his having seen him since night, under his guardianship, and drops some hints to alarm Mrs. Bewho was beloved by verly's jealousy, and by urging her not

Lewson, to whom the to believe false reports to her husband's had consented to be married. Mr. Be. prejudice, raises rome doubts in her, verly was not only rich in poffefsions, which fo disorders her, that she retires

aged , to rest. After another knocking enters had declared him his heir. Things were D Mr. Lewron, who meeting with Stukely, in this state, when Mr. Stukely, one who they exchange some ambiguous speeches, had been ruhool-fellow with Mr. Beverly, among which Lewson assures him, that fired with love of Mrs. Beverly, and be knows bim, and Stukely retires conknowing the only foible of her husband founded. Lewson addresses Charictie, was love of play, contrived the ruin of enquires for hier fifter, who hearing his him to pave the way for his pofsefling the voice comes to him ; he then acqurints wife of his confiding friend. In order her, that yesterday her house, &c. was to this, he cloachs rome Marpers, and E sold, but that those things he knew most with his money enabled them to appear valuable to her he had purchased, that as gentlemen ; he then introduced them they might be safe for her, and they go 10 Beverly, who loft vast sums to them, out to speak to one, who he tells her will inromuch that Stukely having lent his deluded dupe Beverly still fresh supplies The next scene is Stukely's chamber, for ruin, the latter could not see the fraud, After a soluoquy, discoveeing his base. February, 1753.




prove a friend.


Account of the GAMESTER, new Tragedy. Feb. ness, enters Bates, one of his minions, Charletto in the lod zing, to them Lewto whom he relates, that he was to carry fon; he, after the departure of Eeverly, money to the gaming-hours to Beverly, urges his love to Charlotte, reminds her but would not, as he wanied there jewels of her promise of marriage, from which his wife had ftill prelerved.

(if the repents) he lays he will acquit her; AC 1 Mr. Beverly is discovered sit. me being from him allured this proposititing in a room at the, on aiole from honour, he re confesses his full of the deepest conternation at his A love ; he then pri mises to disclose a mighloiles ; Jarvis enters to him, intreats him ty secret, if the'll first give her word to to return home; he promises he will. marry him to morrow, which when she Stukely comes in, and sends Jarvis to grants, he tells her, “ All her forture's teli the dun, who had called in the micrn- Joit," and comforts her for it with the ing, that he would pay him; he then excess of his love. relates to beverly, that he hath no more We next lee Stukely and Beverly commoney, that lenders want fecurity, and ing in despair from the loss of not he can get no more, that he expects no.


only all the purchase of the jewels, but thing but a prison, as he was totally a large rum on honour. Beverly is in ruined, yet drops hints it is in Beverly's the utmost rage and fire, cools, reizes power to pay them, with means to ven.

Stuktly by the throat, draws on him, ture a recovery, prefies him to tale then finks to alliing pardon, and exquiJarvis's money, which, when he refu

fitely shews all the various paffions of the ies, he telis him his wife hath jewels, lofing ruined gameller; hut yet by Stukely which, after some reflections, Beverly is ärifully worked up to sell the reversion promises to get. The next scene thews of his estate, which he goes out to do. Beverly returned home, and with his C A&IV. Mis. Beverly appears disconliiter ; me claims her forture, he with solate with her maid. Mr. Stukely, enheat evades it, but promises he will reckon 'ters to 'her, acquaints her that her huswith her to-morrow; then Mıs. Beverly band is falle to her, that he had forged returns with Lewion, who endeavour's that letter to rob her of her jewels, which to give Beverly an intight into Stukely's 'he hath bestowed upon a strumpet ; and treachery, exits with Charlotte. After when he thinks he liath fufficiently fired fome endearments, Beverly tells his wife her to revenge, he then offers to receive he hath ruined his friend, that he hath


her in his house, and keep her sumptuoufborrowed his all from him, and now ly ; she is enraged at his bale proposal, must suffer him to perish in a prison, and threatning to tell her husband, drives but refolves not to ask his wife for her him from her. She returns with Lewron jewels; but that resolution is broke by and Charlotte ; having told them of the receipt of a letter from Stukely, in Stukely, Lewson declares he will call him which he artfully bees him not to urge 'to account, the promises to deal calmly, it, for that night he mould leave Eng. he exits for that purpore, and Jarvis enland; the pictes to know what was ters affrighted with the news, that Stukely meant by those exprenions, which when Elrath taken out an action against his mahe discovers, the tenderly prefers his fter. peace to her ornaments, and takes him We next fee Stukely at his lodgings, to her closer to tender tim the jewels, but Bates enters, tells him Beverly hath fold cautions him to husband them, as that his eftate, and hath lost all the money, is their last resource from starving. and describes his behaviour on that 'occa

Ad Ill. Stuke'y enters with Bates, to ficn. Somebody entring, Stukely puts whom he gives bills to pay to Beverly out Bares, but is surprised at feeing Lew. for the reversion of his unclo's eftate, ffon, who declares he comes a profeffed which he declares he will draw him in to

'enemy. Stukely runs to the door to call rell. Beverly enters with bills for the his servants, which Lewson thuts and pre. jeweis, which he gives to Stukely, who vents him. An exquisite scene is here, pretends to be fred by an internal impulse and a high contrast between the brave to liazard a recovery of his fortune. Be- good man, and the base cowardly villain. verly refuses to join him, but by the Lewion draws thrice on him, which he artful persuasion of the villain at last con- as oft inearly declines, and after sufficient fents. But all this time Stukely inter- reproaches Lowlon leaves him. Srukely mixes words to enrage Deverly' againt G then calls in Bates, prompts him to mur. Lewson, declaring, that the laiter nath der Lewson in the street, which he prospread abroad that he had spent his fifter's mises, in consideration of a vast reward. fortune, and he would call him to ac- The next scene is the street, thro' which Coint for it.

Beverly is returning home in agonies pot The next feene Mews Mr. Beverly and to be conceived without seeing them re.


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