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death of Cranfioun at Furnes ; that he Wright, made clerk affiftant in the house
went by the name of Dunbar, and the of lords, in the room of Mr. Merest,
day only before he expired informed the deceased. Arthur Dobbs, Esq; made
person with whom he lodged, that he captain-general and governor in chief of
was the unfortunate Cranstoun ro often North Carolina.-Sir John Ligonier, made
mentioned in the affair of Miss Blandy's colonel of the royal reg. of horse-guards
parricide. His death has been fince con- blue, in the room of the late doke of
firmed, with several particulars, which Richmond.
we muft deser to our next,


ESTMINSTER, Edward Corn-
R. Parfect, chosen lecturer of Al.

wallis, Esq; in the room of Sir

Peter Warren, deceased. Robert Downes, bishop of Down and Bridgewater, Robert Balch, Esq;Connor, translated to the bishoprick of - Hon. Peregrine Paulet, Erq; decealed. Raphoe in Ireland, vacant by the death Westbury, Peregrine Bertie, Esq;of Dr. Philip Twysden.-Dr. Arthur Matthew Mitchell, Efq; deceased. Smyth, bishop of Clonfort and Kilmac- Buckingham, Commodore West, duagh, translated to the united bishopricks

lord visc. Cobham, now earl Temple. of Down and Connor.- William Carmi- Lyme, Henry Fane, Esq;

-John chael, LL. D. promoted to the united Scrope, Efq; decealed. bilhopricks of Clonfert and Kilmacduagh. Wendoves, earl Verney--his father, -Dr. Taylor, chancellor of Lincoln, col.

deceased. lated to the archdeaconry of Bucking

Rutlandshire, Thomas Noel, Esq; ham, in the room of Dr. Carmichael.- James Noel, Esq; his brother, deceased. John Lowth M. A. presented by the Chethire, Charles Crewe, Erq;earl of Winchelsea and Nortingham, to John Crewe, Esq; his brother, deceased. the rectory of Middleton Keynds, in Bodmin, Hon. Charles Hunt, Esq;Buckinghamshire.--Mr. Coles, M. A. by John Laroche, Frq; deceafed. Brown Willis, LL. D. to the rectory of Bishop's Castle, · Daihwood, Esq; Bletchley, Bucks. - Hon, and Rev. Fre- -Samuel Child, Erg; deceased. derick Hamilton, second son of lord Ar- St. Maws, Charles Medlicott, Esq;-chibald Hamilton, by the earl Brooke,

lord Sundon, deceared. to the vicarage of Wellingborough in Beaumaris, John Owen, Esq;lord Northamptonshire.-Mr. Corn. Thryste, visc. Bulkeley, deceased, by the lord of the manor, to the vicarage

B-XR-IS. of St. John at Hackney.--Mr. Kay, cho.

AMES Denn, late of Bristol, merchant. sen lecturer of the united parishes of St. Michael Wood-street and St. Mary Stain

-Francis Taylor, late of Bridgnorth, ing.Mr. John Cleoburg, presented by

grocer.—Matthew Cox, of the parish of Peregrine Bertie, Esq; to the Vicarage of

Ealing in Middlesex, mealman and dealer. Wooburn in Bucks.

-- John Paine the elder, of Braintree in

Efex, clothier.--Henry Rix, face of FaPROMOTIONS Civil and Military, kenham in Norfolk, mercer and grocer,

Esq; -Harvey Preston, late of Stratford upon

Avon, dealer. - John Troughcon, now horfe.guards, blue.--Capt. Brett, com- or late of Fareham, Hants, brewer, and mander of the Caroline yacht, had the ho- wine-merchant.-- John Paine the younger, nour of knighthood conferred on him by of Braintree, in Effex, clothier.- James his majesty Corbett, Esq; sworn Laurie, of Cockhill, in the farish of Shadin high-bailiff of Westminster, in the well, Ratcliff, apothecary and chymift.-room of Peter Leigh, Esq;-Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Salmon, of St. James's, WestJohn Thomas, bishop of Peterborough, mintter, linen-draper. - Henry Blomart, made preceptor to their royal highnesses of Prescote-street, merchant.-John Godthe prince of Wales and prince Edward, lob Vetter, late of St. James's, Clerkenin the room of the bishop of Norwich, who well, jeweller, and dealer. --Richard Ladhad religned.-George Auguftus Selwyn, brooke, late of St. James's, Clerkenwels, Efq; made clerk of the crown in the inland tallɔw.chandler.-- John Neville, of St. of Barbadocs, &c.-George Thomas, Esq; James's, Westminster, goldsmith, and made governor of the Leeward Caribbet dealer.- John Weath of the Strand, wareislands.--Sir Richard Adams, Knt. re- houfe keeper. - Thomas Cripps, of Newcorder of London, made a baron of the Brentford, plumber. - Samuel Woods, Exchequer in the room of Mr. baron now or late of Norwich, worsted weaver Clive, made a judge in the court of and dealer. -- Joseph Broon, of St. Paul, Common. Pleas, in the room of Sir Covent Garden, ia; lor. Thomas Burnet, deceased. Mf, Joseph


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BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea B. Annu. B. Annu.13 p. Cent. S. S. An. Ind. Bonds B.Cir.p: Wind at Weather Bill of Mortality from
Stoc K. STOCK, STOCK. Annu.oid Ann. new 1746. 1747-8-9 B. Annu. 1751.

præm, 11. s. d. Deal. London. Dec. 26. to Jan. 23.

108 108 1071108 107 )

71. IOS 115

o E. by N. cloudy 108

Males 614]

Chrift. 108 107 $ 107108

frost E.

Femal. 580} 1194 3 144 124 1 108

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o E. by S. frost

Males 780

4 144

107 107

71. 8s

O N.N. E. Jcold thaw
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Femal. 822)
5 144 143)

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S, W. clou, cold Died under 2 Years old 625
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1 17 6 S. by W. clou, cold Between 2 and 7 Sunday

N. W. clou. cold

Sand 10 42 196 107 107 7!. 48 195 0 W. by N. clou. Neet

10 and 20

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108 A 107 * $ 107

6 S. W. 5s


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71. 75 1 17 S. by W. wind rain

30 and 40

127 108 107 108 107 108

117 6 w. by S. rain fair

40 and 50 152 197 108 107 } 107

106 1 117 6 S. E. fair

50 and 6o

135 108 107 107 71. ios 17 6 S.S.E. hard 'rain wind

106 14 Sunday

W. by N. clou, cold

70 and 80

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1.57 6.N.W. byw wind fair

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71. gs 17 S. W. raw cold

go and 100 - 7
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11 17 6 E. S. E.

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1 17 6N. E. by N. 19144

Within the Walls 193 108 107 108 107 108 106 106

117 6
N. E,

20144 $

Without the Walls 394
107 ; 107

71. 8s

17 ON. E. by S. fair cold 20 Sunday

in Mid. and Surrey 752

S. S. W. Iclou, cold 22 144 144/ 192

108 į 108107) 107 108 104 71. 8s

City & Sub, Weft. 332

1 17 6 S. W. fair cold 23 144143)| 192

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N. E.

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6 s. by W. \foggy fair Weckly Jan. 2

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6 S. by W. fair

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103 3 61,
61 E.N.E. front fair

28 Sunday

N. E. frost

1602 29 343 1 3 192

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1 17 6 N. by E. froft Wheaten Peck Loaf 25. 30 143 192 107 107 107

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117 6
N. W.

rain Peale 209, to 23s. per Quar.

104 71,

61 N. N. W. cloudy Tares 235. to 26s. per Clara Mark-lane Exchange. Basingstoke. Reading Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Cloucester. Wheat 30s to 325 qu.

Birmingham. 081. 155 load ogl. 178 load ogl. sos load ogl. ios ioadogl. ops load 345 to 42 qr 345 to 42 qr

58 od buih.

45 to 4 8d bulls. Barley 145 to 188 od. 178 to 00 qr. 205 to ou qr 175 to 19 qr

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175 to 22 28 03d 28 4d to 2 80

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BANK INDIA South Sea South


upon oath.


AGUE, Jan. 16. In consequence of I am still of the same mind; nor shall I al.

a proposition made by her royal high- ter my conduct or my language," Upon to the princess governante, a reduction this a motion was made, and agreed to, of 42 men has been made in the life. that the archbishop should be ordered, guards, 224 men in the regiment of foot- upon pain of having his temporalities guards, and 352 men in that of the Swiss. seized (which amount to 120000 livres) to guards, which will be an annual saving give directions for putting an immediate to the publick of 110,480 forins; and stop to the scandal occasioned by the reit is computed, that the savings which peated publick refusals of the facraments the republick makes by the reduction of of the church to the nun Perpetua, under the army, and lefsening some other ex- pretence that she would not present a bilpences, since the conclusion of the peace, let of confession, nor tell who was her amount to two millions of forins year- confeffor ; that the curates of S. Medard ly. At the same time her royal highness Mould be enjoined to discharge the duties has shewn her regard for the poor, for of their function to the fick person ; and in order to free them of some of the that the king's counsel should see these taxes that lie heavy upon them, she has orders executed ; and, by a majority of in conjunction with the states of the pro- 98 to 35, it was ordered, that the peers vince of Utrecht, published an ordinance, íhould be summoned for the 18th at ten whereby a tax of one and a half per cent. in the morning, to take into farther conis laid on all such of the inhabitants as fideration the archbishop's answers, and have estates of 400 forins per annum, the proceedings of the day before. and upwards. Those wlio reside in other On the 14th all the bishops then in Pacountries, and have estates in this pro- ris had a meeting, and sent a deputation vince, are liable to the same tax ; as are to the archbishop, to assure him, that the also all employments, fees and penfions. clergy of France made his cause their own, And, to prevent disputes, every person and would support him to the utmost of is to tax himself, according to the best of their power. On the 15th the parliament his judgment, and to deliver the same in ordered, that as the archbishop had not

conformed to their arret of the 33th, his
Paris, Jan. 19. A new incident has temporalities should be seized ; but or
happened, which is like to bring our ec- the 16th the first prefident reported, thar
clefiaßical disputes to crifis, as follows: having been sent for, he had that day
On the 12th of last month, the parlia- waited upon the king, and that his maje-
ment being informed, that the rector of sty disapproving of their proceedings, had
S. Medard had refused the sacraments to restored to the arclibishop his temporali-
a nun named S. Perpetua, of the house ties. At the fame time he presented to
of S. Agatha, ordered that the rector and them a letter from the king, which in-
his two curates thould immediately attend. formed them, that his majesty being re-
The rector could not be found, but the solved to bring the whole affair before
curates appeared, and said, the refusal his council, he therefore expressly forbid
of the sacraments was in consequence of the peers to attend on the 18th. Against
the archbishop of Paris's express orders. this not only the parliament have remon-
Upon which M. Isabeau, one of the secre. strated in very strong terms, but the
taries of the parliament, was sent to that princes of the blood and the peers of the
prelate, to defire him to cause the sacra. kingdom look upon it as an incroachment
ments to be administered to the nun. On

upon their privileges ; and the king hav-
the 13th the secretary reported, that have ing in his answer to the remonstrances of
ing waited on the archbishop that morn- the parliament, ordered them to explain
ing about half an hour after fix, he made themselves to his chancellor, who would
him the following answer : “ The rector
of S. Medard has followed the light of his

inform them of his intentions, they, on
own conscience and my orders. Besides,

the 23d came to the following resolutions: as the administration of the sacraments

1. That the removal of which the court

was informred by the first president being
is a matter porely fpiritual, I am properly
accountable to God alone for the power

irregular both in matter and form, had
with which he has intrusted me.

rendered new summonses to the peers in

And to none but the king will I ever think my.

dispensable. 2. That the forms claimed by Telf bound to account for it." M. Isabeau

the parliament were laws of the realm, and was sent back to the archbishop, to en

that on their observation depended the
join him to regard the pressing state of the

maintenance of the roval authority and the
hick person ; and at four in the afternoon
reported to the parliament, that he had heen
again with that prelate, who said to him ;

"I told you my sentiments this moining,

publick tranquillity. 3. That the parlia-
ment knew no middle person between the
king and thens, and neither could norought
to addref: themelses to any but the love-
reign alone.


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pr. is.

45, Nourre.

Tbe Monthly Catalogue for January, 1753.

23. A perspective View of Auctions, DITINITY and CONTROVERSY.

pr. 6d. Reeve. Vindication of the Evidence of the "A

24. A Letter to the Earl of Harcourt,

pr. 6d. Corbett. L. Bolingbroke. By P. Whalley, pr. is. 25. An Enquiry into the Causes of the Rivington.

present high Price of Muscovada Sugars, 2. Reflections on L. Bolingbroke's Let- pr. 4d. Coopor. ters. By J. Leland, D. D. pr. 25. 6d. 26. The Advantages of the Revolution, Dod.

pr. 15. Owen. 3. The Credibility of the Gospel Hil- 27. Prejudice detected by Facts, relattory, Vol. IX. By N. Lardner, D. D. ing to Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen pr. gs. Noon.

of Scots, pr. gs. 6d. Corbett. 4. An Essay towards a Rationale of the 28. The Works of Christina Queen of literal Doctrine of Original Sin. By J. Sweden, pr. 28. 6d. Wilson. (See p. 19.) Bate, M. A. pr. is. 6d. Owen.

29. Some Account of the Irish, pr. is. 5. A View of the three Spirits in Man, Cooper. pr. is. Comyns.

30. An Essay on the Rationality of 6. Friendly Letters to a Deift, pr. bd. Brutes, pr. 6d. Bouquet. Rivington.

31. An Exposition of the King of Prur. 7. A critical Commentary on the Books fia's Motives for refusing to pay the Sileof Apocrypha. By R, Arnald, B. D. pr. sia Loan, pr. 25. Raymond. (See p. 4.)

8. A serious Address to sober Christians,


32. Employment for the Microscope.

By H. Baker, F. R. S. pr. 6s. Dodney.

33. A practical Treatise on the Diseases 9.

Whifton's Sacred History of the of Horses. By J. Bartlett, Surgeon, pr. World, 6 Vols. Svo. pr. 215.

Whilton. 10. The Commentaries of Cæsar, tran- 34. The Universal Merchant, one Vol. Nated into English. By W. Duncan. In 4to. pr. 1os. 60. Owen. Folio with 85 Cuts, Maps, &c. pr. 31. 35. Philofophical Transactions. No. in Sheets. Dodiley.

497. Being an Appendix to those for the 11. Bishop Burnet's Hisory of his own Year 1750, pr. 35. Davis. 'Time, and the Author's Life, 8vo. pr.

8 5s, each Vol. sewed. Millar.


36. The Travels and Adventures of MISCELLANEOUS.

W. Bingfield, Esq; 2 Vols. 12mo. pr. 6s. 12. The Fundamental Laws and Con- Withers. Mitutions of seven Potent Kingdoms and 37. The Travels of E. Browne, Esq; States in Europe. By J. T. Philipps, Esq; formerly a Merchant of London, 2 Vols. pr. 55. Meadows.

12mo. pr. 65. Hitch. 13. The Case of Henry Simons, a Po- 38. Amelie : ou, le Duc de Foix, Tra. lith Jew, pre is. 6d. Comyns.

gedie de M. Voltaire. Wilson. 54. A Scheme of a Fund for the Main. 39. The Winter Evening's Companion, tenance of the Widows and Children of

3 vols. 12mo. pr. gs. Hitch. the Clergy. By F. Warner, A. M. pr. od. Owen.

SERMONS. 15. Remarks on Mr. Avison's Essay on 40. A Sermon preached at an OrdinaMusical Expreslions, pr. 25. Robinson. tion held by the Bishop of Chefter at

16. A Treatise on Forest Trees. By Richmond, o&t. 15, 1752. By F, Black W. Watkins, pr. 15. Rivington,

burne, M. A. pr. 6d. Knapton. 17. A Proposal for the Amendment and 41. The Christian Sabbath as old as Encouragement of Servants, pr. 6d. the Creation. By R. Parry, M. A. pr. 1S. Shuckburgh.

Dodsley. 18. The compleat English Scholar. By 42. A Sermon. By J. Gill, D. D. pr. 6d. J. Buchanan, pr. 6s. Millar.

Keith. 19. The Will of Sir Hans Sloane, Bart, 43. Presumptive Arguments for the deceased pr. is. Virtuoso.

Truth of the Christian Religion. In ten 20. The Deift Triumphant ; or a Con- Sermons. By J. Duchal, M. A. pr. 55. futation of Atheirın beyond all Contra- Millar. dillion, r2mo, pr. 35. Baldwin.

41. The personal Union of the Divine 21. Miscellaneous Thoughts Moral and and human Nature in Jerus (hrift. In Political. Willock.

two Seimons. By T. Salmon, L. L. D. ??, A Free Enquiry into the Motives of

Baldwin. fobie late Retighlaicis, p. 15. Carpenteri


pr. is.

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.


[ocr errors]

1753. To be continued. Price Six terce each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, ard nacre in: Rantity, ihan any Monthly Book of the lame Price 1. An Accoul'c of the GAMISTIR, a new XV. Of the Art of refining Silver. Tragedy.

XVI. Of Goid and Silver Wire drawing. II. Duke of Newcaftle's Letter to the Prus- XVII. Two opposite Chara&ers.

han Minster, with an Abitract of the XVIII. A List of the Trustees for Sir Hans Report annexed.

Sloane's Museum. III. Experiments of Lime- Water's prevent. XIX. Particulars of Capt. Cranstoun's ing Putrefaction. ?

IV. The Life of Bishop BURNET.

XX. Success of Ventilators.
V. Dr. Stukely's Conjecture of the Cause XXI. List of Sheriffs for 1753.

XXII. Declaration in Judge Burnet's Will. VI.

Account of a most extraordinary Thun- XXIII. General Court of the Free British der Storm.

Fishery. VT'i. The Journal of a Learned and Poli- XXIV, POETRY : Prologue and Epilogue

tical CLUB, &c. continued : Containing to the Gamerter ; the Lady and the Pionthe SPEECHES of A. Beculonius and L. ple ; an Enquiry after Contentment; to Valerius Flaccus, in the DEBATE on the Mr. Lambert ; a Midnigue Thought, a Subsidy Treaty with the King of Poland, new Song, set to Mufick ; Epitaph ; Epi

Ele&or of Saxony. VIII. A Description of the Wild Boar. XXV. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR : IX. Abaract of Mr. Fielding's Proposal re- Malt- Tax Bill passed ; Sefions at the lating to the Poor.

Old Bailey ; Malefactors executed, &c. X. Observations on the Pruffian Memorial. &c. &c. XI. Extract from The whole Duty of Woman. XXVI. Promotions ; Marriages and Births; XII. History of the Formation of the Hu. Deaths ; Bankrupis. man Foetus.

XXVII. Prices of Stocks for each Day. XIII. Account of the Genil, a new Enter- XXVII. Monthly Bill of Mortality. tainment.

XXIX. FOREIGN AFFAIRS, XIV, Mischiefs of Gaming and Routs. XXX. Catalogue of Books. With a curious Copper-Plate of WILDBOARS, drawn from the Life, and the Head

of the late Bishop BURNET, finely engraved.

MUI. T U il 1 N PRI 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. as ine kofe in Paier-Nolter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any liagle Month to compleat Sets.

gram, &c.


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