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Mr. Ifaac Vaillant, unclo to Mr. Paul Gretford, in Lincolnshire. - Christopher
Vaillant, an eminent bookseller in the Ansty, B. D. by the maker, fellows and
Strand, and formerly of the fame business. scholars of St. John's Collego, Cambridge,

8. James Crofts, Esq; in the commise to the vicarage of Holme, Spalding Moor,
hon of the peace for the liberty of West. in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
* 9. Rev. Mr. Peter Richardson, under

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.
master of the grammar school in Christ's.

captain in the firft regiment of
10. Rt. Hon. James lord Torpichan, guards. - Richard Meadows, Esq; made
in Scotland, and one of the lords of po. a colle&or of the revenue of extile in the
lice there.

county of Efex.- Michael Hayes, Esg; Sir Harry Danvers, of Culworth, near

appointed by the earl of Granville as Banbury, Bart. succeeded by his brother," principal bailiff of the idand of Jersey, now Sir Michael Danvers, Bart.

to be one of the deputy bailiffs of that Rt. Hon. the lord Mountague Bertie, iland.—The earl of Cardigan, created one of the oldest captains in the navy. knight of the 'Hon. order of the Bath.-

11. Mr. Matthew Collett, one of the Mr. John Berresford, appointed by the
chicf clerks in the Bank of England. court of directors of the Bank, one of

13. Michael Harris, Esq; formerly one their cashiers, in the room of Mr. Mor.
of the South-Sea directors, aged 85. sifon, who refigned ; and Mr. Martin,

14. Mr. Weston, counsellor at law. clerk of the Exchequer orders and ac19. His excellency lieutenant-general compts, in the room of Mr, Collett, deGeorge Churchill, commander in chief of ceared, Richard Littleton, Charles Paw. his majesty's land forces in Scotland.

let, Edward Walpole, and Hudy Mon. Hon. Mrs. Mordaunt, wife of tague, Esqrs, created knights of the Bath ; Charles Mordaunt; Efq; and third daugh- and the earl of Cardigan, appointed grand ter of Scroop lord Viso. Howe.

mafter of the raid honourable order. 24. William Smith, Era; secretary to Capt. John Richardson, made a captain the South-Sea company.

in the second regiment of foot-guards, ECCLISIASTICAE PRETERMINTS.


AVID Russel' the younger, now From the LONDON GAZETTI.

or tale of Maidítone, butcher.-W

William Whitchart, of Calne, in Wiles, presented Francis Milbanke, M. A. drugget maker. - John Spencer, late of to the rectory of Croft, in Yorkshire. Hanover-street, near Long-acre, taylor, And John Gooch, M. A. to the rectory -William Church, late of the parish of of Fen-Ditton, in Cambridgeshire. Wooburn, in Bucks, paper-maker. -- folia

Stevenfon, late of Bickerton, in Chethire, From tbe aber PAPERS.

cheesefactor. - Richard Fuller, late of John Trenchard Bromfield, M. A. pre- Reading, innkeeper and vintner. - James sented to the rectory of Warmwell, with Howarth, otherwise Haworth, lace of Ploxwell thereunto annexed, in Dorset- Manchester, chapman.-Thomas Dixon, Thire. - Mr. Samuel Fauconer, chosen

now or late of Rooley, in the parish of lecturer of the united parishes of St. Mary Kirkheaton, in Yorkihire, taylor and li. Somerset and St. Mary Mounthaw. Sa- nen-draper.- John Gibbs, of the parish muel Rigby, B. Ai presented by Sir of St. Margaret, Weltminter, vi&ualler, Francis Dashwood, Bart. co the rectory Thomas Varden

younger, of Macof Conningsholme, in Lincolnshire.---Ri. clesfield, dealer.- John Crichton, late of shard Fawcett, D, D. to the rectory of Newport-Pagnell, in Bucks, linen-draper, Fenny-Compton, in Warwickshire.- Mr. Henry Rocke, of St. Dunstan's in tlie Hajnes, by the lord chancellor, to the East, broker.--- John Martin Willett, of vicarage of San Martin's, in Leicester., London, merchant. Stephen Matey, Dr. Alburnham, dean of Chichester, to late of Pater. Nofter-Row, vintner.-- John the refidentiaryship of St. Paul's, by hiss Cattean, of Crowland, in Lincolnshire, majesty, in the room of Dr. Johnson, mercer and draper. - James Pardoe, of bishop of Gloucester. - Dr. James Wili Liverpool, merchant. - John Edwards, of dington, by his majesty, to the rectory of Tooke's Court, in Curftor. ftreet, St. Savage-Leigh, in Surrex.

Mr. Mence,

Andiew's Holborn, horier.- Charles Hud. one of the canons of St. Paul's, choren

dy, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, vicłualler, lecturer of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Filho! John Marby, of weitminster, coat Areet. -- Mr. Michael Tyron, presented merchant. - Samuel Plummer, late of by the lord chancellor, to the rectory of Trowbridge, clothier and linen drape?.



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HE most remarkable occurrence that TH

with regard to the affair of East-Frieslands has lately happened in Europe, is a and foon after the beginning of this month new creaty between the house of Austria the Hanover minifter presented to the faid and the duke of Modena, by which it is assembly a memorial from his Britannick Laid to be stipulated :

majesty, as elector of Hanover, by way 1. That his screne highness be ap- of answer to this his PruMan majesty's pointed perpetual governor of the dutchy final declaration. of Milan, and the house of Austria's vi From Amsterdam they write as fol. car general- in Italyy with a salary of lows : We are very attentive in this coun90.000 florins a year; his serene highness try to the king of Pruffia's taking into to keep on foot a body of 4000 men, at his service and favour as many Irish and the disposal of the emprefs- queen. Scorch of the Jacobite party as he can.

2. That her Imperial majesty have a Amongst others, he has, not long ago, right to place a garison of her troops in entered into a treaty with one of these the citadels of Mirandola and Reggio, gentlemen, an Irish papist, who was well and in the castle of Mada-Carrara, established at Rotterdam, has a thorough

3. That the archduke Peter-Leopold, knowledge of commerce, is a very cunthird son of their imperial majesties, shall ning man, and who has sold a fine house, marry the daughter of the hereditary which he had in that city, in order to go prince of Modena, by the heiress of into the service of the king of Pruttia. Massa Carrara ; and, if this princess die Many people even say, that the young without heirs male, the estates of the Pretender lies concealed in the dominions house of Massa-Carrara, and the dutchy of of that prince ; but as they give no proof Mirandola, shall go to the archduke Pe. of this, one may with reason doubt the ter. Leopold as his lady's fortune ; but in truth of it. care there be male issue, the shall have The republick of Genoa have resolved the principality of Fermia, and the other to build a citadel at St. Remo for curbing eftates in Hungary claimed by the duke the inhabitants, and for obliging them to of Modena,, for her fortune.

submit to such regulations as Mall hercaf. 4. That on the extinction of the male ter he prescribed ; but as they claim to branch of the house of En, the duko of be a free republick under the protection Modena's dominions Thall all devolve to of the empire, and no other way depenthe houfe of Austria.

dant upon Genoa than by confederacy for And it is laid, that in consequence of mutual defence, this may prove a knotty chis treaty, the duke of Modena will next affair; and in the mean time the repubmonth take up his residence at Milan, lick's affairs in Corsica seem not to be in a with a pension of 90,000 forins per very prosperous fituation ; for they acannum.

knowledge, that a party of their troops Last month the Prussian minister at the in that isand has been defeated, and all diet of Ratisbon, presented to that alem. killed or made prisoners by a party of the bly his Pruffian majesty's final declaration malecontents.

The Monthly Catalogue for A uguft, 1753.

7. The Universal Dictionary of Trade "Not Generis. By J Scott, D. D. FOTES on the three first Chapters and Commerce. Vol. I. By Mr. Ponlea.

thwayt, pr, 21. 25. in Sheets. Knapton. pr. 75. sewed,, G. Woodfall.

8. A System of Practical Mathema 2. A Vindication of the Doctrine of ticks. By J. Potter, pr. 6s. Comyns. the Trinity. In 'two Parts, pr, ış. 6d.. 9. The Mathematical Repository. Vol. cach. Rivington, 3' 10

3. A Free Enquiry after the Church or 10. The Universal: Measurer. By A. Kingdom of the Melliah, pr. $. Re- Fletcher, pr. 65 Clarke, Dinson.

11. Mr. Salmon's Universal Traveller. MATRIMATICKS, PHYsicx, s. Vol. I. . Containing a Description of

4. An Essay on the general Method of China, Tartary, the Japan, Philippine, Treating cancerous Tumours.

By W.

Ladrone, Mollucas, Banda, Amboyna, Burford, pr. 25. Baldwin.

Celon, and Sumatra Inands; the Sunda So A genuine Account of the Man- and Java Ilands ; Tonquin, Cochin. ner of making best Ruria Pot Ales. China, Siam, Ava, Arracan, India, PerCommunicated by Sir P. Warren, pr. 6d. fia, Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Bohe.. Trye. (See p. 357.)

mia, Hungary, Poland. Pruffia, Russia, 6. An Essay on the Sea Scurvy. By As Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Illustrated ddington, M. D. pr. is. Cooper. (See with 124 Copper, Places and Maps, pro

al. 8s. in Sheets. Baldwin. Mis.

II. pr. 48.

(. ر

pr. is.

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The Monthly Catalogue for August, 1753.


in Easter Week. By $. Cowper, D. D. 72. The Seeds of Mankind, pr. "18. pr. 6d. Sandhy. Needham.

35. A Sermon before the Society for **3. Dr. Free's Speech to the Mayor, Propagating the Gorpet in foreign Paris, Aldermen and Citizens of Oxford, July Feb. 16, 1753. By Edward Lord Bithop 30, 1757, pr. 6d. Hodges.

of Landaff, pr. is.

Roberts. 14. The compleat English Dictionary, 36. A Sermon on the Death of Mr. J. pr. 18. Trye.

Thurrowgood. By B. Wallin, pr. 68. 75. The Trial of John Barbot, Attor- Keith. pey at Law, for the Murder of Matthew 37. David's Sin in numbering of the Mills, Esq; in the land of St, Chrifto. People, pr. 60. Cooper. pher's, pr. 38. Whifton. (See p. 347.) 38. A Sermon before the King, Dec. 8,

16. The History of the first Discovery 1751. By E. Cobden, D. D. ps. 60. and Settlement of Virginia. By W. Baldwin. : Srith, M, A. pr. 55.

39. Discourses on several Sabjects. By: : 17. Britannia's Precaution to her Sons, W. Wishart, D. D. pr. 28 '6d. Millar. Owen.

40. The Reasons and Neceffity of pube 18. A true Account of the late Hurri Jick Worship, an Affize Sermon at Ox. cane at Whitehall, pr. 6d. Carpenter. ; ford, Ma'ch 8,

, 1753. By G. Fothergill, 19. A Review of the whole Evidence D.D. pr. 68. Rivington. for and againgt Canning and Squires, pr. 41. The Cross of Chrift. A Vifitation J$. Corbett,

Sermon at Northampton. · By J. Hervey, 20. Seceding Prefbyterianism displayed, Av M. pr. 60. Rivington. in the Case of Mr. John Potts, pr. 6d 42. Á Sermon before the Antigallicans. Kingman,

By L. Free, D. D. pr. 60. Robinson. 21. The Pocket Companion for Oxa 43. Fuur Sermons of the lare Rev. Mr.' ford : Containing an accurate Description John Stuart, pr. 24. Hodges. of the publick Edifices, Colleges, Scarues, 44. A Sermon at the Triennial VifitaBurts, Pictures, &c. A new Edition en- tion of the Bishop of Lincoln at HemelJarged, with Copper-Plates, pr. is. Bald-' Hempstead. By F. Ayscough, D.D. pro win.

6d. Owen. 22. A candid Examination of Lord Bo. 45. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor lingbroke's Letters on History, pr. 15. at St. Bride's, on Wednesday: in- Eafler Sigley,

Werk. By T. Morell, D. D. pr. 68. Drd. 23. An Alarm to. Britannia's Proteftant 46. A Sermon on the Death of Dr. Sons, pr. 6d. folmfon.

Scawen Kenrick, D. D. By J. Butler, 14. A Journey trom Joppa to Jerufa- LL. D. pr. 6d. Tonron. lem in May, 1751. By D. Falconar, pr. 47. A Sermon before the Houre of IS. Comyns.

Commons, on May 29. By L. Howard, 25. A Letter from a Gentleman to his Son D. D. pr. 60. Dodstey. Abroad, occasioned by his having married 48. A Sermon before the Cons of the a Roman Catholick, pr. 25. 6d. Robinfon." Clergy at St. Paul's, May 10, 1753. By

26. An Appeal to the Throne againit T. Ashton, M. A. pr. 68. Whifton. the Naturalization of the Jews, pr. 6d. 49. A Sermon on the 29th of May, Bouquet

pr. 6d. The Author. 27. The Reje&ion and Restoration of 50. Twelve Sermons on feveral Subo the Jews. By Archaicus, pr. 6d. Baldwin. jects. By C. Hulley, D. D. pr. 35.6.

28. The Case of the Jews confidered, Ward. pr. 6d. Reeve.

51. A Sermon at the Ordination of the 29. Seasonable Remarks on the late Rev. Mr. Barron. By J Burroughs, pe. AG in favour of the Jews, pr. 6d. 6d. Noon. Dodfey.

52. A Sermon at the Alfizes at Theta 30. A Review of the Naturalization ford, March 23, 1753. By Glocelice of the Jews. By a Merchant, pr. Is. Ridley, LL. B. pr 6d. Clarke. POZTRY.

53. A Sermon before the House of 31. A Choice Collection of Songs for Lords, May 29, 1753. By Janies (John. several Voices. By J. Arnold, pr. is, 6d. fon] Lord Bishop of Gloucester, pr. 6d. Hitch.

H. Cox. 32. The Jews naturalized : A Ballad, 54. Ten Sermons of the late Rev. Mr. pr. 6d. Webb.

Steuart. Owen. 33. Poems on several Occafions. By 55. A Sermon at the primary Vifitation Glen Shing, B. A. pr. 25. Boorn. of the Bishop of Norwich, at Bury St.' SERMONS.

Edmund's. By R. Kedington, D. D. pra 34. A Sermon preached before the Lord ad. Beecroft. Mayor, &c. ** St. Bride's, on Tuesday

PasCEA Darmin


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Bill of Mortality from BANK INDIA (South Sea, South Sea South Seng and IP:13 P. Cert./s. S. An.13p. Cent. Ind. Bonds B.Cir. p. Wind at Weather stock. S TO Cx. S t.ex. Annu.old Ann new C. B. An. B. annu. 1751. ind. Ann. prem. Lisi Deal. London. July 24 to August 28.

106 106 1

fair 104

S. W.

71. 45 3 7 6
103 : 1 103

106 1 11 103

3 7

Femal. 696}

6 S. S. W. rain fair
106 1

3 7 6W. S. W. fair rain

106 4 # 104

103 $ 104 1
3 7 6 S. W.

Femal. 772


S. W. hard very win. Died under 2 Years old 650
106 3

103 104

71. 48
S. W. rain fair Between 2 and



ts. W. bys. | 103

104 1 137


5 and 10104

31 106

106 192 1 303 104

10 and 20

3 7 6 5. W. by s. rain lair 137

29 106

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S. W.

37 104

rain fair

20 and 30 ton


30 and 40-
3 7 6W. S. W.

106 | 105
103 104
37 N. E.

40 and 5-- 135

N. by W.
13 Sunday


71. 48


6o and 37 104

S.S. E. 103

93 106 | 105 | 106 $

S. W. heavyrain

3 7 6

141 137

106 | 31 ios

So and 90
is 137

6 W, S. W.

16 137


3 7 6 w: by S.

go and 100 --
105 1 106 106
105 104


fair с N. v.

1489 38 137

106 107 106 105

fair 104 104

O N. N. W. 3 IO

Within the Walls


W. N. w. sair rain
19 Sunday

Without the Walls 360
106 106 f
$0 137


N. W.

In Mid. and Surrey 65?
21 137

106 Ich

W. 10+

fair 71. 63

105 193

City & Sub. Weit. 3+3 ** 137

106 187 % 106

104 164

fair 71. 65

cw, S. W. 106,

1489 106 107 3 104

S. W. fair 71. 6s



Weekly July 31

14 137

31. 68 104 10+

o E. by S. fair cloa 193


106 5 137

104,105 104 104


Aug. 7 3 10 N. E.

fair S. S. E. fair hot

310 8 Sunday

сб 137

306 107

N. E. rain fair

3 10 106 192

106 107

1048105 104

104 31.

C E. S. E. fair hot 3 10

10 100 291 137

100, 107, 104 105 104

mild rain
906 106


71. os

3 10 30 137

E. by S. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 28. id. 37

106 107

S. S. E. Vair ciou. Peare 218.1026. 01. c. Quar. 107

Mirk-lane Excluange. B.fingatoke. I. Reading.

Farnham. Henley.
Guildford. | Birminghain.


Wireat 320 to 388 qr 101. oss loadinl. jos load 101. 108 loa n.00load rol. cos load 45 od io as soonl. 175.6d, to 101. 105. p. 1. fol. to srl. por load.
Barley i6s to 198 od. 776 79 00 qr 208 to 21 qr 155 to 18 qr 18 to 21 gr 168 to 19 25 8d to us o 1os. to 205. ood.

173. to 193.
Oats 1 to 14*
60 145 to 17 6 138 to 17

us to 17

145 to 1360 is nod to 25 or 144. god. 80 155.c6d. p. 145. ood. 10 168 cod. Bean 20s to 248 od 24s to zi od l18s to 24

123s to 258 218 to 24 1225 to 24

3: 28 10 38 611195. 10 248. ood. 1215.cod. 10 225. cod. per qr LOTTERY TICKETS, 31. 838, 31. 145. 31. a3s, 6d. gl. 156. 31. 143, 6d. gl. 148. gl. 836, 6d. gl. 148. 6d. sl. 135. 61. 34. 135. 31. 335. 6d, 31. 345. 34. 145. 6d. 19o.


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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.



To be Continued. (Price Six Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variciy, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of the same Price.)
1. M. Voltaire's Letter to his Niece in the XII, Of Mr. Cuft's double Microscope.

original French, with an English Trans- XIII. Latin discarded, a Satire.

XIV. Mathematical Questions rolved, and
II. Mr. Norford's Letter to Mr. Freke con- another proposed.

cerning cancerous Tumours, with a re- XV. The Little Horn in Daniel explained.
markable Care.

XVI. Electrical Experiments for drawing
III. An historical Account of the famous the Lightning from Clouds.
Bull Unigenitus.

XVII. Inscription on Lord Bolingbroke's
IV. Types and Calculation of the Eclipse of

Monument. the Sun that will happen in October, with XVIII. Aris made use of by Sharpers, ShopNotes upon it.

lifters, House-breakers, &c. with Cauti.
V. The Life of CHAUCIR, the Father of ons against them.
English Poetry.

XIX. Parliament of Tinners.
VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- XX. POETRY: Monimia to Philocles ; Re-

tical Club, &c. continued : Containing ceipt for modern Dress ; Verses written in
the remarkable SPEECH Of T. Sempronius Milton's Paradise Lolt ; Specimen of
Gracchus against the Jews Bill, and the Chaucer's Poetry ; a Spring Evening ;
SPEECH of Afranius Burrhus on the Mara the Retort, a Song new set to Musick.
riage Bill.

VU. A Cure for the Gout or Rheumatism. Serlions at the Old Bailey ; Robbcries,
VUI. A Censure on the falhionable Employ: Murders, Executions, &c. &c. &c.
·ment of ruial Life.

XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
IX. Extract from Dr. Addington, of the Deaths ; Bankrupts.
Sea-Scurvy and its Cure.

XXIII. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
X. A Description of the City of York. . XXIV. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XI. A SUMMARY of the most important XXV. FOREIGN AFFA I R $.

Affairs in the last Seffion of Parliament. XXVI. Catalogue of Books,
With a fine Head of CHAUCER, a neat View of the City of YORK, and a curi.
ous PLATE of a new constructed DOUBLE MICROSCOPE ; all beautifully engraved.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Role in Pater-Nofter-Row.
Of whom may be kad, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.


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