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Poetical ESSAYS in AUGUST; 1753.

Didit thou but deign to prompt my genial An ADDRESS to the MU'S E.

fire, HA AFL queen of verse ! 'Immortal

Advancing nowly, on the wings of time, heav'n-born maid,

Each wrapt idea would break forth to What rapt'rous fights, Mall fwell the lan- thought, guid theme!

[wings, And every thought would (well to extarý; . Fain would my genius rise on tow'ring Then all the spark, which in my bosom And foar ambitious, to be bleft by thee;

glows, But damp'd with fear, to thee the makes Recatch, and kindle, at Apollo's rays. her court,

LEANDER, And humbly seeking for protection hopes; Alift, bleft Clio, if by thee inspir'd,

Thou sweetett Muse amongst the virgin

(bine, Vince fcrrunam ;--
Oh tell how nature and the fates com."
Why Pope could pleace, or how great Riferit ? vultum generofus cufer.
Milton lung;

Fleverit ? dulci refer ora risu:
Or if with better grace thou canst declare- Solus, et ferr.per tuus effe quovis
How nature to perfection grows, or

Difcerumulu. whence

1. Sublimity of thought, or accent flows,

How man noots up to fame, or how tlie: WHEN fortune frowns on-thee, as


Charles, prithee what'arails the brow

Beclouded thus with sorrow?
Confider, man, the jilt must change,
From this to that must always range,
All will be well to.morrow.

Oft as I rode thro' Brentford town,
I stop my steed beneath the Crown,

And view oid Thames a roaring
Odzooks ! 'twould frighten any tartar,
Yet e'er I reach the Star and Garter,
Tumult is heard no more in.

E'en so the fates ordain,, my boy,
After much dolour cometh joy,

Grief driving from our faces;
And when you know all this, to waii,
And fret and vex and storm and rail,

Most villainous and base is.

Sits in fweet numbers on the poet's tongue;
Perlift, well ikill'd in every turn of fate,
While I attentive liten to the song;
Sure it is innate paffion that inspires,
To offer incense at the Muse's thrine ;
And thou that wak'nt the mind, from
meaner things,

{bestow'd; And light'ft the tercb, which nature first 'Tis by thy aid the bard improves the flame, And tow'rs on wings impatient of delay ; 'Twas thy blest aid first taught him how

to paint The strength of nature, or the force of love, When genius prompts, he asks the Muse's

aid, And swells luxuriant with poetic fire ; Such is thy power, and such thy gracions aid,

[fway, Which rules mankind with an endearing That nature's self is warm'd with pleasing force,

(wreaths from thes; And learning boasts, when cown'd' with Deign, heav'nly charmer, to approve my lay,

[aid, And crown my youth with thy benignest Thou whom the bards of every age adore, And in sweet numbers, celebrate thy fame, Thou that re-animat'it those golden days, When Muses dwelt in sweet Elysian bowers, When gods descending, took on human thapes

(bid ; To taste of mortal bliss, which heav'o forThou chat recall'it true honour from the grave,

[denies, And giv'ft the life, which vulgar fame, Bless my attempts, inspire each rapt'rous

lay, Pave the soft cadence of the flowing line, Fill with ample comprehensive

thoughts, With gratitude to virtue, heav'n, and thee;

Once on a time (pugh! what's his name?)
From his own turnip ground there came,

To rule the Roman state,
A wight of wisdom and renown:
Ne'er thought to be again brought down,
So joyous liv'd and great.

Now mark our friend deposid ; content
Lise's remnant small in care le spent,

With throne exchang'd for cottage;
The axe, his type of quondam power,
Now.serv'd a neighb'ring tree to lower,

For firing to his pottage.



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Poetical Essays in AUGUST, 1753. 385 The beams of sol delight and chear, Nor forehead of Sir Jeff”ry Strife, While summer seasons roll;

When (miling Cynthio kils'd his wife. But Sally's (miles can all the year,

Not love-fick Marcia's languid eyes, Give summer to the soul.

Who for her fimp'ring Coriu dies,

So Neepy look or dimly thine, When, from the east, the morning ray As these dejeeled eyes of mine : Illumes the world below,

Nor Claudia's brow fuch wrinkles made Her presence bids the god of day

At fight of Cynthia's new brocade, With emulation glow.

Juft ro, Aurelia, you complain
Fresa beauties deck the painted ground, Of vapours, rheums, and gouty pain ;
Birds (weeter Rotes prepare ;

Yet I am patient, fo thou'd you,
The playful lambkins skip around, For cramps and bead-achs are our duç:
And bail the filer fair.

We suffer justly for our crimes ;

For scandal you, and I for rhymes : The lark but frains his liquid throat Yet we (as harden'd wretches do) To bid the maid rejoice;

Sull the enchanting vice pursue ;
And mimicks, while he swells the note, Our reformation ne'er begin,
The sweetness of her voice :

But fondly hug the darling fin.
The fanning Zephyrs round her play," Yet there's a mighty diff'rence too,
While Flora meds perfume;

Between the fate of me and you ;
Abd ev'ry flow'ret seems to say,

Tho' you with tott'ring age all bow, I but for Sally bloom.

And wrinkles scar your lovely brow;

Your busy tongue may Nill proclaim The am'rous youths her charms proclaim, The faults of ev'ry finful darne : From morn to eve their tale ;

You still may pratele nor give o'er, Her beauty and unspotted fame,

When wretched I must fin no more. Make vocal ev'ry vale :

The sprightly Nine must leave me then, The stream, meand'rinig thro' the mead, This trembling hand resign its pen; Her echo'd Aame conveys ;

No matron ever sweetly sung, And ev'ry voice, and ev'ry reed,

Apollo only courts the young ;
Is tund to Sally's praise.

Then who wou'd not (Aurelia, pray)

Enjoy his favours while they may ?
No more thall blithrome lass and (wain

Nor cramps nor head-achs shall prevail ; To mirthful wake resort;

ju Nill write on, and you thall rail. Nor ev'ry May-morn on the plain, Advance in rural sport :

No more shall gush the gurgling rill,

On Brigadier Gencral HILL.
Nor mufick wake the grove ;
Nor Aocks look snow-like on the hill,

manners gentle, yet a friend to truth, Wlien 1 forget to love.

With age not peevith, nor yel vain in youth :

rrevere The HEAD. ACH. Brave, yet humane, and blameless tho'

His speech was open, and his heart sincere: TO A URILIA.

In courts unbrib'd, not fačtious tho'rctir'd; URELIA, when your zeal makes Most lov'd the soldier, more the man ad. А known


(kind; Lach woman's failing but your own, A queen his mistress, and his friend man How charming Silvia's teeth decay, His fortunes '--to yon little spot † confin'd. And Celia's hair is turning gray :

Suchonce was Hill--and various tho'his lot, Yet Celia gay has sparkling eyes,

The same companion, favour'd, or forgot.
But (to your comfort) is not wise :
Methinks you take a world of pains,

Е Р І Т А Р н
To tell us Celia has no brains.
Now you wise folk, who make such pother

On a Young NOBLEMAN,
About the wit of one another,

Kill'd in an ENGAGEMENT at SEA, With pleasure wou'd your brains refign, OUTH, beauty, frength, the trophy, Did all your noddles ach like mine.

Not cuckolds half my anguish know, Not these his honours to the tomb we trust; When budding horns begin to grow ;

But modeft manners, innocent of art, Nor batter'd Kull of wrestling Dick, The open nature, and the moral heart.. Who late was drubb'd at fingle stick ; Such love of truth as ancient Britons bore, Not wretches that in fevers fry,

Sucli fortitude, as never Roman more : Not Sappho when her cap's awry,

And callid betimes, his task of glory done, E'er felt such tort'rings pangs as I;

To mix with natures Tocial üs his own. Avgust, 1753.

THE • Queen Anre, Englefild Greene

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You and the but,




Monthly Chronologer.

He at

SINCE our jaft we were brewhouse belonging to the Red Lion az

informod, that in the z Great Catworth, in Huntingdon thire, SS

veffels arrived fomGreen. S

wirich in a mort time consumed 5 dwel. land in the Frith of

ling houses, with all the houlbold furni,
forth, there were no tore, several bärns, Aables, &c.
fewer than 34 fih and a The fame afternoon a fire happened at
half, viz. in

of the

Dorlington, in Warwick Mire, wttereby z veffels belonging to Leith 22 and a hall, cottages, besides the farm house, werd in ore of the Dunbar vefsels 7, and in

consumed, widi barns, tables, a bean, the Borrowstoness vellel s; and that two rick, a great quantity of bay and straw, other veffels afterwards arrived, one hav." &c. and the church was very much da. ing 7 filh and a half, and the other 3., maged. (See p. 339.)

SATURDAY, 4: Da Juiy 27, an officer of the Mint This or the following day a most moet having re'eived information, that one ing and tragical affair happened at Cor. Bella had made a practice of coining a ringdon, about two miles from South certain foreign coin called French goineas, Brent-town, in Devon mire. Mr. Joseph or pistoles, and allo Louis-d'ors, hat a Harvey, a farmer of that place, his wife, warrant for him, and carried him before his son and daughter, were all cruelly junice Pielding, who, after examination, murdered. There murders were not dira comi.itted him to New Prison

covered till the oth instapt by William the same time also committed the fmith Proure, a labourer, who had worked for who was acccffary, by setting up the ma. Mr. Harvey, and had been several times terials for the coinage. And information to see him to get further employment being given, that the said Bell lodged in but to his forprize finding the doors ala Winchester-itreet, Mr. alderman Scott ways fast, he went to a neighbour, who granted a warrant for Pearching the houfe,

accompanied him to the housc, and both where was found in a cellar, just put up, looking throl the kitchen window, saw all the materials and implements necessary Mr. Joseph Harvey lying dead on the to go thro' the whole art of coining, as floor, with his throat cut. They then compleat as at the Tower; which were went to to acquaint Mr. Ana afterwards all taken away by the proper thony Harvey, brother to the deceased, officers.

with what they had seen, who went with His majesty has ordered a reward of a number of the inhabitants, and enter. 2001. to be paid to any persons, who ing at the window found Proufe's relation Thall apprehend Sampson Phips, one of too true. Going up ftairs, they found the persons concerned in the late riot at Mrs. Harvey in her bed with her throat Bristol ; and 100l. for apprehending ti- cut from ear to ear; and then proceeding ther Samuel Britten, John Mvody, other- to the ron's bed, a fiout young man wise Wordy, John Summers, and Hezc. about 23, found him also dead, having kiah Hunt, hkewise concerned in the said his brains beat out, and his throat cut ( ridt, so as they, or either of them, may as was also the daughter, aged about 20, be convicted of the said offence. (Sce p. whose brains worked thro' The skull. A 242.)

hatchet was found in the son's room On WEDNESDAY, August 1.

the 14th the coroner's jory finished their One Edward Murphew, otherwise An. inquiry into the causes of these murder, drew Reid, was committed to Maidttore when it appeared, that Joseph Harvey goal, being charged by, a warrant under had sent his two men and a maid servant the hand and seal of the duke of New. to Bentar, about five miles from Brente cafle, with the murder and robbery of town, to get in some hay; which bufiness Junn Atherfold the younger, his mastery would detain them above a week ; that la e of Sundrish, near Sevenoak in Kone, the hatchot found in the son's room beon Thursday night, et. 20%, 1748. He longed to Mr. Harvey ; that Mr. Harvey was brought froin Scotland by two of his had for above three months paft been demajesty's messengers.

lirious, and greatly out of his fenfes; and FRIDAY, 3.

there being no ugris, of a robbery, the This afternoon a fire broke out at the jury brought him in guilty of the more


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1753. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 387 ders, as a lunarick. But, furely, such an communicating itself to the front honles, astonishing scene is not to be parallela! four or Ave of them were burnt down MONDAY, 6.

before it could be extinguished. The leven following malefactors were At the allizes at Backingham, two rethis day executed at Tyburn, viz. William ceived fentence of death, one for poisonCorby, Thomas Collingham, and John ing: At Abingdon, two : At Oxford, Ayliffe, condemned at June sessions one: Ac Winchester, one : At Northamp: Thomas Buckmore, fames Williams, and ton, three : At Cambridge, one : AC Thomas Twynbrow, condemned in July; Worcester, three, among whom was John and John Fiin, condemned at the seflona, Morris the younger, for murder, who in May, but respited till this time. (See was executed according to the late act : their leveral crimes, p, 241, 291, 339.)

Àt Dorchester, one for the murder of his Davis died in Newgate, and Smith was wife, who was çxecuted ; and a soldier, respited for a month, Millicent Clilby and for murder, who was respited till V&. 1. Anne Robinson were pardoned, Anne At St. Edmund's-bury, four were capí: Ellis and Peter Tickner to be transported cally convicted: At Stafford, fix, but for life.

were all reprieved: At Exeter, leven : WiDNESDAY, 8.

At Chelmsford, seven The artizes at Was held a general court of the Society Oakham for Rutlandshirë, at Huntingof the Free British Fishery, when war- don, at Nottingham, and at Derby, prorants were ordered to be issued out for a ved maiden ones, none being capitany dividend of the three per cent. per annum convided. At York eight received renfo: two years, granted by act of parlia. tence of death, one of whom was Wila ment on upwards of 100,000l. enployed liam Smith, for poisoning Thomas Har. by the fociety, the faid bounty having per his father in-law, and the fon and been received of the commissioners of the daughter of the laid Harper. (See p. 241.) customs.

Andrew Reid, who was brought from The Rt. Hon the lord mayor gave a Haddington in Scotland to Maidstone, by very grand entertainment to the deputies two messengers, on suspicion of murder. and common-council men of this city, at ing his master farmer Atherfold, near Sethe Mansion house, at which upwards of venoak, in Kent, in 1748, was discharge 140 members were present.

ed, the wife of the deceased having deFRIDAY, 10.

clared he was not the man. (See p. 386.) His majesty in council was pleased to

THURSDAY, 23. order, that the parliament which nood This morning died, by the bite of a prorogued to the 14th inst. Mould be sure mad cat, in the parish of Wrington, Sother prorogued to September 27 next. merfetthire, Anne Gover, wife of Jolin SATURDAY, 11.

Gover, blacksmith. She was bit about Threc Irishmen were committed to fix weeks ago, and tho' big with child Wood-street Compter for perpetrating was several times dipped in falt water, a rape on the body of Diana Puhee, an which healed the wounds in her thumb, oyster-woman, at the Queen's - Arms and no infection appeared till Sunday the in Newgate Atreet. On Monday they apa 19th : It then began to appear by a prickplied to be bailed, but were refused, and ing in the thumb, pain of her arm, and after an examination of above two hours refleffness. She continued to grow worse before Thomas Chitty, Esq; the fitting and worse till the time of her death, tho' alderman, were hy him recommitted to Me retained her senses till the last, and the Compter to answer for their offences desired every one to keep out of her way; the next sessions at the Old Bailey.

nor would he suffer any one even to wipe The same day, early in tlie morning, the foam from her mouth, lest it might a fire broke out in the house of a broom- inrect them. maker, in Kent-street, Southwark, which Came 'on to be tried, at Hereford entirely consumed the faire, with three aflizes, before Mr. justice Foster, seven others, and the adjoining houses were informations in nature of quo warrantos very much damaged,

against some of the acting members of SUNDAY, 12.

the corporation of Carmarthen. The This morning, between one and two, trial of the first took up eight hours, and a fire broke out at a hatter's in Canlle. a verdi&t being given for the crown, the freet, near the Park, Southwark, which defendants in the fix others submitted to consumed the same and 13.0thers on both the like verdi@s against them, without fidcs of the way.

making any defence; and, in consequence THURSDAY, 16.

of this, 15 other like inforinations, grantA fire happened about one this morning ed against the present mayer and recorder, in Cock-yard, Bithoplyate street, whick and the rest of the acting body, must



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July 31. J low held Place, in Berks, co


Aug, Share the same fate; as they depend ex: 22. Lieut. col. William Deane, to Miss actly on the fame points But those in Mary Chambers, eldest daughter of the formations, could not be brought to trial late John Chambers, Esq; of Derby. at this, asijzes, as no process could be 25. Robert Sibthorpe, Esq; of Ireland, executed to enforce the appearance of the to Miss Cochran, daughter to the Hon. defendants therein ; for one of them in- col. Cochran, of Hampstead. fited on privilege of parliament, and the 26. John Day, Erq; timber merchant, sherifis: of this year, dirctaimed their in Bermondsey, Southwark, to Miss 0:6ces, on purpose to avoid executing any Clayton, of Throgmorton-ftreet. process on the rest of them. The coun." ! 22. Rev. Mr. Quick, rector of Mor. cil for the king were, Mc. Morton, Mr. chard Rishop, to Miss Lavington, only Price, Mi, DÖyley, and the Hon. Mr. daughter of the bishop of Exeter. Harley ; and for the defendants, the Hon.. 24. Rev. Mr. Richardson, vicar of Ms. Bathurit,'M Phillips, Mr. Afton, Finchingfield, in Effex, to Miss King, of and Mr. Nues.

Monday, 273

26. Mr. Simplon, merchant of Old. This day was executed at Hertford, Ford, 'to Miss Lydia Summers, of Milepursuant to his sentence at the last alizes, End. Job Wells, for the unnatural crime of . Aug 11.. Countess of Cardigan, deti. ravishing his own daughter. He was very vered of a daughter. penitent, freely forgave her appearing The lady of John Corbet, of Shropagainst him, and hoped he would for- Ahire, Esq; of a son. give the abeminable part he had acted 15. Lady of lord Carpenter, of a to vards here

daughter. MARRIAGZT and BIRTHS.

18. The lady of Sir William Seabright

of a lon. OHN Dodd,

22. Lady of lord Beafon, of a loà.

29. The lady of William Harvey, Efq; Miss Juliana Jennings.

knight of the Thire for Effex, of a daughAug, 2. Theophilus Lane, of Hereford,

ter. Erq; to Mits Marcha, of Greek-street,


Hon. Egerton, Erq; of Marley, in Cheshire, to Miss Fanny Scabright.

July 25. James Vernon, Eraj only

son of admiral . 5. Alexander Kay, Esq; of a great The lady of the Right Hon. Charles 'esate in Yorkshire, to Miss Caroline ford Stourton. Chambers, of Brumpton.

26. Rev. Mr. Edward Gregory, minor 7. Rev. Dr. Sandford, minister of St. canon of Durham. Mary Aldermanbury, to Miss Horton. 29. The lady Sophia Hamlin, refa of

8. Rev. Mr. Wannup, rodłor of Wal- Sir James Hamlin, of Warwickshire, don, in Hertfordshire, to Miss Chol. Bart. mondeley, only daughter of Charles Chol. William Owen Pyr, in the 108th year mondeley, of Vale-Royal, in Cheshire, of his age, who had been parith clerk at Efq; a 12,000l, fortune.

Dulas in the Ile of Anglesea, 83 years. Legh Master, of Newhall, in Lanca. 30. Rev. Dr. Bromley, rector of Wickfire, Erg; to Mifs Hoskins, of Barrow:- ham, in Hampshire : He was son of Green, in Surrey.

Bromley, Efq; speaker of the house of 9. Edwyn-Francis Stanhope, Efq; to commons in the reign of Q. Anne. Lady Katherine Lyon, piece to his grace *: Don Andrew Bueno, at Badajox in the duke of Chandos.

Portugal, aged 124 He was only a 13. Richard Marden, Esq; to Miss lieutenant of foot, tho he had been in Bennett, of Stanton Harold, in Stafford. the service above 100 years. thire, a 30,000l. fortune.

Aug. 3. Mr. John Lowe, formerly ore 14. William Strahan, Esq; of Haymes, of the common-council men of Aldeis. in Gloucestershire, tv Miss Popham, sole daughter and heiress of the late Edward Lady Dorothy Weston, reli&t of Sir Popham, of Tewkesbury-Lodgs, Efq; Ambrose Weston, Bart.

16. George. Richard Carter, Esq; to 6. Hon. Mrs. St. Leger, sister to the 'Mifs Spilman, daughter and only child of Right Hon, the late ford visc. Doneravie. Jaines Spilman, Efq; one of the directors 7. Mr. Polhill, son of David Pollull, of the Bank, a 30,000l. fortune.

Efq; member of parliament for Rochester, 17. Henry Warner, Esq; a Jersey mero. of a hurt he received by being thrown chant in Cannon street, to Miss Wallis; from his horse at the foot of Weitminster. of Wanitead, in Effex,

Bridge, three or four days before,


gate ward.

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