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Monthly Chronologer.

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INCE our last we were brewhouse belonging to the Red Lion aj
informad, that in the z Great Catworth, in Huntingdon shire,
veffeis a rived fomGreen. wirich in a fhort time contumed s dwel.
land in the Frith of ling houses, with all the houshold furnie
Forth, there were ture, several barns, tables, &c.
fewer than 34 Eth and a The fame afternoon a fire happened at

half, viz. in § of the Dorington, in Warwickshire, whiereby veffels belonging to Leith 22 and a ball, cottages, bentes the farm house, were in ore of the Dnbar veffels 7, and in consumed, widi barns, fables, a beati, the Borrowstonesi vefsel s; and that two rick, a great quantity of hay and straw, other refels afterward arrived, one have &c. and the church was very much dai ing 7 fin and a half, and the other 3. maged. (See p. 339.)

SATURDAY, 4: On Jury 27, an officer of the Mint

This or the following day a mont Micco having re-eived information, that one

ing and tragical affair happened at Cor. Bell had made a practice of coining a ririgdon, about two miles from South certain foreign coin called French goireas, Brent-town, in Devon Mire. Mr. Joseph or pistoles, and allo Louis d'ors, hat a Harvey, a farmer of that place, his wife wariant for him, and carried him before his son and daughter, were all cruelly junice Pielding, who, alter examination, murdered. There murders were not disa com, itted him to New Prison

covered till the oth inftapt by William the same time also committed the finithi Prouse, a labourer, who had worked for who was acccffary, by Terting up the ma Mr. Harvey, and had been several times terials for the coinage. And information in see him to get further employment; being given, that the said Bell lodged in but to his farprize finding the doors ala Winchefter -itreet,

Mr. alder man Scott ways fast, he went to a neighbour, who granted a warrant for rearching the houfe,

accompanied him to the house, and both where was found in a cellar, just put up, looking thro' the kitchen window, faw all the materials and implements necessary Mr. Joseph Harvey lying dead on the to go thro' the whole art of coining, as floor, with his throat cur. They then compleat as at the Tower; which were went to to acquaint Mr. Ana afterwards all taken away by the proper thony Harvey, brother to the deceased, officers.

with what they had seen, who went with His majesty has ordered a reward of a number of the inbabitants, and enter. 2001. to be paid to any persons, who ing at the window found Prouse's relation Mall apprehend Sampson Phips, one of too true. Going up stairs, they found the persons concerned in the late riot at Mrs. Harvey in her bed with her throat Bristol ; and rool. for apprehending ei- cut from ear to ear; and then proceeding ther Samuel Britten, John Muody, other- to the son's bed, a front young man wise Wordy, John Summers, and Heze. about 23. found him also dead, having kiah Hunt, hkewise concerned in the mid his brains beat out, and his thoat cut riot, so as they, or either of them, may ås was also the daughter, aged about 20, be convicted of the said offence. (Ste p. whore brains worked thro' the full. A 242.)

hatchet was found in the fon's room On WEDNESDAY, August i.

the 14th the coroner's jory finished thicir One Edward Murphew, otherwise An. inquiry into the causes of thele murder=; drew Reid, was committed to Maidstore when it appeared, iha: Joseph Harvey goal, being charged by a warrant under had sent his two men and a maid servant the hand ant feal of the duke of New. to Bentar, about five miles from Brenta castle, with the murder and rubbery of town, to get in some hay; which bufiness John Atherfold the younger, his mastery would detain them above a weck ; that la'e of Sundrish, near Sevenoak in Kent, the hatchet found in the son's room beon Thursday night, o&. 20,, 1748. He longed to Mr. Harvey ; that Mr. Harvey was brought froin Scotland by two of his had for above three months paft been demajesty's messengers,

lirious, and greatly, out of his senses; and FRIDAY, 3.

there being no sigris of, a robbery, the This afternoon a fire broke out at the jury brought him in guilty of the mura



1753. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 389 ders, as a lunatick. But, fürely, such an communicating itself to the front honles, atonishing scene is not to be parallel'd! four or five of them were burnt down MONDAY, 6.

before it could be extinguished. The feven following malefactors were At the allizes at Backingham, two rethis day executed at Tyburn, viz. William ceived fentence of death, one for poison. Corby, Thomas Collingham, and John ing: At Abingdon, two : At Oxford, Ayliffe, condemned at June sessions one : Ac Winchester, one: At NorthampThomas Buckmore, James Williams, and ton, three : At Cambridge, one : Thomas Twynbrow, condemned in July ; Worcester, three, among whom was John and John Fiin, condemned at the selona. Morris the younger, for murder, who in May, but respited till chis time. (See was executed according to the late ac i their leveral crimes, p. 241, 291, 339.) At Dorchester, one for the murder of his Davis died in Newgate, and Smith was wife, who was executed ; and a soldier, respited for a month, Millicent Clifby and for murder, who was respited till V&t. I. Anne. Robinson were pardoned, Anne At St. Edmund's-bury, four were capiEllis and Peter Tickner to be transported tally convicted At Stafford, fix, but for life.

were all reprieved : At Exeter, seven : WEDNESDAY, $.

At Chelmsford, reven The aitizes at Was held a general court of the Society Oakham for Rutlandshire, at Hunting of the Free British Fishery, when war. don, at Nottingham, and at Derby, prorants were ordered to be issued out for a ved maiden ones, none being capitally dividend of the three per cent. per annum convicted. At York eight received reno for two years, granted by act of parlia- tence of death, one of whom was Wila mens on upwards of 100,000l. employed liam Smith, for poisoning Thomas Har. by the society, the faid bounty having per his father in-law, and the son and been received of the commissioners of the daughter of the said Harper. (See p. 241.) customs.

Andrew Reid, who was brought from The Rt. Hon the lord mayor gave a Haddington in Scotland to Maidstone, by very grand entertainment to the deputies two messengers, on suspicion of murdere and common-council men of this city, ac ing his master farmer Atherfold, near Sethe Manfion house, at which upwards of venoak, in Kent, in 1748, was discharge 140 members were present,

ed, the wife of the deceased having deFRIDAY, 10.

clared he was not the man. (See p. 386.) His majesty in council was pleased to

THURSDAY, 23. arder, that the parliament which food This morning died, by the bite of a prorogued to the 14th inft. Mould be fur. mad cat, in the parish of Wrington, Sother prorogued to September 27 next. mersetshire, Anne Gover, wife of Jolin SATURDAY, 11.

Gover, blacksmith. She was bit about Three Trithmen were committed to fix weeks ago, and tho' big with child Wood, street compter for perpetrating was several times dipped in falt water, a rape on the body of Diana Pushee, an which healed the wounds in her thumb, oyster-woman, at the Queen's - Arms and no infection appeared till Sunday the in Newgate street. On Monday they apa 19th : It then began to appear by a prick. plied to be bailed, but were refused, and ing in the thumb, pain of her arm, and after an examination of above two iours refleftness. She continued to grow worse before Thomas Chitty, Esq; the fitting and worse till the time of her death, cho' alderman, were hy him recommitted to Me retained her fenses till the lant, and the Compter to answer for their offences defired every one to keep out of her way; the next rellions at the Old Bailey.

nor would she suffer any one even to wipe The same day, early in the morning, the foam from her mouth, left it might

fire broke out in the house of a broom. infect them. maker, in Kent-Street, Southwark, which Came ont to be tried, at Hereford entirely consumed the faine, with three aflizes, before Mr. justice Foster, seven others, and the adjoining houses were informations in nature of quo warrantos very much damaged,

against some of the acting members of SUNDAY, 12.

the corporation of Carmarthen. The This morning, between one and two, trial of the firt took up eight hours, and a fire broke out at a hatter's in Cattle a verdict being given for the crown, the Atreet, near the Park, Southwark, which defendants in the six others submitted to consumed the same and 13.others on both the like verdias against them, without fidcs of the way.

making any defence; and, in consequence THURSDAY, 16.

of this, 15 other like inforinations, grantA fire happened about one this morning ed against the present mayer and recorder, in Cock-yard, Bithopsgate street, whick and the rest of the acting body, must

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July. 3". J low field Place, in Berks, co


MARRIAGES, DEATHS, &c. Aug. Dare the same fate; *s they depend ex 22. Lieut. col. William Deane, to Mifs actly on the lame points : But those in.

Mary Chambers, eldest daughter of the formations could not be brought to trial "late John Chambers, Esq; of Derby. at this afiìzes, as no process could be

25. Robert Sibthorpe, Lfq; of Ireland, executed to enfrce the appearance of the to Miss Cochran, daughter to the Hon. defendants therein ; for one of them in- col. Cochran, of Hampstead, hited on privilege of parliament, and the

26. John Day, Esq; timber merchant, Theriffs of this year; disclaimed their in Bermondsey, Southwark, to Miss offices, on purpose to avoid executing any Clayton, of Throgmorton-street. process on the rest of them. The coun: 22. Rev. Mr. Quick, rector of More cil for the king were, Mr. Morton, Mr. chard Bithop,to Miss Lavington, only Price, Mr. D'Oyley, and the Hon. Mr.

daughter of the bishop of Exeter. Harley; and for the defendants, the Hona

24. Rev. Mr. Richardson, vicar of Mr. Bathurst, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Afton, Finchingfield, in Effex, to Miss King, of and Mr, Naires,


26. Mr. Simpson, merchant of Old. This day was executed at Hertford, Ford, "to Miss Lydia Summers, of Milepursuant to his sentence at the last asfizes, End. Job Wells, for the unnatural crime of • Aug 11.. Countess of Cardigan, deti. ravishing his own daughter, He was very vered of a daughter. penitent, freely forgave her appearing The lady of John Corbet, of Shropagain("him, and hoped the would for

fhire, Esq; of a lon. give the abominable part he had acted

15; Lady of lord Carpenter, of a towards her.

daughter. MARRIAGZ6 and BirTMS."

18. The lady of Sir William Seabtigh

of a con. OHN Dodd, Esq; of Swala :

Lady of lord Benfon, of a fon.

29. The lady of William Harvey, Efq; Miss Juliana Jennings.

knight of the Thire for Effex, of a daughAug, 2. Theophilus Lane, of Hereford, Erq; to Miss Marcha, of Greek-street,

Hon. - Egerton, Esq; of Marley,

AMES only in Cheshire, to Miss Fanny Seabright.

5. Alexander Kay, Esq; of a great The lady of the Right Hon. Charles 'estate in Yorkshire, to Miss Caroline lord Stourton. Chambers, of Brumpton.

26. Rev. Mr. Edward Gregory, minor 7. Rev. Dr. Sandford, minister of St. canon of Durham, Mary Aldermanbury, to Miss Horton. 29. The lady Sophia Hamlin, reli&t of

s. Rev. Mr. Wannop, roctor of Wal- Sir James Hamlin, of Warwickshire, don, in Hertfordshire, to Miss Chol. Bart. mondeley, only daughter of Charles Chol. William Owen Pyr, in the 100th year mondeley, of Vale-Royal, in Cheshire, of his age, who had been parith clerk at Efq; a 12,000l. fortune.

Dulas in the Ide of Anglerea, 83 years. Legh Master, of Newhall, in Lanca.

30. Rev. Dr. Bromley, rector of WickDhire, Esq; to Miss Hoskins, of Barrow. ham, in Hampshire : He was son of Green, in Surrey.

Bromley, Esq; speaker of the house of 9. Edwyn- Francis Stanhope, Efq; to commons in the reign of Q. Aone. Lady Katherine Lyon, niece to his grace 5. Don Andrew Bueno, at Badajox in the duke of Chandos.

Portugal, aged 124

He was only : 13. Richard Marden, Erq; to Miss

lieutenant of foot, tho he had been in Bennett, of Stanton Harold, in Stafford. the ferviee above joo years. fire, a 30,000l. fortune.

Aug. 3. Mr. John Lowe, formerly one 14. William Strahan, Efq; of Haymes, of the common-council men of Aldeis. in Gloucestershire, to Miss Popham, role daughter and heiress of the late Edward

Lady Dorothy Weston, relia of Sir Popham, of Tewkesbury-Lodge, Efq; Ambrose Weston, Bart. 16. George. Richard Carter, Efq; to

6. Hon. Mrs. St. Leger, after to the * Mifs Spilman, daughter and only child of

Right Hon. the late ford visc. Doneravie. Jaines Spilman, Esq; one of the directors

7. Mr. Polhill, son of David Pollill, of the Bank, a 30,000l. fortune.

Efq; member of parliament for Rochester, 19. Henry Warner, Esq; a Jersey mer.

of a hurt he received by being thrown chant in Cannon street, to Miss Wallis,

from his horfe at the foot of Weitminster of Wanitead, in Effex.

Bridge, three or four days before.


July 25. Japon of admiral Vermon

gate ward.


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Mr. Isaac Vaillant, uncle to Mr. Paul Grerford, in Lincolnshire. Christopher Vaillant, an eminent bookseller in the Ansty, B. D. by the madér, feliows and Strand, and formerly of the same business. scholars of St. John's Collego, Cambridge,

8. James Crofts, Esq; in the commis. to the vicarage of Holme, Spalding Moor, hon of the peace for the liberty of West. in the East-Riding of Yorkshire. minster. 9. Rev. Mr. Peter Richardson, under

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. master of the grammar- school in Christ's. Hospital,


captain in the first regiment of jo. Rt. Hon. James lord Torpichan, guards. – Richard Meadows, Esq; made in Scotland, and one of the lords of po. a colle&or of the revenue of excise in the lice there.

county of Efex. - Michael Hayes, Esq; Sir Harry Danvers, of Culworth, near

appointed by the earl of Granville as Banbury, Bart. fucceeded by his brother,'' principal bailiff of the island of Jersey, now Sir Michael Danvers, Bart.

to be one of the deputy bailiffs of that Rt. Hon. the lord Mountague Bertie, island.-The earl of Cardigan, created one of the oldest captains in the navy. knight of the Hon. order of the Bath.-11. Mr. Matthew Collett, one of the

Mr. John Berresford, appointed by the Chicf clerks in the Bank of England. court of directors of the Bank, one of

13. Michael Harris, Efq; formerly one their cashiers, in the room of Mr. Mor. of the South-Sea diretors, aged 85. rifon, who refigned ; and Mr. Martin, 14. Mr. Weston, counsellor at law.

clerk of the Exchequer orders and ac19. His excellency lieutenant-general

compts, in the room of Mr, Collett, de. George Churchill, commander in chief of

ceased.-- Richard Littleton, Charles Paw. his majesty's tand forces in Scotland.

let, Edward Walpole, and Holly Mon. Hon. Mrs. Mordaunt, wife of

tague, Esqrs, created knights of the Bath Charles Mordaunt, Efq; and third daugh- and the earl of Cardigan, appointed grand ter of Scroop lord Viro. Howe.

master of the said honourable order.24. William Smith, Esq; secretary to Capt. John Richardson, made a captain the South-Sea company.

in the second regiment of foot-guards, ECCLESIASTICAE PRETERMINTS.


AVID Rurfel the younger, now From tbe LONDON GAZETTİ.

or late of Maidstone, butcher. Hitehall, Aug. 21. The king has William Whitehart, of Calne, in Wilts, presented Francis Milbanke, M. A.

drugget maker. - John Spencer, late of to the rectory of Croft, in York/hire. Hanover-treet, near Long acre, taylor. And John Gooch, M. A. to the rectory William Church, late of the parith of of Fen-Ditton, in Cambridgeshire. Wooburn, in Bucks, paper-maker.- Jolia

Stevenson, late of Bickerton, in Chethire, From tbe aber PAPERS.

cheefefactor. Richard Fuller, late of John Trenchard Bromfield, M. A. pre- Reading, innkeeper and vintner.- James sented to the rectory of Warmwell, with Howarth, otherwise Haworth, lace of Ploxwell thereunto annexed, in Dorset.

Manchester, chapman.---Thomas Dixon, Thire. - Mr. Samuel Fauconer, chosen now or late of Rooley, in the parish of lecturer of the united parishes of St. Mary Kirkheaton, in Yorkthire, taylor and li. Somerset and St. Mary Mounthaw. Sa- nen-draper.- John Gibbs, of the parish muel Rigby; B. A presented by Sir of St. Margaret, Wetminter, victualler, Francis Dashwood, Bart. to the rectory Thomas Varden the younger, of Maco of Conningsholme, in Lincolnshire.-Ri.

clesfield, dealer.- John Crichton, late of chard Fawcett, D. D. to the rectory of Newport-Pagnell, in Eucks, linen-draper. Fenny-Compton, in Warwickshire.-Mr.

-Henry Rocke, of St. Dunstan's in the
Haines, by the lord chancellor, to the East, broker.-

John Martin Willett, of Vicarage of St. Martin's, in Leicefter. London, merchant. Steplien Maties, Dr. Alburnham, dean of Chichester, to late of Pater. Nefter-Row, vintner.-- John the refidentiaryship of St. Paul's, by his Carrean, of Crowland, in Lincolnthire, majesty, in the room of Dr. Johnson, mercer and draper. - James Pardoe, of bishop of Gloucester. - Dr. James Wil. Liverpool, merchant.-John Edwards, of lington, by his majesty, to the rectory of Tooke's Court, in Curfitor. ftreet, St. Savage. Leigh, in Surrex. – Mr. Mence, Andiew's Holborn, hofjer. - Charles Hud. one of the canons of St. Paul's, choren dy, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, vicłualler, lecturer of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fille - John Marby, of Weilminster, conto Street, - Mr. Michael Tyron, presented merchant. Samuel Plummer, late of by the lord chancellor, to the restory of Trowbridge, clothier and linen drape?.

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in a

HE most remarkable occurrence


with regard to the affair of East-Frieslands

and soon after the beginning of this monok new treaty between the house of Austria the Hanover minifter presented to the faid and the duke of Modena, by which it is assembly a memorial from his Britannicke Laid to be itipulated :

majelty, as elector of Hanover, by way 1. That his serene highness be ap- of answer to this his PruMan majelly's pointed perpetual governor of the dutchy final declaration. of Milan, and the house of Austria's vi. From Amsterdam they write as fol. car general - in Italy, with a falary of lows: We are very attentive in this florins a year; his serene highness try to the king of Pruffia's taking into to keep on foot a body of 4000 men, at his service and favour as many Irill and the disposal of the emprefs.queen. Scotch of the Jacobite party as he can. 2. That her Imperial majesty have a Amongst others, he

has, not long ago, right to place a garison of her troops in entered into a treaty with one of these the citadels of Mirandola and Reggio, gentlemed. an Irim papist, who was well and in the castle of Massa-Carrara. enablished at Rotterdam, has a thorough

3. That the archduke Peter-Leopold, knowledge of commerce, is a very cunthird son of their Imperial majesties, shall ning man, and who has sold a fine house, marty the daughter of the hereditary which he had in that city, in order to go prince of Modena, by the heiress of into the service of the king of Prutia. Massa Carrara ; and, if this princess die Many people even say, that the young without heirs male, the estates of the Pretender lies concealed in the dominions house of Massa-Carrara, and the dutchy of of that prince ; but as they give no proof Mirandola, thall go to the archduke Pe- of this, one may with reason doubt the ter Leopold as his lady's fortune ; but in truth of it. ease there be male issue, me mall have The republick of Genoa have resolved the principality of Fermia, and the other to build a cicadel at St. Remo for curbing eftates in Hungary claimed by the duke the inhabitants, and for obliging them to of Modena, for her fortune.

submit to such regulations as thall hereaf4. That on the extinction of the male branch of the house of En, the duko of be a free republick under the protection

ter he prescribed ; but as they claim to Modena's dominions Thall all devolve to of the empire, and no other way depenthe house of Austria.

dant upon Genoa than by confederacy for And it is said, that in consequence of mutual defence, this may prove a knotty zhis treaty, the duke of Modena will next affair; and in the mean time the repubmonth take up his residence at Milan, lick's affairs in Corfica seem not to be in a with a pension of 90,000 forins per very prosperous situation ; for they acannum.

knowledge, that a party of their troops Last month the Pruffian minifter at the in that inand has been defeated, and all diet of, Ratisbon, presented to that allem. killed or made prisoners by a party of the bly his Prussian majesty's final declaration malécontents.

The Monthly Catalogue for Auguft, 1753.

'7. The Universal Dictionary of Trade "No

TOTES on the three first Chapters and Commerce. Vol. I By Mr. Pottle.

of Genesis. ' By J Scott, D, D. thwayt, pr. al. 29. in Sheets Knaplon. pr. 78. sewed,, G. Woodfall.

8. A System of Practical Mathema 2. A Vindication of the Doctrine of ticks. By J. Potter, pr. 6s. Comyns. the Trinity. In two Parts, pr, ış. 6d.

9. The Mathematical Repository. Vol. cach. Rivington 2 : ";

3. A Free Enquiry after the Church or 10. The Univerfal Measurer. By A. Kingdom of the Messiah, pr. 1$. Ro- Fletcker, pr. 6s Clarke. binson.

11. Mr. Salmon's Universal Traveller. MATRÉMATICKS, PHYSICX, &c. Vol. 1. Conraining a Description of 4. An Essay on the general Method of China, Tartary, the japan, Philippine, freating cancerous Tumours. By W. Ladrone, Mollucas, Banda, Amboyna; Burlord, pr. 28. Baldwin,

Celon, and Sumatra Islands; the Sunda S. A genuine Account of the Manner of making best Rufiia Pot Ashes.

and Java Mands; Tonquin, Cochin

China, Siam, Ava, Arracan, India, PerCommunicated by Sir P. Warren, pr. 6d.

fia, Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Bohe. Trye. (See p. 352..)

mia, Hungary, Poland. Prussia, Rusia, 6. An Essay on the Sea Scurvy. By A. Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Illufrated Addington, M. D. pr. is. Cooper. (See

with 124. Copper Places and Maps, per 351.)

ai. 8s. in Sheets. Baldwin.


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