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396 Bull Unigenitus. Cure for the Rheumatism, &c. Sept. to the state, feditious, wicked, blafphe. every morning fasting in a cup of wine mous, su 'pected of heresy, and also fa.

and water, broth, fea, or any other vehi. vouring of hereticks, herefes, and schism cle you like beft ; keep rafting an hour and too, erroneous, bordering upon heresy; a half after it, continue this for three months and in fine allo heretical, &c."

without interruption, then diminish the And in this condication he commands dore to j of a drachm for three months lonthe faithful of both foxes, that “they pre- ger, then to drachm for fix months more, sume not to hold, teach or preach other. A-taking it regularly every morning, if por. wise concerning the propositions than is fible. After the first year it will be sufcontained in this conftitution. Insomuch ficient to take a drachm every other as whoever Mall teach, defend, or pub- day. As this medicine operates insensibly, lish them or any of them jointly or seve. it will take perhaps two years before you rally, or mall treat of them by way of receive any great benefit, so you muk dispute, publick or private, unless to im. not be discouraged tho' you do not per pugn them, shall, ipso fac?o, without any ceive any great amendment ; it works other declaration, incur the church cen. Now hut sure, it doch not confine the fures, and be obnoxious to other penalties B patient to any particular diet, so one lives appointed by law against such delin- Toherly and abitains from those meats and quent. He further forbids the printing liquors that have always been accounted of the said book of fa:her Quesnell's, and pernicious in the gout, as champaigne, forbids every one of the faithful the read. drams, high fauces, &c. ing, transcribing, keeping, or using it, N. B. In the rheumatism that is only under the pain of excommunication to accidental, and not habitual, a few of the be incurred, ipo facto. He requires his drachm dores may do ; but if an habitual venerable 'brethren, patriarchs, arch-C or that has been of long duration, then bithops, bihops, and other ordinaries, you must take it as for the gout; the re• and also the inquisitors of heresy, that by medy requires patience, as it operates ail means they refrain and reducc who. but now in most distempers, foever shall contradict or rebel against the constitution, by the penalties and cenfures A RECEIPT for MODERN DRESS. aforesaid, and the other remedies of law From: ibe Salisbury Journal, Sept. 17. and fact, even by calling in, if need be, calling in, if need be, HA

ANG a imall bugle cap on, as big as the secular power.'

a crown,

(pompoon; This remarkable bull concludes thus, D Snout it off with a flow'r, vulgo dia. a « Let no one tien infringe or audaciously

Let your powder be grey, and braid up oppose this our declaration, condemna

your hair
tion, prohibition, and interdict ; and if Like the mane of a colt, to be fold at a fair;
any one preferme to attempt this,' let him A short pair of jumps, half an ell from
know he inall incor the indignation of

your chin,
Almighty God, and that of his blessed To make your appear likeone jest;
Aposties, Pcter and Paul. Given at Romeat Before, for your breast, pin a stomacher
St. Mary Major's, in the year of our Lord E

{bor. 1713, the ori of the ides of September, Ragout it with cutlers of filver and riband in the 13th year of our pontificate."

Your neck and your shoulders both naked By the terrible roaring of this bull the thould be,

[vaux-de-frize ; pope thought to filence the doctrines of Was it not for Vandyke, blown with cleo father Qučinell, but great numbers of

Let your gown be a sack, blue, yellow or t'le French pation have embraced them.


[Gxteen; The clergy therefore make use of this bull as a suit of test to discover such hereticks;

And frizzle your elbows with ruffles and if they do not subscribe to it, the fa. F

Furl off your lawn apron, with flounces

in rows, craments and other rights of the church Puff and pucker up knots on your arms and are refused item.

Make your petticoats Thort, that a hoop For the GOUT OF RHIVMATISM.

eight yards wide, R. Aristolochia rotunda, or Birth

May decently thew how your garters

With fringes of knotting, your Dicky Gentian

cabod, Germander

On Nippers of velvet, set gold a-la-daubo; Ground pine cops and leaves.


But mount on French heels when you go Centaury

to a ball, TAKE of all these well dry'd, powder'd

*Tis the fashion to totter, and Thew you and fitted, as fine as you can, equal

Throw modesty out from your manners

and face,
wrichi, mix them well together, and
take one drachm of this mixed powder de François, you're a bit
for his grace.


bib on,

(your toes;

{are tyd;



(can fall;


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1753. Of tbe Eclipse of the SUN in October.

397 of the Solar Eclipse tbat will be on Friday, Of, 26, 1753, in the Morning.


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Digits eclipsed 8
Duration 2 hours 21',

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Maare the same fate; as they depend ex« 22. Lieut. col. William Deane, to Miss
actly on the fame points" But those in. Mary Chambers, eldest daughter of the
formations could not be brought to trial late John Chambers, Efq; of Derby.
at this, alijzes, as no process could be = 25. Robert Sibthorpe, Efq; of Ireland,
executed to enforce the appearance of the to Miss Cochran, daughter to the Hon.
defendants therein ; for one of them in- col. Cochran, of Hampstead.
bited on privilege of parliament, and the 26. John Day, Esq; timber merchant,
Meriffs: of, shis year, disclaimed their in Bermondsey, Southwark, to Mifs
offices, on purpose to avoid executing any Clayton, of Throgmorton-itreet.
process on the rest of them. The coun,“?' 22. Rev. Mr. Quick, rector of Mor.
cil for the king were, Mr. Morton, Mr. chard Bishop, to Miss Lavington, only
Price, Mi, D Öyley, and the Hon. Mr.

daughter of the bihop of Exeter. Harley ; and for the defendants, the Hone

24. Rev. Mr. Richardson, vicar of Mr. Bathurit, M. Phillips, Mr. Afton, Finchingfield, in Effex, to Miss King, of and Mr. Naises.


26. Mr. Simpson, merchant of Old.
This day was executed at Hertford, Ford, to Miss Lydia Summers, of Mile-
pursuant to his sentence at the last alizes, End.
Job Wells, , for the unnatural crime of Aug 11. Countess of Cardigan, deti.
ravishing his own daughter. He was very vered of a daughter.
penitent, freely forgave her appearing The lady of John Corbet, of Shrop-
again him, and hoped the would for- Ahire, Esq; of a son.
give the abominable part he had acted 15: Lady of lord Carpenter, of a
to vards here

daughter. MAARIAGIT and BIRTHS.

18. The lady of Sir William Seabright

of a son. OHN Dodd,

22. Lady of lord Beafon, of a lon.

29. The lady of William Harvey, Efq; Miss Juliana Jennings.

knight of the Thire for Effex, of a daugh-
Aug, 2. Theophilus Lane, of Hereford,
Erq; to Mils Marcha, of Greek-street,


Egerton, Erq; of Marley, July 25. in Cheshire, to Miss Fanny Scabright.

son of admiral Vemon. 5. Alexander Kay, Esq; of a great The lady of the Right Hon, Charles 'e náte in Yorkshire, to Miss Caroline lord Stourton. Chambers, of Brumpton,

26. Rev. Mr. Edward Gregory, minor 7. Rev. Dr. Sandford, minister of St. canon of Durham. Mary Aldermanbury, to Mils Horton. 29. The lady Sophia Hamlin, reke of

8. Rev. Mr. Wannup, rocłor of Wal- Sir James Hamlin, of Warwickshire, don, in Hertfordshire, to Miss Chol. Bart. mondeley, only daughter of Charles Chol. William Owen Pyr, in the 108th year mondeley, of Vale-Royal, in Cheshire, of his age, who had been parish clerk at Efq; a 12,0001. fortune.

Dulas in the Ine of Anglesea, 83 years. Legh Master, of Newhall, in Lanca. 30. Rev. Dr. Bromiey, rector of Wickthire, Esq; to Miss Hoskins, of Barrow. ham, in Hampshire : He was son of Green, in Surrey.

Bromley, Erq; fpeakor of the house of 9. Edwyn-Francis Stanhope, Efq; to commons in the reign of Q. Anne. Lady Katherine Lyon, piece to his grace "Don Andrew Bueno, at Badajox in the duke of Chandos.

Portugal, aged 124: He was only a 13. Richard Marden, Erqto Mils lieutenant of foot, tho he had been in Bennett, of Stanton Harold, in Stafford. the service above 100 years. thire, a 30,000l. fortune.

Aug. 3. Mr. John Lowe, formerly ore 14. William Strahan, Efq; of Haymes, of the common-council men of Alders. in Gloucestershire, to Miss Popham, sole daughter and heiress of the late Edward Lady Dorothy Weston, relia of Sir Popham, of Tewkesbury-Lodgs, Efq; Ambrose Weston, Bart.

16. George. Richard Carter, Erq; to 6. Hon. Mrs. St. Leger, sister to the Miss Spilman, daughter and only child of Right Hon. the late ford visc. Doneravie. James Spilman, Esq; one of the directors 7. Mr. Polhill, son of David Polull, of the Bank, a 30,000l. fortune.

Efq; member of parliament for Rochester, 17. Henry Warner, Erq; a Jersey mer. of a hurt he received by being thrown chant in Cannon street, to Miss Wallis, from his horse at the foot of Westminster. of Wanstead, in Effex.

Bridge, three or four days before.


gate ward.

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Mr. Ilaac Vaillant, uncle to Mr. Paul Gretford, in Lincoln hire. - Christopher Vaillant, an eminent bookseller in the Anity, B. D. by the mader, fellows and Strand, and formerly of the same business. scholars of St. John's Collego, Cambridge,

8. James Crofts, Esq; in the commis. to the vicarage of Holme, Spalding Moor, Hon of the peace for the liberty of West. in the East Riding of Yorkshire. minster. 9. Rev. Mr. Peter Richardson, under

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. master of the grammar- school in Christ's. ILLIAM Marhall, Esq; made a Hospital,

caprain in the first regiment of jo. Rt. Hon. James lord Torpichan, guards. - Richard Meadows, Erq; made in Scotland, and one of the lords of po." à colleator of the revenue of excise in the lice there.

county of Edex. - Michael Hayes, Erg; Sir Harry Danvers, of Culworth, near appointed by the earl of Granville as Banbury, Bart. succeeded by his brother, principal bailiff of the idand of Jersey, now Sir Michael Danvers, Bart.

to be one of the deputy bailiffs of that Rt. Hon. the lord Mountague Bertie, inand.-The earl of Cardiga, created. one of the oldest captains in the navy. knight of the Hon. order of the Bath.-11. Mr. Matthew Collett, one of the

Mr. John Berresford, appointed by the chief clerks in the Bank of England. court of directors of the Bank, one of

13. Michael Harris, Efq; formerly one their cashiers, in the room of bir. More of the South-Sea directors, aged 85. sifon, who refigned ; and Mr. Martin, 14. Mr. Weston, counsellor at law.

clerk of the Exchequer orders and ac, 19. His excellency lieutenant-general

compts, in the room of Mr, Collett, deGeorge Churchill, commander in chief of

ceased.--Richard Littleton, Charles Paw. his majesty's tand forces in Scotland.

let, Edward Walpole, and Huffy Mon. Hon. Mrs. Mordaunt, wife of

tague, Esqrs, created knights of the Bath Charles Mordaunt; Efq; and third-daugh- and the earl of Cardigan, appointed grand ter of Scroop lord Viso. Howe.

matter of the said honourable order, 24. William Smith, Efq; secretary to Capt. John Richardson, made a captain the South Sea company.

in the second regiinent of foot-guards, ECCLESIASTICAE PATININTS.


AVID Ruffel the younger, now From the LONDON GAZETTI.

or late of Maidstone, butcher.Hitehall, Aug. 21. The king has William Whitchart, of Calne, in Wilts, presented Francis Milbanke, M. A.

drugget maker. - John Spencer, late of to the rectory of Croft, in Yorkshire.

Hanover-ftreet, near Long acre, tayloc. And John Gooch, M. A. to the rectory William Church, late of the parish of of Fen-Ditton, in Cambridgelaire. Wooburn, in Bucks, paper-maker.- Jolia

Stevenfon, late of Bickerton, in Chethire, From abe aber PAPERS.

cheerefa&or. - Richard Fuller, late of John Trenchard Bromfield, M.A. pre. Reading, innkeeper and vintner, - James Tented to the rectory of Warmwell, with Howarth, otherwise Haworth, late of Ploxwell thereunto annexed, in Dorset

Manchester, chapman. -Thomas Dixon, thire. Mr. Samuel Fauconer, chosen

now or late of Rooley, in the parish of lecturer of the united parithes of St. Mary Kirkheaton, in Yorkihire, taylor and liSomerset and St. Mary Mounthaw. Sa

nen.draper.- John Gibbs, of the parith muel Rigby, B. A. presented by Sir of St. Margaret, Wermin fter, vi&ualler, Francis Dashwood, Bart, to the rectory Thomas Varden the younger, of Maca of Conningsholme, in Lincolnshire.-Ri.

clesfield, dealer.- John Crichton, Jate of chard Fawcert, D. D. to the rectory of Newport-Pagnell, in bucks, Tinen-draper, Fenny-Compton, in Warwickshire.Mr. - Henry Rocke, of St. Dunstan's in the Haines, by the lord chancellor, to the East, broker.- John Martin Willett, of vicarage of St. Martin's, in Leicefter. London, merchant. Stephen Mafrey, Dr. Amburnham, dean of Chichestes, to Jate of Pater. Nofter-Row, vintner.- John the refidentiaryship of St. Paul's, by his ~ Caciean, of Crowland, in Lincolnshire, majesty, in the room of Dr. Johnson, mercer and draper. - James Pardoe, of bishop of Gloucefter. - Dr. James Wil: Liverpool, merchant.-- John Edwards, of lington, by his majesty, to the re&ory of Tooke's Court, in Curgtor- ftreet, St. Savage. Leigh, in Sufiex., - Mr. Mence, Andiew's Holborn, horier. - Charles Hud. one of the canons of St. Paul's, chosen dy, of St. Giles, Cripplegate, victualler, lecturer of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Filae - John Marby, of Weilminster, coal Street, Mr. Michael Tyron, presented. merchant. Samue! Plummer, late of by the lord chancellor, to the rectory of Trowbridge, clothier and linen drape..

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HE molt remarkable occurrence that with regard to the affair of East-Friedlands

and foon after the beginning of this month new treaty between the house of Austria the Hanover minifter presented to the faid and the duke of Modena, by which it is affembly a memorial from bis Britannick Gid to be stipulated :

majelly, as ele&tor of Hanover, by way. 1. That his serene highness be ap- of answer to this his Prulian majesty's poin?ed perpetual governor of the dutchy final declaration. of Milan, and the house of Auftria's vis From Amsterdam they write as fol. car general - in Italy, with a salary of lows: We are very attentive in this coun90.000 florins a year; his serene highness try to the king of Pruffia's taking into to keep on foot a body of 4000 men, at his service and favour as many luish and the disposal of the empreís queen. Scotch of the Jacobite party as be can.

2. That her Imperial majesty have a Amongst others, he has, not long ago, right to place a garison of her troops in entered into a treaty with one of these. the citadels of Mirandola and Reggio, gentlemen, an Irish papist, who was well and in the castle of Mala-Carrara. enablimed at Rotterdam, has a thorough

g. That she archduke Peter-Leopold, knowledge of commerce, is a very cun. third son of their imperial majestics, Thall ning man, and who has fold a fine house, marty the daughter of the hereditary which he had in that city, in order to go prince of Modena, by the heiress of into the service of the king of Prumia. Mafla Carrara ; and, if this princess die Many people even ray, that the young without heirs male, the estates of the Prerender lies concealed in the dominions house of Massa-Carrara, and the dutchy of of that prince ; but as they give no proof Mirandola, thall go to the archduke pe: of this, one may with realon doubt the ter. Leopold as his lady's fortune ; but in truth of it. care there be male issue, me thall have The republick of Genoa have resolved the principality of Fermia, and the other to build a citadel at St. Remo for chrbing eftates in Hungary claimed by the duke the inhabitants, and for obliging them to of Modena, for her fortune.

submit to such regulations as fall hereaf. 4. That on the extinction of the male ter he prescribed ; but as they claim to branch of the house of Est, the duke of be a free republick under the protection Modena's dominions shall all devolve to of the empire, and no other way depenthe house of Austria.

dant upon Genoa than by confederacy for And it is laid, that in consequence of mutual defence, this may prove a knotty this treaty, the duke of Modena will next affair ; and in the mean time the repubmonth take up his residence at Milan, lick's affairs in Corsica seem not to be in a with a pension of 90,000 forins per very prosperous situation ; for they ac. annum.

knowledge that a party of their troops Last month the Prussian minister at the in that isand has been defeated, and all diet of Ratisbon, presented to that allema. killed or made prisoners by a party of the bly his Pruffian majesty's final declaration malecontents.

The Monthly Catalogue for August, 1753. DIVIXITY and CONTROVERSY. 7. The Universal Dictionary of Trade " TOTES on the three first Chapters and Commerce. Vol. I. By Mr. Poftlen.

thwayt, pr. al. 25. in Sheets Knaplon. pr. gs. sewed,, G. Woodfall.

8. A System of Practical Mathema. 2. A Vindication of the Doctrine of ticks. By J. Potter, pr. 6s. Comyns. the Trinity. In 'two Parts, pr. is. 6d. 9. The Mathematicai Repository. Vol. uch. Rivington...

3. A Free Enquiry after the Church or 10. The Universal Measurer. By A. Kingdom of the Mefliah, pr. 15. Ro- Fletcher, pr. 6s Clarke. Sinfon.

11. Mr. Salmon's Universal Traveller. MATRENA TICK, Physicx, Es. Vol. I. Containing a Description of 4. An Essay on the general Method of China, Tarrary, the Japan, Philippine, treating cancerous Tumours. By W.

Ladrone, Mollucas, Banda, Amboynaj Burford, pr. 25. Baldwin.

Celon, aod Sumatra Inands; the Sunda 3. A genuine Account of the Man- and Java Ilands ; Tonquin, Cochinner of making best Rusia Pot Alhes, China, Siam, Ava, Arracan, India, Per. Communicated by Sir P. Warren, pr. 6d. fia, Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Bohe.. Trye. (See p. 351.)

mia, Hungary, Poland. Pruffia, Rumia, 6. An Erray on the Sea Scurvy., By A.; Sweden, Denmark, Norway. Illustrated Addington, M. D. pr. is. Cooper. (Sée with 124 Copper, Places and Maps, pre Do 356.)

al. Ss. in Sheets. Baldwin. Mis

II. pr. 45.

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