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DEATHS, PROMOTIONS, &c. April Rev. Mr. Roots, who had been rector of Westerby, in Kent. - Mr. Calberg, of Little Berkhamstead in Hertfordshire chosen lecturer of St. George the Martyr, above 40 years.

in Southwark.--Mr. Hyde, presented by Lady Henrietta Jepson, relict of Sir. lord Clarendon, to the re&tory of ShimpAmbrose Jepson, Knt.

ford, in Kent.--Mr. Keate, hy the earl of 9. Hun. Tady Mary Crighton, aunt to Salisbury, to the living of Little-Berkhamthe earl of Dumfries.

stead, in Hertfordshire. 11. William Whitaker, Esq; in the 8oth year of his age, an attorney, and

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. one of the common-council-men of Broad

From tbe LONDON GAZETTL. ftreet ward.

HITEHALL, April 17. The king 12. Lady Cayley, reli&t of Sir Arthur Cayley, of Brompton in Yorkshire, Bart.

appoint Edward Alley, Henry Talbot, 14. William Horsmanden Turner, Esq;

Thomas Sutton and Jofhua Churchill, member of parliament for Maidstone.

Esqrs. together with John Milbank, Esq; 17. Mr. Edmund Tobin, formerly in

in the room of John Vere, Esq; to be the East-India company's service: He had

his majesty's commissioners for the receipt been contined to his chamber near 13

and management of the duties on salt. years with the gout.

From the orber PAPERS. Rt. Hon, the countess dowager of In

Henry Wation Powell, Esq; made chequin. '

lieutenant in col. Murray's reg. of foot 19. Mr. Reynolds, who for many years in Ireland.-Edward Poore, Esq; memwas clerk to the court of Request at

ber of parliament for New Sarum, made Guildhall.

one of the Welch judges, in the room 20. Thomas Brograve, Esq; at Bad

of the Hon. John Trevor, Esq; now lord dow in Efiex, many years in the commif

Trevor. He was re-elected for the said fion of the peace for that county.

city.-Mr. John French, of the Middle 22. Thomas Sandford, Esq; treasurer of St. Bartholomew's hospital.

Temple, made Filazer for Devon, in the

room of Jofeph Dobbins, Esq; deceased, 23. Rev. Mr. Dennis Payne, rector of

William Anne Stephenson, of OxfordHanbury in Worcestershire, and one of

fhire, Esq; had the honour of knighthood the prebendaries of Sarum.

conferred on him by his majesty.-Henry Joseph Andrews, Esq; deputý paymaster of the army.

Drake, Esq; made one of the gentlemen Rev. Dr. Richard Newton, principal

of his majesty's chamber.-Richard Haland founder of Hartford college, and ca.

combe, Esq; made a captain in col. Ir. non of Christ Church, in Oxford.

win's reg. of foot; and John Mather,

Esq; a lieut. in the same reg. in his room.

-Henry Wood, Esq; made a captain in
R. Fowkes, chosen lecturer of St.

col. Woolfe's reg. of foot.-James Glan-
Mary Aldermary, in the room of

ville, Esq; a captain in the reg. of dragoon Mr. Berriman, who religned.-Mr. Whit

guards, received the honour of knighttington, presented to the rectory of Or

hood.- John Pullen, Esq; made chief ford in Suffolk.-Mr. Warburton, by the

justice of Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire,

Cardigan, and town of Haverford-west. lord chancellor, to a prebend in the ca. thedral church of Gloucester.--Mr. Mite.

-Isaac Williams, Esq; made a cornet,

and William Morse, Esq; a captain in house, by the Hon. Matthew Lamb, Erq; to the rectory of Wilford in Lincolnshire.

the queen's reg. of dragoons.-William -Dr. Blackett, to the living of Stoke.

Shirley, Esq; late governor of New-EngDamerell, near Plymouth.-Mr. Knowl.

land, made governor of New York. ton, by the earl of Burlington, to the

James Medlicott, Esq; of East Grange,

in Lincolnshire, knighted.- Edward Frerectory of Keighley, in the Weft-Riding of Yorkshire. Mr. Addison, to the living

derick Maurice, Esq; made a captain in

col. Herbert's regiment.-William Anne of Workington, in Cumberland, by the

Fairchild, Esq; made a major, and Merril present high-lheriff of that county.-Benjamin Holloway, M. A. to the rectory of

Wilkins, Efq; a captain, in gen. Handa. Ardiey, otherwise Yardley, in Oxford

syd's reg. of foot. Thire.--Mr. Mason, by the bishop of Nor

New MIMBERS. wich, to a canonry in that cathedral.- Woodstock, Anthony Keck, Esq; in Robert Watson, M. A. by the earl of the room of the Hon. John Trevor, Esq; Winchelsea and Nottingham, to the rec- now a peer. tory of Foulness, in EfTex.–Mr. Charles Maidstone, Gabriel Hanger, Esq;Vermen, by the bishop of Chester, to the Wm. Horsmanden Turner, Erq; deceased. vicarage of Dunnon, in Lancashire.-Mr.

[Bankrupts in our rexe.] Monson, by lord Monson, to the rectory




the kingdom, and forming able ministers Conclufion of ebe Remonftrance of the Parlia

for the fervice of the church, and faith. ment of Paris, to the French King. (See

ful subjects of the flate. P. 95, 96.)

That a great number of curates in dif. HAT the evocations and prohibiti- ferent dioceses have been taken from their

ons relating to the judiciary forms, parishes, nuns from monasteries, and subcan Dill less be executed, when brought jects of all ranks deprived of their jurt to parliament without the antient and re- liberties : That they shall enter into a despectable marks of the royal authority, tail on this subje&, capable of informing and not sealed with the great seal. That the king of the nature, multiplicity, and these forms are a part of the laws and consequences of the orders which have constitution of the kingdom.

been surreptitiously obtained from his That the private orders which the cler- majesty's equity. sy have often obtained furreptitiously That the employing authority, in cases from their sovereign's equity, furnish like the present, fomented the ancient them with means to propagate and con- troubles which so long laid waste the tinue the schism, to become independent church and state ; and that his majesty's of the authority of the laws, and to re- predecessors having more than once dis. cure to each of them an arbitrary domi- covered abuses of their equity, less imnion over his majesty's subjects.

portant than the present, with no less That there were the motives of the dignity than justice immediately remedi. representations which the occasion, the ed them. circumstances, and the object of the king's That in the present conjuncture the orders obliged his parliament to make to new progress of diffenfion in church and him the 3d of January : That the first ftate, requires, more than ever, that president, who only carried to him the his majesty employ the only means to result of his parliament's deliberations, stop it, which consist in the indisputable would have been reprehensible, and cul. rights of the royal authority, the execu. pable towards his majesty, had he con. tion of the laws, and the indispensable cealed from him what it was his interest and continual activity of his parliament, to know, and the duty of his parliament the depository and essential ininister of to lay before him.

them ; that to ftop its proceedings would That the parliament, who respect the be to annihilate it, and give the moft fatal exercise of the supreme power when blow to the church, the royal prerogative, lodged in a monarch of so great wisdom and the state. and equity, cannot, however, forbear re- The following was contained in an expresenting to him, that the multiplicity tract of a letter from Berlin. of his private orders, which extend to all cafes, alarms his people, and tends to

Letter from the King eo M. Voltaire, dared leffen their affection to their sovereign : That the application of these orders being It was needless to take a pretext from left to the clergy, they will perhaps be by the occasion, which, you say, you have them made use of to ensave the people. to drink the waters of Plombieres, in or

That this employing authority in mat. der to demand your dismission. You may ters of religion, which is so contrary to quit my service whenever you think fit; the spirit of it, was never so frequent as but before you depart, return me che conwith regard to the Bull Unigenitus : tract of your engagement, the key, the That the object of all these orders has cross, and the volume of poems which I been the opposition made to an indeter- have entrusted you with. I could with that minate decree, which, by its very nature,

my works only had been exposed to your whatever interpretation be given it, can

reflections and those of Koenig. I freely never authorise the abuse made of them abandon them to those who imagine they by some ecclefiafticks.

enhance their reputation by lessening other This abuse has been carried so far, as mens. I have neither the folly nor the to interdict in his majesty's name, to ec- vanity of certain authors. The cabals of clefiafticks the exercise of their functions men of letters are, in my opinion, the and legal rights, to divines preaching, to disgrace of literature ; however, it does archdeacons visitation, to canons attende not lessen may esteem for all honeft cuits. ance at their choirs and chapters, to secu- vators of learning : The chiefs of the lar and regular communities the right of cabals are the only persons that are vile electing ; and to exclude from the uni- in my right. Whereupon ! pray God to versities and other bodies a considerable take you into his holy keeping, EC. number of their members, who were ca. pable of supporting the true maxims of


March 16, 1753.


The Monthly Catalogue for March, 1753.



20. An Institute of the Laws of ScotDIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

Jand, Vol. 3. and last, in Folio. By A. NIMADVERSIONS upon a M'Douall, Esq; pr. 275. Millar.

Paper, entitled, a Letter from a 21. Proposals for the easy and effecClergyman, to his Friend at Deal, pr. 1S. tuat Amendment of the Roads, pr. 1s. Meadows.

C. Davis, 2. The Preacher's Affiftant. By S. 22. A Fair, Candid, and Impartial Letsome, M. A. pr. 75. fewed. Birt. State of the Cafe, between Sir Ifaac New.

3. The Family Expositor, Vol. 3. By ton and Mr. Hutchinson. By G. Horne, P. Doddridge, D. D. pr. 139.

M. A. pr. is. 6d. Baldwin. (See p. 119, 4. An Effay on the Mofaick Account

180.) of the Creation, pr. 1$. Bouquet.

23. Reflections on various Subjects re5. The Protestant Englishman guarded lating to Arts and Commerce, pr. 15. against the Arts of Romith Priests. By Woodfall. J. White, B. D. pr. 45. Davis.

24. Remarks on the Laws relating to 6. Remarks on the Conduct of Joshua the Game, pr. 6d. Swan. towards the Canaanites, pr. 6d. Bald. 25. An Address to the Freeholders of win.

the County of Oxford, pr. 4d. Bouquet. 7. An Answer to an Essay on Spirit. 26. A genuine Account of the Transac. By T. Knowles, M. A. pr. rs. 6d. Ba- tions in the East-Indies, fince the Death thirst.

of the late Nabob of Arcot, who was 8. An effe&tual Demonstration of the killed in July, 1749, pr. 6d. Baldwin. Trinity. By J. Kirkby, pr. gs. Cooper. (See p. 130.)

g. A Differtation on 2 Peter i. 19. 27. Memoirs of the Life of Robert pr. 6d. Bladon.

Devereux, Earl of Effex, pr. 1$. Cooper. HISTORY and PHYSICK.

28. The Spirit of Nations. Translated 10. An Historical Account of the Bri.

from the French, 8vo. pr. 5$. Baldwin, tish Trade over the Caspian Sea ; with

(See p. 176.) the Author's Journal of Travels from

29. Genuine Memoirs of Capt. CranEngland thro' Ruffia into Perga, and back

foun, pr. 6d. Cooper. thro' Ruflia, Germany and Hoiland ;

30. Capt. Cranstoun's Account of the with 39 Copper-Plates, in 4. Vols. 4to.

poisoning of the late Mr. Blandy, pr. 6d. By J. Hanway, pr. 3o5. in boards. Dodra

Richards. ley. (See p. 102, 103, 171.)

31. A View of the Rise, &c. of the 11. The History of Corpus Christi Cole

Woollen Manufacture in England, p. 15.

Owen. lege in Cambridge. By R. Masters, B. D. In 4to. pr. 155. fewed. Beecroft. Dod. 32. Remarks on two Bills for the bet12. A Medical Dissertation concerning

ter Maintenance of the Poor. By T. Althe Effects of the Passions on Human Bo

cock, A. M. pr. 6d. Baldwin. (See p. dies. By W. Clark, M. D. pr. is. Coo


33. Obfervations on W. Taylor, restora per. 13. The History of the University of

ed to Sight by Mr. Taylor, pr. 6d. E. Cambridge, from its Original, to the

Owen. Year 1753. By E. Carter, pr. 55. L.

34. A clear State of the Case of E. Davis.

Canning. By H. Fielding, pr. 15. Mil14. The History of Maurice Count Saxe.

lar. (See p. 142.) · Vols. pr. 6s. Olbornc.

35. A brief Account of the Vaudois, MISCELLANEOU S.

pr. 6d. Cooper.

36. A Series of Political Maxims, illus15. An Examination of the Rev. Mr. trated by General History, pr. 25. 6d. Jackson's Chronological Antiquities. By Wilson. the Rev. J. Kennedy, pr. is. 6d. L. 37. The Dogs Plea, pr. 6d. Griffiths. Davis.

38. The Oxford Conteft, pr. is. 16. The Case of J. Afhley, in Relation 39. A Compleat English Expofitor, pr. to the Jews in general, and Simons in

35. Newbery. particular, pr. 6d. Author.

40. The History of the Dublin Eleeti 17. A Scheme for putting a final Stop on in 1749, pr. 45. 6d. Swan. to the Distemper among the Cattle, pr. 41. Some Confiderations on the Game 6d. Cooper.

Laws, pr. 6d. Dod. 13. A Review of the Manufacturers 42. An Impartial Enquiry into the Care Complaints against the Wool Growers, of Mifs Blandy, pr. 6d. Manby. pr. is. Knapton.

43. The Advantages of a free and open 19. The present State of the Stage, in Trade, between Ireland and the Southera Great Britain and Ireland, pr. 15. Coo- Coast of England, pr. 6d. Dod. per.

44. The

pr. 25.

The Monthly Catalogue for March, 1753. 199 44. The Groans of Great-Britain, pr. 69. The Story on which the Tragedy 1S. 6d. Owen.

of the Brothers, is founded, pr. 6d. 45. A Scheme for making a navigable Reeve. Communication between the Rivers Trent 70. A Love Epistle, pr. is. Owen. and Severn. By Dr. T. Congreve, pr. 60, 71. A Panegerick on the Wits of the Shuckburgh,

Town, pri is. Owen. 46. A Letter concerning the Disputes 72. The History of Sophia Shakespear; between the Fellows and Licentiates of

pr. 36. Reeve. the College of Physicians, pr.-6d. Millar. 73. The fatal Extravagance : A Tra. 47. A general and rational Grammar,

gedy of one A&. By A. Hill, Esq; pr. Nourre.

6d. Brooke. 48. The State of the Corn Trade, con- 74. Eliza to Comus. By C. A. Lea, lidered, pr. 6d. Birt.

Esq; pr. 6d. Bouquet. 49. A Differtation on the Number of 75

* The Works of Michael Drayton, Mankind, in antient and modern Times. 4 Vols. pr. 205. Reeve. By R. Wallace, pr. 45. 6d., Wilson.

76. The History of Perseus and Deme50. A Collection of Letters and Papers trius, the sons of Philip King of Maceof great Personages. By L. Howard, don, pr. 60. · Waits. D. D. Withers.

77. An Essay on the Art of ingeniously 51. Letters to a young Gentleman, re- Tormenting, pr. 35. 6d. Millar. lating to his Conduct in the World. By 78. The Travels of Monsieur "le Post L. Vane, pr. 3. Owen.

Chaise, pr. is.

Swan. 52. Letters from several Parts of Eu. 79. Precepts : A Poem, 4to. pr. 1s. 6d. rope and the East, in 2 Vols. pr. 108.

86. The Loves of Hero and Leander. Ward. (See p. 177.)

By J. Slade, pr. is. Owen. POETRY and ENTERTAINMENT.

SERMONS. 53. * The whole Duty of Woman,

81. A Sermon at the Temple Church, a new Edition, pr. is. bound. Baldwin. Jan. 39,1753. By J: Free, D. D. pr. (See p. 56.)

6d. Rivington. 54. A Vision, pr. 6d. Cooper.

82. A Sermon at the Consecration of 55. Miscellaneous Odes, pr. is. Reeve. the Bishop of Gloucester, Dec. 10, 1752.

56. A Translation of the Abbe Per-- By W. Markham, D. C. L. pr. 6d. Rivletti's Letters, pr. 35. Griffiths.

ington. 57. An Epistle to the Rev. Dr. Young, 83. A Sermon preached at the opening pr. 6d. Bouquet.

of the new Chapel in Wakefield. By J. 58. An Exay on Deism, pr. 6d. Owen. Walker, M. A. pr. 6d. Griffiths. 59. Odes of Pindar, with several other 84. The false Accufers : A Sermon, Pieces in Prose and Verse, 2 Vols. 12mo. pr. 6d. Cooper. By G. West, Esq; pr. 65. Dodsley. 85. Sermons on several Subjects. By 60. Alfred the Great : A Tragedy, pr.

V. Nelson, M. A. pr. 55. Longman. IS. Mechell.

86. A Sermon on the Rise, Progress, 61. The History of Fanny Seymour, Corruption and Declenfion of the Christipr. 3s. Bathoe.

an Religion, pr. 1S. Bourn. 62. The Rehearsal ; -or, Bays in Petti. 87. A Sermon before the University of

A Comedy, in two Acts. By Oxford, January 30, 1753. By T. FOMrs. Clive, pr. Is. Cooper.

thergill, M. A. pr. 6d. Rivington, 63. An Ode to the most unpopular 88. A Sermon in Crispin-Street. By Man living, pr. 60.

S. Pike, pr. 60. Oswald. 64. De sacra Poefi Hebræorum, prælec- 89. A short Parallel between the Peotiones Academicæ Oxonii habitæ. "A Ro. ple of Israel and the People of England. berto Lowth, A. M. 410. pr. 125. sewed. By B. Regis, D. D. pr. 4d. Oliver. Millar.

90. The Glory of the Church in the 65. The secret History of the British latter Day. By J. Gill, D. D. pr. 60. and other Foreigners, at the late Jubilee Keith. at Rome, pr. is. River.

91. The Parable of the Vineyard, in a 66. 'The Thought : A Poem, pr. 60. Sermon preached at St. Anne's Westmin. Robinson.

fier. By M. Merrick, L L. B. pr. is. 67. The Earl of Efex: A Tragedy. Rivington. By H. Jones, pr. is. 6d. Dodney. (See 92. A Sermon before the Governors

of the Worcester Infirmary, August 19, 68. The Brothers : A Tragedy, pr. 1752. By J. Waugh, L L. D. pr. 60. is. 6d. Dodiley. (See p. 99.)



coats :

p. 121.)



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Buried Fabel.


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193 &

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50 and 60

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Wind at

BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea;B. Annu. B. Annu.3 p., S. An. Ind. Bonds,


Bill of Mortality from

præm. B.Cir. p. Deal. London. STOCK. STOCX. STOCK, Annu.old Ann. new 1746. |1747-8-9 B. Annu. 1751.

March 27. to April 24.

1. s. d. S. E. by S. fair

Males 646)

120 }

Femal. 6153
104 d] 71. 25 5

O.S. W. lieth fair rain

71. 35

o S. S. W.
hail rain


104 105 104
71. 25


o E.S. E. ha. rain hail
104 105 104 371. 28


Died under 2 Years old 684

fair rain
120 }
104 104 71. is

N. E.
Between 2 and 5-

104 1 104 $ 71. IS

ol N. hard rain wind

sand 10 - 23
cold rain

10 and. 20


104 7. is

ON. E. hard fair cold

20 and 30



71. IS

5 N. by E. rain snow

30 and 40 139 107

104 | 104 71. IS 2 7 6 s. by E. clou, cold)

40 and 50

107 104 6

104 107

71. 25 2 7 6

S. E.

fair clou. 104 105 104

71. zs 76 S. S. W. frain cold

60 and 70 91


107 194

1043105 104

2 71. 35 7 6

cold wind 107

70 and 80 14 120

67 194

N. fair So and 90

37 as Sunday

120 $ 107


71. 35 194

7 6 S. by E. clou, rain

90 and 100

4 108 121

105 17 143 * 18) 194


6 W.

18 1414141


71. 55 6 W


Within the Walls 108


71. gs 105

2 7 6)


S. W.
191 141

Without the Walls 378

105 104105 71. gs

7 194

6/ S. S. w. fair warm In Mid. and Surrey 709 108

105 104 105 71, 5s 7 194

6 s. by E. fair warm

City & Sub. Weit. 321
S. W.

fair hot
21 Eart. Sun.

108 $

104105 71. 58 105

7 6 S. by E.
23 141

fair rain

7 6
104 105 71. 58


Weekly April 3

fair rain
24 141

231 141



104;105 71.53

6 s. w. by S. 1044105 71. 55 7

6 105

S. by E.

rain fair

105 71. 75

6 105

7 120%

S. E. fair

24 27/ 14114013



IOS 71. 75 7
6) E. S. E.

1306 S. W.

fair Wheaten Peck Loaf zs. id. 29) Sunday 108

7 6 S. S. W.

fair 30 340


Peare 165. to 21s. per Quar.

Tares 185. to 225. per Quar.
Reading Farnham.
Mark-lane Exchange. Basingstoke.

Henley. Guildford. Warminiter. Devizes. Gloucefter. Birmingham.
l. ogs

load tol. jos load Wheat 335 to 36s qu sol. 155 load 11. 165 load ogl. ios load 11).

345 to 42 qr 345 to 44 gr 5s 6d buih. 45 8d to go od 203 to 22 qr igs to 19 qr185 to 21 qr 16s to 18 165 to 20

165 to 22 Barley 155 to 175 od. 178 to oo qr.

25 ogd 25 8d to zs od Oats ios od to 138

145 to 158

145 to 16 148 to 14 60 135 to 16

los to 1360 145 to 15 168 to 17

Is 6d to 25 1s 6d to is iod 18 to 2A 2 18 to 278 316 to 24

285 to 30

24$ to go 28 6d to es 38 od to 3$ 3d

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