Reports of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Iowa

Baker, Voorhis & Company, 1840

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Seite 4 - Missouri Territory to form a Constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union, on an equal footing with the original States, and to prohibit slavery in certain Territories...
Seite 4 - There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory, otherwise than in the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted...
Seite 46 - The inhabitants of the said territory shall always be entitled to the benefits of the writ of habeas corpus, and of the trial by jury; of a proportionate representation of the people in the legislature, and of judicial proceedings according to the course of the common law.
Seite 22 - that if any person or persons shall, after the passing of this act, take possession of, or make a settlement on, any lands ceded or secured to the United States by any treaty made with a foreign nation, or by a cession from any state to the United States, which lands shall not have been previously sold, ceded, or leased by the United States, or the claim to which lands, by such...
Seite 22 - States to direct the marshal, or officer acting as marshal, in the manner hereinafter directed, and also to take such other measures and to employ such military force as he may judge necessary and proper...
Seite 10 - And in the just preservation of rights and property, it is understood and declared that no law ought ever to be made or have force in the said territory that shall in any manner whatever interfere with or affect private contracts, or engagements, bona fide, and without fraud previously formed.
Seite 9 - All notes in writing, made and signed by any person, whereby he shall promise to pay to any other person, or his order, or to the order of any other person, or unto the bearer, any sum of money therein mentioned, shall be due and payable as therein expressed ; and shall have the same effect, and be negotiable in like manner, as inland bills of exchange, according to the custom of merchants.
Seite 11 - The Supreme Court shall have power to Issue writs of mandamus, quo warranto, prohibition, error, supersedeas, procedendo, certlorari and scire facias, and all other writs and process not specially provided for by statute, which may be necessary to enforce the due administration of right and justice throughout the territory.
Seite 12 - ... shall be conservators of the peace; and the said courts in term time, and the judges thereof in vacation, shall have power to award throughout the territory...
Seite 4 - No man shall be deprived of his liberty or property but by the judgment of his peers or the law of the land...

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