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I N D E X.


A Song,



A SUMMER Thought. By Joun K. HOLMES,..25 Evening Shadows. By ELLA RODMAN,. .434
A Song of Europe. By Mrs. M. Hewitt,....26 EDITOR's TABLE,.... .81, 187, 280, 375, 467,560
An Incident in Church. By John WATERS,..27 Epithalamium. By Robert S.CHILTON,....546
A Leaf of Life. By William B. GLAZIER, Esq.,50
A Dirge. By R. S. S..


Aunt Piety PARSON: A Spocimen of Western

71 A Brace of Sonnets. By S. J. P.,.


Fire-Side Musings. By a New Contributor,..137 A Novel in a Nut-Shell. By the Condensa

Fairies. From the Port-folio of a New Contributor, ....

430 215 tionalist, An Epigram,.. 33 Fire-Side Reminiscences. Py BACHELOR

.436 A Walk in a Church-Yard. By an Old Contii

BEAUCLERC..... butor,

233 A Day at Utica: Orthe first House Warming. By A. B. Johnson, Esq.,..


:: G. A Walk in the Country. By Pastel.... 252 A Remembrance. By W. H. C. HOSMER,

Gossip with Readers and Correspondents, Esq.

87,191, 287, 383, 471, 560

320 A Prairie Sigbt. By MENDELL,

329 Anacreontic Stanzas,.


H. A Fragment after the Oriental Apologue,

.413 Hymns to the Gods. By ALBERT PIKD,......130 A Dream. By E. PLURIBUS U'NUM, Esq.,....419 History of Mansoul. By St. BERNARD, A Voice from Glen Mary, .

420 A Vision of the Future. By C. E. HAVENS,429 Autumnal Sonnets. By H. W. ROCKWELL.. 443

1. A Picture-Sketch. By Dr. DICKSON,...

Ingleside Chit-Chat. Edited by Hans Von

330 B.

Ingleside Reminiscences. ROSALIE D'ELE-
MERE, ..

520 BODDLEBAK, the Bear-Tamer. A Legend,..151 Birth-Day Stanzas. By a New Contributor,..498

L. Better Moments. By C. E. HAVENS..

Lines to Theresa on leaving for India, ......37 C.

Lines: from the Port-Folio of an Old Contributor, .

..63 Lines from Hafiz,..

..69 California and New Mexico from Chinese Leaves from the Green Mountains,

.76 Sources, .301 Lines to Niagara,

121 Central American Sketches. Number One,..444 Lines: Sappho. By Dr. DICKSON, of London, 159 Comparative Physiology,... ..500 Lines on a Sand-Flower of the Desert,

162 Commencement of Columbia College,.. ..525 Lines: Freedom,

..273 Lines on Visiting Greenwood Cemetery,

Lines to Mary. By Howard Chilton, Esq., 356 D.

Longing for Home. By Rev. James Gil

BORNE Lyons, LL.D., Death at Sixteen, .369 Lines: A Storm, .







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