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proprietor Robert Hunter, 1826

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Seite xlv - If for any plate or sweepstakes, not to be run in heats, the first two or more horses shall come in so near together that the Judge shall not be able to decide which won, those horses shall run for such prize over again, after the last race on the same day; the other horses which started are deemed losers, and are entitled to their respective places, as if the race had been finally determined the first time.
Seite 10 - ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE RACING CALENDAR. D. for Duke E. for Earl M. for Marquis Ld for Lord BC for Beacon Course RC for Round Course YC for Yearling Course Ab.M. for Abingdon Mile An.M. for Ancaster Mile BM for Bunbury Mile RM for Rowley Mile DI for Ditch in DM for Ditch Mile TMM for the Two Middle Miles of BC AF for Across the Flat TYC for Two yrs old Course AEC for Audley End Course h.
Seite xli - C's rider, after saving his distance the second heat, dismounts between the Distance-post and the end, but remounts, rides past the Ending-post, and weighs as usual ; starts and wins the third heat, and weighs, without any objection being made. A. being second the third heat, in a short time afterwards demands the subscription (not knowing till then that C's rider had dismounted), and refuses to start for the fourth heat, which B and C run for, and C wins. It was decided that, no objection having...
Seite xlv - July, to be run for on the Tuesday in the Second October Meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the First Spring Meeting following, BC weight lOst, and to stake 200 sov.
Seite xxxviii - For the best of the Plate, where there are three heats run, the horse is second that wins one. For the best of the heats, the horse is second that beats the other twice out of three times, though he does not win a heat.
Seite 3 - ... must be mentioned, if known, unless the dam has a name which is to be found in the Stud-Book or Racing Calendar, in which case the name of the sire and dam will be sufficient.
Seite 4 - Trial-book, his owner shall not be entitled to the stake so won; and in case he shall have actually received it, he shall pay it back into the hands of the stake-holder, who shall pay it over to the owner of the second horse, or, in case of a match, shall pay it over to the owner of the beaten...
Seite xxxv - As many of the riders as shall cross, jostle, or strike, or use any other foul play, as shall be judged by such person or persons as shall be appointed by the Master of the Horse...
Seite xxxvi - Master of the Horse to her Majesty. [ The signature of the Lord Lieutenant alone is sufficient; but that can seldom be obtained without first producing to him a certificate...
Seite xxxviii - Where a Plate is won by two heats, the preference of the horses is determined by the places they are in the second heat. Horses running on the wrong side of the post, and not turning back, distanced. Horses drawn before the Plate is won are distanced. Horses distanced if their riders cross and jostle, when the articles do not permit it.

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