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comme, as, like, how . . .1 commencer, to commence, be

gin. comment, how, what; — dia

blel What the deuce! commission, /. errand. commun, common, lowly. compagne, /. companion. compagnie, /. company; de la

— de, in attendance upon. compliment, m. pretty speech. complot, m. plot, conspiracy. composé, calm, cool. comprendre, to understand. compromettre; se —, to get

oneself into trouble. compte, m. account; rendre —

(de), to report (upon). compter, to count, be sure; y

—, count on it. comte, m. count. concedo, (Latin for) I grant

that! That's the thing! concerté, pre-arranged, a put

up job. concevoir, to conceive, realize. conçois, see concevoir. conduire, to lead, betray into. confiance, /. trust, confidence,

belief (in a person). confiant, trustful. confidence, /. secret; faire une

—, to impart a secret. confident, m. conftdant. confirmer, to corroborate. confondre, to mix up. confrère, m. colleague. congé, m. dismissal, notice. conjurer, to beseech. connaître, to be acquainted

with, know. connu, sec connaître. conquête, /. conquest. conserver, to preserve, have

(any) left.

consilio manuque, ( Latin for) 'with brain and hand' (the kind of service that Figaro is ready to render).

consistance, /. something substantial.

console, /. shelf-table (set againsl the wall).

constamment, with constancy, forever.

consulter, to consult (together).

consumer, to consume, devour, eat up.

conte, m. fairy taie.

content, glad, pleased, satisfied.

contraire; au —, on the contrary.

contrarier, to vex, jar, thwart.

contrat, m. (marriage) certificate.

contre, against, in violation of.

contrefaire, to imitate, mimic.

contretemps, m. jar, jolt, hitch, accident.

convaincre, to convince.

convenir, to agree, behoove; — de, acknowledge; (p. 64, l. 22) nous en sommes convenus, we agreed upon it, i. e. to say so.

coquin, m. knave.

cornet, m. twist of paper, cornucopia.

corsaire, m. pirate.

côté, m. side; de ce —, in that direction; du — de, towards.

coteau, m. hillside.

cou, m. neck.

coucher, to lay down; aller se —, go to bed; donner à —, to 'sleep', i. e. put (a person) up for the night, give a bed.

coup, m. blow, stroke; tout à —, suddenly; tout d'un — ail at once, while you are at ît; — sur —, time and again;

— de maître, master-stroke;

(p. 52,1. 17), le — m'a porté

au cœur, I felt it in my very

heart. coupable, guilty. couper, to cut, cut off; — la

voix, choke the voice. couplet, m. verse (of several

Unes of poetry). cour, /. court. courir, to run; (p. 7, l. 11) il

courait, there were in circulation. courroucer (se), to be angry. court, short. cousin, m. gnat. coûter, to cost. coutume,/. custom;avoir —, to

be accustomed to, be in the

habit of. couvent, m. convent; grand —,

Great Convent. couvrir, to cover, cover up. cracher, to spit. craindre, to fear, be afraid of. crainte, /. fear; de — de, lest. crâne, m. skull. crayon, m. pencil. crédit, m. influence. crédule, credulous. crescendo (Italian musical

term), increase of sound. cri, m. shout, outery. crier, to shout, yell, cry out. critique, m. critic. crochu, hook-shaped, clutched. croire, to believe, think; m'en

—, take my word for it, take

my advice. croisée, /. window {see p. 3,

noie 1). cuirassé, well protected (lit.

with breaslplaie on). curieu-x, -se, curious.

damné, confounded, damned.

dangereu-x, -se, dangerous.

danse,/. dancing.

danser, to dance.

davantage, more.

débarrasser, to rid.

débat, m. discussion, wordy

encounter. début, m. beginning. décacheter, to unseal, open (a

letter). décamper, to clear out. déchiqueter, to bite to pièces. décider, to decide; se — à,

make up one's mind, be ready

to. décisi-f, -ve, decisive. découvrir, to discover. dédaigner, to despise. dédain, m. contempt. dedans; en —, inside, within

(the house). dédommager, to compensate,

recoup, repay. défaire, to undo; se — de, get

rid of. défaut, m. fault. défendre, to defend; forbid. déformé, out of shape, the

worse for wear. dégoûté de, disgusted with. dégriser, to sober up. déguisé, m. in disguise. déguisement, m. disguise. déguiser, to disguise; — la rité, misrepresent the facts. dehors, out, outside, out of the

house, away; en —, off the

stage. déjà, already. déjeté, lopsided. délier, to untie, open (a purse,


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délivrer, to deliver, rid. déloger, to clear out, decamp. demain, to-morrow. demander, to ask. déménager, to remove, move

(one's house). démentir, to contradict. demeure, /. residence, house. dénicher, to get from the nest. dent,/. tooth; sur les —s, done

up. dépeindre, to picture, describe. dépister, to run down (os by

pur suer s after gant»). dépit, m. vexation, temper, irritation. déplaire, to displease; fail to

win love. déployer, to unfold. déposition, /. evidence. depuis, since. déraisonnable, unreasonable;

(p. 15,1.14) of irresponsibil

ity. déraisonner, not to have full

use of one's reason. dérangé, unsteady. derni-er, -ère, last, last degree

of; (p. 70, l. 22) most des

perate. dérober, to steal. derrière, par —, behind. dès, as early as; — que, as soon

as; — le matin, right early

in the morning. descendre, to come down, go

down, go down stairs. désespoir, m. despair. désolé, in great distress. desservir, to speak ill of. dessiner, to draw, design.

dessous; là , under that.

dessus; par , over, over it.

destiner, to prepare. destructeur, destructive.

détacher, to undo, take off.

déterminer, to persuade, get.

détourner, to direct, distract.

dette, /. debt.

deux, two.

devant, before, in front of; au

— de, to meet; marcher —, to lead the way.

devenir, to become.

deviner, to guess.

devoir, to owe, have to, be

(about) to; must, should. dévouement, m. devotion. diable, m. devil, the deuce; au

— . . ., (bother or) deuce take ....

Dieu, m. God; mon —! Oh

dear! dear me! différer, to differ. difficile, dimcult, particular. digne, worthy. dimanche, m. Sunday; (p. 28,

l. 13) some other day. dire, to say, speak; vouloir —,

mean. discr-et, -ète, discreet, to be

trusted. disposer, to arrange; se —,

make ready. disposition,/. disposition, frame

of mind. disputer, to quarrel; — (quelque chose) à (quelqu'un),

try to take (a thing) away

from (a person). dissimuler, to dissemble, hide

one's little game. dissiper, to dispel. distraction, /. absent-minded

ness; par —, accidentally. district, m. departaient. dit, alias (i. e. nicknamed). dix, ten.

docteur, m. doctor. dodu, plump.

doigt, m. finger.

doit, see devoir.

domestique, m. servant.

don, m. gift.

donc, then; (with an imperative) do.

donner, to give; — sur, open upon.

dont, of (with) whom, which.

dormir, to sleep.

dos, m. back.

doucement, gently, softly.

douleur, /. pain.

douloir (se), to ache.

doute, m. doubt; sans —, to be sure, surely, that's right.

douter, to doubt; se —, suspect.

dou-x, -ce, sweet.

douze, twelve.

drame, m. prose tragedy.

dresser, to rear.

drogue, /. drug.

droguer, to drug, dose.

droit, m. right, rights; à bon —, justly, truly.

droit, right (hand).

drôle, m. scamp.

dulciter, Latin for doucement.

dur, hard, harsh.

durer, to last.


eau, /. water.

écarter, to remove, get rid of.

échange, m. exchange, substitution.

échapper, to escape, slip out.

échelle, /. ladder.

éclair, m. lightning.

éclaircissement, m. explanation.

éclairer, to light; shine upon.

éclater, to burst, explode.

écloper, to maim. écolier, m. scholar. éconduire, to oust, block. écouter, to listen (to). écoutes; être aux —, to be

eavesdropping. écrier (s'), to exclaim. écrire, to write. écu, m. cro wn (= about a dollar). édifiant, edifying. effacé, erased, grown dim. effaré, bewildered. effet, m. effect, force; en —,

indeed. effrayé, alarmed. effroi, m. terror. effrontément, impudently. égal, equal, indifferent. égard, m. consideration; à cet

—-, in that respect; avoir —

à, to take into consideration. égaré, lost, wild. égarer, to mislay, lead astray;

s'—-, err. Eh, Whyl — bienl Well! —

mais! Why indeed! élancé, slender, willowy. élancer (s'), to dart forward,

jump out. élève, m. andf. pupil. élever, to raise. éloigné, distant, far off. éloignement, m. aversion. éloigner, to remove; s'—, go

away, move away. émanciper (s1), to win one's

freedom. embarras, m. embarrassment. embrasser, to embrace, hug,

kiss. embusquer (s'), to lie in am

bush. émissaire, m. emissary. empaqueter, to bundle up,

plaster up.

empêcher, to prevent.

emplette, /. purchase.

emploi, m. employment, position, post.

employer, to use, make use of.

empoisonné, poisoned, poisonous.

emporter, to carry away, take; s'—, lose one's temper, get angry.

empressement, m. eagerness, attentions.

empresser (s') de, to be in a hurry to.

emprisonner, to jail.

en, in, by; for that; like a.

enchanter, to delight.

encor, poetical form of encore.

encore, again, still.

encre, /. ink.

endormir, to put to sleep.

enfant, m. andf. child.

enfer, m. hell.

enfermé, shut up, kept under lock and key.

enfermer, to lock up, keep under lock and key.

enfiévrer, to give a fever.

enfin,-lastly, at length, in short.

enflammé, madly in love.

enflammer (s'), to get excited, fly into a passion.

enfler, to swell.

enfuir (s'), to run away.

engagement, m. bond, tie.

engraisser, to fatten.

énigme, /. riddle, puzzle, (rhymed) charades or anagrams.

enlevé, removed, gone.

enlever, to remove, carry off.

ennemi, m. enemy.

ennui, m. weariness.

ennuyé, weary, sick.

enragé, maniac.

enseigner, to teach.

ensemble, together.

ensuite, then, next.

entasser, to heap up.

entendre, to hear; understand; mean; s'— avec, have an understanding with; cela s'entend, of course.

enterrement, m. funeral (dirge).

enti-er, -ère; tout —, entire, whole.

entourer, to surround.

entr'acte, m. intermission (between the acts).

entraîner, to sweep .. . down.

entre, between, among.

entreprenant, scheming, enterprising.

entreprendre, to undertake.

entrer, to enter, come in, get in.

entretenir, to talk to, converse with.

entretien, m. conversation.

entrevue, /. interview.

envelopper, to envelop.

envie,/. envy; desire.

envieu-x, -se, jealous.

envoyer, to send.

épaule, /. shoulder.

épouser, to marry, wed.

escalier, m. stairs; petit —, back stairs.

esclavage, m. slavery.

esclave, m. slave.

escogriffe, m. lubber.

Espagne, /. Spain.

espagnol, Spanish; m. Spaniard.

espèce,/. sort, kind.

espérer, to hope.

espièglerie, /. devilry.

espoir, m. hope.

esprit, m. mind, cleverness. brains, meaning, drift, spir

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