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From this vocabulary are omitted: i. words belonging to very elementary French graramar; 2. most of the words that are so alike in the two languages as to ofEer uo difficulty to students advanced enuugh to read the text.

abandonner, to abandon, leave.

abbé, m. priest.

abîme, m. abyss, chasm, pit.

abîmé de, weighed down by, heavy with.

abord; d'—-, first of ail, at first.

absolument, absolutely, perfectly.

abus, m. abuse, unjust use.

abuser, to deceive, cheat; — de, use indiscriminately.

accabler, to overwhelm.

accompagnement, m. (musical) accompaniment.

accord, m. agreement; chord (in music); — parfait, concord; d'—, agreed, with one accord.

accorder, to grant, allow, admit.

accort, trim, engaging.

accourir, to run up.

accroc, m. hitch.

accrocher, to catch, catch in.

accueillir, to welcome.

acharnement, m. bitterness.

achever, to finish, finish the work of.

acquérir, to acquire.

acte, m. act.

acteur, m. actor.

actuellement, at present.

administration; mauvaise —, maladministration, dishonest management.

adorer, to adore, worship.

adresse,/. skill, cunning; (postoffice) address.

adresser, to address.

adroit, neat.

adroitement, skilfully.

affaiblir, to weaken, soften; s'—, grow weak.

affaire, /. affair; —s, business; avoir — à, to deal with.

affection, /. affection, attack.

affreu-x, -se, awful.

agaçant l'appétit; (p. 23, II. S and 3) temptingly attractive (lit. whetting the appetite).

agir, to act; il s'agit de, the question is, it is a matter of.

agiter, to agitate.

agneau, m. lamb.

aider, to help.

aïe! ouch (exclamation of pain)!

ailleurs, elsewhere; d'—, moreover; partout —, everywhere else.

aimable, m. dandy.

aimable, nice.

aimer, to love, like; j'aime autant, I would as soon.

ainsi, so, thus, in this way.

air, m. air, appearance, looks; avoir 1'— de, to seem, look


like, pretend; tune; grand

—, open air; en 1'—, hang

ing. aise, /. ease; à mon —, to my

heart's content. aise, glad. ajouter, to add. alcade, m. Justice of the peace. alerte, quick, hustling. alguazil, m. (Spanish) police

man. aller, to go; s'en —, go away,

moveoff; (p. 71,1.10) il y va

de la vie? It is a matter of

life and death? allumer, to light, kindle, fan. allure,/. gait, way with it. altier, haughty. amant, m. lover, suitor. amener, to bring. ami, m. friend. amitié,/. friendship. amour, m. love. amoureux (de), in love (with). amuser, to amuse, entertain. an, m. year. ancien, -ne, old, old-fashioned,

old-time, former. Andalousie,/. Andalusia (south

ernmost province of S pain). ange, m. angel. année,/. year. annoncer, to announce. antichambre, /. anteroom, hall. antithèse,/. antithesis. apaiser, to appease. apercevoir, to perceive, catch

sight of, see; s'— de, notice. apothicaire, m. apothecary,

druggist. apparemment, presumably. apparence,/. appearance; prob

ability. appartement, m. apartment,

room, suite of rooms.

appartenir, to belong. appeler, to call; s'—, be named;

(p. 31, l. 28) cela s'appelle

parler, now you're talking. appétit, m. appetite. applaudissement, m. applause. application/. drift. apporter, to bring, bring up. apprendre, to learn; teach. appuyer, to lean; stress (a

word). après, after, afterwards; d'—,

in accordance with, by the

terms of. argent, m. money. aria, /. (Italian musical terni)

tune, air; (contemptuously)

rigraaroles. armée,/. army. armer, to arm; armés les uns

contre les autres, up in arms

or warring against one an

other. arracher, to snatch, uproot,

force. arranger, to modify, touch

up. arrêté, stopping, dallying. arrêter, to arrest; stop, detain;

intrude upon; s'— à, decide

upon. arriver, to arrive, corne; hap

pen. art, m. art, skill, cunning. asile, m. (place of) refuge. asseoir, to seat; s'—, sit down. assez, enough, rather, pretty;

— ... pour .. ., so .. . as to

assiette, /. state of mind and

body. assisté de, assisted by. assoupir (s'), to doze off. assurément, assuredly, to be


assurer, to assure, secure; s'—, ascertain, make sure.

atroce, hideous.

attacher, to tie, attach; s'— à, attach oneself, fasten upon, stick to.

attendre, to wait, wait for, await; expect.

attirer, to attract, draw, entice, lure.

attrait, m. attraction.

attraper, to catch.

audacieu-x, -se, bold, audacious.

augmenter, to increase.

aujourd'hui, to-day, nowadays.

auprès de, (near) to, in connection with, in the company of.

aussi, also; (ai beginning of clause) so, thus; — ... que, as . . . as.

aussitôt, at once; — que, as soon as.

autant, as much, enough; — d', sô many.

auteur, m. author; monsieur 1'— tombé! Mr. Failure!

autorité, /. authority, the law.

autour de, in the vicinity of, near, by.

autre, other, different; vous —s, you (sneeringly emphatic).

autrefois, formerly, long ago.

autrui, other people, others.

Auvergnat, m. native of Auvergne (central French province).

avance; d'—, beforehand.

avancé, advanced, le jour est moins —, it is earlier.

avancement, m. getting on, succes: in lif e.

avancer, s'—, to advance.

avant, before (in lime).

avare, miserly.

avec, with.

avenir, m. future.

avertir, to warn.

aveugle, blind.

aviné, affected by drink.

avis, m. opinion; donner — de,

to inform about. avouer, to confess.


bachelier, m. bachelor of arts,

student; (as a vocalive) pro

fessor. badinage, m. playfulness; fin

—, pretty wit. bagatelle, /. trifle. baguette,/. (magician's) wand. bâiller, to yawn. baiser, m. kiss. baiser, to kiss. baisser, to lower, cast down;

se —, stoop. balance, /. balance, scales. balcon, m. balcony. baldaquin, m. (four-poster)

bed canopy. bannir, to banish. barbare, barbarous. barbe, /. beard, shave; faire la

— i, to shave. barbier, m. barber. bas, m. bottom, hem (of a gar

ment). bas, low; aside, in a whisper;

en —, down. bassesse,/. meanness, wicked

ness. bassin, m. wash-basin. bataille, /. battle. beau, bel, belle, fine, beau


beaucoup, much, many, lots. bénir, to bless. béquille, f. crutch. bergère, f. shepherdess, lass. besoigneu-x, -se, needy. besoin, m. need. bête, f. beast. bête, stupid. bévue, f. blunder. bien, m. good thing, property; -s, property; possessions. bien, well, very; nice-looking; — du (de la, des), much, many; - faire, to do right. bientôt, soon, very soon. billet, m. note; — doux, love note; - de logement, quatermaster's billet. bisaïeul, m. great-grandfather. bizarrerie, f. freakiness. blasé, cynical.

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bout, m. end, tip; venir à - de, to circumvent, checkmate. boutique, f. shop, store. branlant, wagging. bras, m. arm. brasier, m. brasier, furnace. braver, to defy. bravo! Good! Well done ! brebis, f. sheep. brevet, m. letters (of exemption, etc.). brigade, f. crew. brillant, brilliant. brisé, broken, all broken up. briser, to break, smash. broder, to embroider. broderie, f. embroidery, piece of embroidery. bruit, m. noise. brûler, to burn; - de, long tO. brun, brown, dark. brusquement, suddenly. bureau, m. desk, office.

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cabale, f. cabal, conspiracy (against a person). cabinet, m. (small)room. cacher, to hide. cacheter, to seal (up). cachot, m. dungeon cell. cadence, f. cadenza (Italian musical term for the close of a musical phrase). calcul, m. plan. calculer, to reckon, consider. calfeutrer, to caulk the chinks. calmer, to soothe, do good. calomnier, to slander. camarade, m. comrade. campagne, f. campaign. canne, f. cane, walking-stick; — en béquille, crutch stick. caractère, m. disposition.

Castilles, /. the two old provinces of Old (norlhern) and New (southern) Castile, the most central région of S pain.

Catalan, m. native of Catalonia, the most northeasterly portion of Spain.

cataplasme, m. poultice.

cause, /. reason; et pour —, and for a very good reason too.

causer, to cause, give.

cavalier, m. trooper.

céans, (here) within.

ceci, this (thing).

céder, to yield.

ceinture, /. girdle, belt; pistolet de —, hip-pistol.

cela, that (thing).

censeur, m. censor (of literary productions).

cent, one hundred.

certes, of course.

cervelle, /. brains.

cesse; sans —, without ceasing, ever, ail the time.

ceux, those; —-ci, thèse; some; là, those; others.

chacun, each, each one, everybody; [p. Al, l. 13) (à) chacun son affaire, each to his own (i. e. to each one his own business).

chagrin, m. dull care, trouble.

chalumeau, m. rustic pipe (musical instrument).

chambre,/. room.

champ, m. field; sur-le , at


change, m. false scent; donner le — à, to put .. . off the scent.

changer de, to change one's ...

chanson, /. song.

chant, m. song, singing. chanter, to sing. chanteuse, /. singer. chantonner, to hum a tune. chapeau, m. hat. chargé, commissioned. charger, to burden, entrust;

se —, undertake. chat, m. cat.

chaudement, warmly, warm. chauve, bald. . chef, m. pate, head. chef-d'œuvre, m. masterpiece. cheminer, to creep on. ch-er, -ère, dear. chercher, to seek, search, seek

to remember; fetch. chéri, beloved. cheval, m. horse. chevalier, m. knight. chez, at the house of. chien, m. dog. chirurgien, m. surgeon. choisir, to choose. choix, m. choice, alternative. ciel, m. sky, heaven. cinquante, fifty. circonflexe, bandy (legged). circonstance, /. circumstance. claquer; faire — ses pouces,

to snap one's fingers (against

one's thumbs). clavecin, m. harpsichord (early

form of piano); le cabinet du

—, the music room. clef, /. key. cœur, m. heart; mon —! sweet

heart; ironically "My Cu

pid"; parler à — ouvert, to

unbosom oneself. colère, /. anger, wrath. coller, to glue; se —, flatten

oneself. collet, m. (coat) collar. commander, to order, bid.

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