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MSHARTLEY in the Character of ELFIRA. More those Puty.fhe si my Husband,

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Printed for John Bell, near Exeter-Exchange, in the Strand.


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S the performance I here offer to the public, under

lation to public affairs, this address is more properly to the private nobleman than to the minister of fiaie. To one, who in the former character has distinguished him. felf through the whole course of an unblameable lite as a friend to all the liberal arts, and whose love of them has arifea from his being able to taste their genuine beauties, and to discern their real utility. The more useful have been the employment of his serious hours, the more orpamental the amusement of his leifure; and those who cultivated either with any degree of fufficiency, have ever found in him a patron as well as a judge. I wish, for the honour of my country, that this praise were not, almost exclufively, his own.

But while I do this scanty justice to the man, I must appear insensible to the welfare of Britain, I had almost faid to the general interests of humanity, if I omitted all mention of the minister for services of another impor. tance, and which have the happiness of a whole people for their aim.

The beft and most amiable of princes has ardently defired that this long and consuming tho' successful war mighe be terminated by such a peace as should leave his domi


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nions secure and great and flourishing; and to render this his paternal care of us effectual has been the first object of your Lordship's ministry. Yet in a government constituted as ours is, where every member of the community may freely discover his sentiments, and where a diversity of interests will set the same object in different, perhaps in contrary, lights; an opposition both to ministers and measures may be the immediate consequence. Indeed a dislike, real or pretended, of the former, has ever, in the common course of things, produced oppofition to the latter. But the good sense of the nation in general, assisted by the moderation of such individuals as think largely, and embrace in one comprehensive view the present and future interests of their country, must gradually allay the heats that never fail to arise on such occasions. And our pofterity will look back with admiration and gratitude to the year seventeen hundred and fixty-two, as to the brightest period of British glory! In the mean while, my Lord, the mens fibi confcia rečti will be your present reward ; and to certain men, for they appear among us but seldom, it is the noblest and most valuable. To such men there is fomething beyond wealth and titles and power, which no popularity can give, no temporary want of it can destroy. I am, my Lord, with the highest regard,

Your Lordship's

moft faithful

humble fertant,



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