Cook's tourist's handbook for southern Italy


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Seite 403 - Specimen Tours ; tickets for which are issued by THOS. COOK & SON, with Fares by every Route. Price 2d., or by Post 3d. Cook's Continental Time-Tables and Tourists' Handbook. Contains the Time-Tables of the principal Continental Railway, Steamboat, and Diligence Companies, and includes EIGHT SECTIONAL MAPS, specially engraved ; full directions as to Passports, Foreign Currency, etc.
Seite 260 - ... finest prospect in the world, surveying at one view, besides several pleasant islands lying at your feet, a tract of Italy about three hundred miles in length, from the promontory of Antium to the Cape of Palinurus...
Seite 48 - Upon that side, Where it doth break its steepness most, arose A sun upon the world, as duly this From Ganges doth : therefore let none, who speak Of that place, say Ascesi; for its name Were lamely so deliver'd; but the East, To call things rightly, be it henceforth styled.
Seite 244 - Mantua me genuit : Calabri rapuere : tenet nunc Parthenope : cecini pascua, rura, duces.
Seite 168 - Nazareth was taken by Sultan Khalil in 1291, when he stormed the last refuge of the Crusaders in the neighbouring city of Acre. From that time, not Nazareth only, but the whole of Palestine, was closed to the devotions of Europe. The Crusaders were expelled from Asia, and in Europe the spirit of the Crusades was extinct. But the natural longing to see the scenes of the events of the Sacred History — the superstitious craving to win for prayer the favour of consecrated localities — did not expire...
Seite 153 - Anio; beyond, the Apennines, the distant and higher summits still quite white with snow; in front, the Alban Hills ; on the right, the Campagna to the sea, and just beneath us the whole length of Rome, ancient and modern — St. Peter's and the...
Seite 396 - Ditto, with a range of 15 to 20 miles, £3 3s. to 6 5 0 * Tourist's Pocket Telescopes ... ... ... 1 1 0 * Ditto, for a range of 10 miles ......... 2 10 0 * Ditto, ditto 15 to 20 miles, £4 4s. to 5 5 0 * Pedometers, for Measuring Walking Distances, size of a Watch, in Silver Case ......... 330 THERMOMETERS, HYGROMETERS, POCKET SEXTANTS & COMPASSES, PRISMATIC COMPASSES, CLINOMETERS, Etc., Etc.

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