The history of a ship, from her cradle to her grave


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Seite 252 - We ne'er see our foes but we wish them to stay, They never see us but they wish us away...
Seite 50 - circular piece of wood on the very summit of the loftiest mast, and at a height so great from the deck that my brain turned dizzy as I looked up at him. The reverse of Virgil's line was true in this instance. It was comparatively easy to ascend — but to descend — my head swam round, and my stomach felt sick, at the thought of the perils comprised in that one word.
Seite 107 - The coward wretch whose hand and heart Can bear to torture aught below, Is ever first to quail and start From slightest pain or equal foe. Be not too ready to condemn The wrong thy brothers may have done ; Ere ye too harshly censure them For human faults, ask —
Seite 139 - A hummock is a protuberance raised upon any plane of ice above the common level. It is frequently produced by pressure, where one piece is squeezed upon another, often set upon its edge, and in that position cemented by the frost. Hummocks are likewise formed, by pieces of ice mutually crushing each other, the wreck being coacervated upon one or both of them.
Seite 52 - He had come alongside in a shore-boat, without having been noticed by a single eye, so intense and universal was the interest that had fastened every gaze upon the spot where poor Bob stood trembling on the awful verge of fate. The commodore asked not a question, uttered not a syllable. He was a darkfaced, austere man, and it was thought by some of the midshipmen that he entertained but little affection for his son. However that might have been, it...
Seite 214 - We saw her mighty cable riven, Like floating gossamer. We saw her proud flag struck that morn — A star once o'er the seas, — Her anchor gone, her deck uptorn, And sadder things than these...
Seite 54 - It rose — he was alive ! his arms were seen to move! he struck out towards the ship ! — and despite the discipline of a man-of-war, three loud huzzas, an outburst of unfeigned and unrestrainable joy from the hearts of our crew of five hundred men, pealed through the air, and made the welkin ring.
Seite 50 - ... crosstrees ; while those who had been attracted by the sport, returned to their usual avocations or amusements. The monkey, no longer the object of pursuit or attention, remained but a little while on the yard-arm ; but soon taking up the cap, returned in towards the slings, and dropped it down upon deck-.
Seite 48 - A red spot mounted to little Bob's cheek, as he cast one glance of offended pride at Jake, and then sprang across the deck to the Jacob's ladder. In an instant he was half-way up the rigging, running over the ratlines as lightly as if they were an easy flight of stairs, whilst the shrouds scarcely quivered beneath his elastic motion. In a second more his hand was on the futtocks.
Seite 47 - I have attempted to describe. Just at that moment a shout and a merry laugh burst upon my ear, and looking quickly round to ascertain the cause of the unusual sound on a frigate's deck, I saw little Bob Stay (as we called our commodore's son) standing...

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