Fancy tales, from the Germ. [of E.M. Arndt and L. Bechstein and the Ital. of G.F. Straparol] by J.S. Laurie


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Seite 167 - If the old ones,' said the queen, ' are fooled over by the painted dame, and despise you, then make up to the young ! They are my favourites ; to them I send my prettiest pictures by your brothers, the Dreams : yes, I have often floated down to them myself, and kissed and fondled and played romps with them.
Seite 151 - Sir Reynard, are you at home? I am Bruin, your kinsman, sent by the king to summon you to court, to answer the many foul accusations laid at your door. His majesty hath taken a great vow that if you fail to appear to the summons, your life shall answer for your contempt, and your whole goods and honours become confiscated to the crown.
Seite 152 - My dear cousin," said the bear, " what food is this which so much disagrees with you ? " " Uncle," replied the fox, " what good will it do you to know ? It was mean and simple food. We poor fellows are not lords, as you are aware ; we eat that from necessity which others eat from choice : — it was honeycomb, large and rich, and good enough, perhaps, to those who like it. Forced by hunger, I ate of it greedily.
Seite 165 - Then I will tell you, dear mother, as you wish it," answered Fairy-tale. " You know how I love the people of the earth ; how glad I am to sit down with the poorest peasant at his cottage-door, to while away an hour with him, when work is over. Well, in former times, they used to greet me kindly, and shake hands with me when I came ; and they followed me with smiles of delight when I went away ; but now, alas, it is so no more !" " Poor little Fairy-tale !" said the queen, stroking her cheek, which...
Seite 149 - The girl lifted up her little hands in rapture at the sight ; but again the match fell; and in the same moment one of the blazing candles shot through the sky, like a falling star, and fell at her feet.

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