Early lessons: in two volumes

R. Hunter, and Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1818 - 302 Seiten

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Seite 233 - There," said his father, when he had done, " now go without supper; you are to have no milk to-night, and you have been whipped. See how liars are served !" Then turning to Frank, " Come here, and shake hands with me, Frank; you will have no milk for supper, but that does not signify; you have told the truth, and have not been whipped, and everybody is pleased with you.
Seite 234 - I'll tell you what I will do for you — I will give you the little dog Trusty, to be your own dog. You shall feed him...
Seite 231 - They both ran towards the house — Robert got first home, and he locked the house door, that Frank might not come in. He gave the switch to his mother. Poor Trusty ! he looked up as the switch was lifted over his head; but he could not speak, to tell the truth. Just as the blow was falling upon him, Frank's voice was heard at the window.
Seite 239 - So the man put the bridle into his hand, and he went into the house to eat his breakfast. Charles had watched the horse and the oranges about five minutes, when he saw one of his schoolfellows coming towards him. As he came nearer Charles saw that it was Ned. Ned stopped as he passed, and said, " Good-morrow to you, Charles ; what are you doing there ? whose horse is that ? and what have you got in the baskets ? " " There are oranges in the baskets...
Seite 225 - is there no milk in the house ?" " Yes, but we shall have none of it ; for do not you remember, last Monday, when we threw down the milk, my mother said we were very careless, and that, the next time we did so, we should have no more ; and this is the next time ; so we shall have no milk for supper to night.
Seite 237 - I eat my breakfast. — Give my horse to some one to hold here on the road, and let the horse have a little hay to eat." The landlord called ; but there was no one in the way ; so he beckoned to Charles, who was going by, and begged him to hold the horse. " Oh," said the man, " but can you engage him to be an honest boy ? for these are oranges in my baskets ; and it is not every little boy one can leave with oranges.
Seite 228 - ... what had happened. Now whilst Frank was gone, Robert was left in the room by himself; and all the while he was alone he was thinking of some excuses to make to his mother ; and he was sorry that Frank was gone to tell her the truth. He said to himself, "If Frank and I both were to say that we did not throw down the basin, she would believe us, and we should have milk for supper. I am very sorry, Frank would go to tell her about it.
Seite 223 - Trusty, lying by the fireside. Trusty was a pretty playful little dog, and the children were very fond of him. " Come," said Robert to Frank, " there is Trusty lying beside the fire, asleep; let us go and waken him, and he will play with us.
Seite 233 - Then Robert, who saw, by his father's looks, that he was going to beat him, fell upon his knees, and cried for mercy, saying, " Forgive me this time, and I will never tell a lie again." But his father caught hold of him by the arm — " I will whip you now," said he, " and then, I hope, you will not.

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