The Works of Mr. James Thomson: With His Last Corrections and Improvements ... To which is Prefixed, the Life of the Author, Band 3


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Seite 128 - When Britain first, at Heaven's command, Arose from out the azure main ; This was the charter of the land, And guardian angels sung this strain : " Rule, Britannia, rule the waves; Britons never will be slaves!
Seite 128 - Still more majestic shalt thou rise, More dreadful from each foreign stroke; As the loud blast that tears the skies Serves but to root thy native oak.
Seite 174 - Yes, I will be a king, but not a slave ; In this will be a king; in this my people Shall learn to judge how I will guard their rights, When they behold me vindicate my own. But have I, say, been treated like a king ? Heavens ! could I stoop to such outrageous usage, I were a mean, a shameless wretch, unworthy To wield a sceptre in a land of slaves, A soil...
Seite 147 - But this prince, Where has he lain conceal'd } Stf. The late good king, By noble pity mov'd, contriv'd to save him From his dire father's unrelenting rage, And had him rear'd in private, as became His birth and hopes, with high and princely nurture, Till now, too young to rule a troubled state, By civil broils most miserably torn, He in his safe retreat has lain conceal'd, His birth and fortune to himself unknown ; But when the dying king to me intrusted, As to the chancellor of the realm, his will,...
Seite 237 - He loved his friends with such a warmth of heart, So clear of interest, so devoid of art, Such generous friendship, such unshaken zeal ; No words can speak it, but our tears may tell.— O candid truth, O faith without a stain, O manners gently firm and nobly plain, O sympathising love of others' bliss ! Where will you find another breast like his ? Such was the Man.
Seite 302 - As thou durst never ask ; a perfect union Of their whole nation with imperial Rome, In all her privileges, all her rights ; By the just gods, I will. — What would'st thou more ? Auf. What would I more, proud Roman ? This I would — Fire the cursed forest, where these Roman wolves Haunt and infest their nobler neighbours round them...
Seite 128 - WHEN Britain first, at Heaven's command, Arose from out the azure main, This was the charter of the land, And guardian angels sung the strain : Rule, Britannia, Britannia rules the waves ! Britons never shall be slaves.
Seite 237 - Not one immoral, one corrupted thought, One line which, dying, he could wish to blot.
Seite 215 - My holy scalp," turn whining monk myself, And pray incessant for the tyrant's safety.—— What ! How ! because an insolent invader, A sacrilegious tyrant, " in contempt " Of all those noblest rights, \vhich to maintain
Seite 151 - It is enough for me — to see my sovereign Assert his virtues, and maintain his honour. Tan. I think, my lord, you said the king committed To you his will. I hope it is not clogg'd With any base conditions, any clause, To tyrannize my heart, and to Constantia Enslave my hand devoted to another.

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