Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck: A Conversation about Income, Wealth, and the Steps in Between

Signed By Author, 2007 - 268 Seiten
Questions About Money? Let's Talk.Like the rare teacher who can make a dry subject come alive, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck presents a conversation between the author and you, a time-starved yet curious reader—with an occasional interruption from an commission-obsessed salesman. Don't let the easy reading style fool you. Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck is also your trusted reference as you confidently go down the path from income to wealth.Inside, you'll get the answers to your common money questions, like these: • How am I supposed to save on my income? (Chapter 2) • Can I get a date through my employer-matching program? (Chapter 6) • What are the most important steps I should take immediately? (Chapter 10) • Do I have to give up my triple hazelnut, no foam, extra hot latte? Aren't there other ways to save? (Chapter 2) • So, um, which debt do I pay off first? (Chapter 3) • Who is IRA Roth and why should I give him money? (Chapter 7) • Is long-term disability insurance a good idea at my age? What about life insurance? (Chapter 5)

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Preface xvii
Tell Your Money to Go to Work 5
Dont Be Cheap Be Fiscally Responsible 19
Debt Sucks Your Money Away 35
Taxes on Your Taxes Are Taxing Yet Real 51
Figure 41 Is This Any Way to Treat a Secretary? 54
Figure 42 Itemized Deductions Arent Helpful to Everyone 63
2007 78
Figure 73 Can You Contribute to a Roth IRA? 144
Rollover IRAs 147
Maximize Your Investing Performance 159
Financial Investing 161
Types of Investments 167
Figure 81 Potential Paybacks from Investments of Time 161
Municipal Bonds 175
Figure 84 An Example of Dollar Cost Averaging 193

Dont Be Cheap Be Fiscally Responsible 19
Take Advantage of Your Benefits
Dental Vision and ADD 108
Figure 61 Impact to Your Paycheck of Enrolling in
The Old Rules 116
Figure 62 Be the Best Payroll Deduction You Can Be 118
Figure 64 Sample Matching Programs and How They Work 126
Figure 66 Examples of Vesting Schedules 130
Ira Roth is Not Your Congressman
Random Investment Terms 195
Final Thoughts on Investing 201
Figure 91 Common Estate Planning Documents 207
Estate Planning Summary 216
Estate Planning 205
Appendix A FIRST THINGS FIRST Checklist 229
Appendices 229
Acknowledgments 261

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Michael B. Rubin, a CPA, CFP®, and holder of an MBA from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management, left his executive position with Toys R Us in 2005 to start Total Candor LLC, a personal financial planning education company. Previously employed by two of the former Big Six public accounting firms as a personal financial planner for the extremely affluent, he ultimately concluded he could make a big difference educating more normal people. From how to perform basic financial planning on one's own to becoming aware of those who prey on the ill-informed, Michael provides the necessary financial education our schools have consistently failed to provide.

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