The Statistical Account of Scotland: Drawn Up from the Communications of the Ministers of the Different Parishes, Band 1

W. Creech, 1791
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Seite 298 - Or wak'd to extafy the living lyre. But knowledge to their eyes her ample page Rich with the fpoils of time did ne'er unroll ; Chill penury reprefs'd their noble rage, And froze the genial current of the foul.
Seite 292 - This is a deep chasm or abyss, formed by two opposite precipices that rise perpendicularly to a great height, through which the Aultgrande runs for the space of two miles. It begins at the distance of four miles from the sea, by a bold projection into the channel of the river, which it diminishes in breadth by at least one half.
Seite 5 - Crowns, and the confequent interpofition of the legiflature of both kingdoms. The inhabitants of the Borders, while the taxes and the commercial regulations of the two kingdoms were different, enjoyed the opportunity of carrying on a very advantageous contraband trade, without danger to their perfons or fortunes. Into England they imported, fair, fkins, and malt, which, till the Union, paid no duties in Scotland ; and from.
Seite 5 - ... or fortunes. Into England they imported salt, skins, and malt, which till the union paid no duties in Scotland ; and from England they carried back wool, which was exported from the frith of Forth to France with great profit. The vestiges of...
Seite 5 - ... that they agreed to appropriate part of the equivalent money, as it was called, to their indemnification and benefit *. The Union has alfo been the caufe of the depopulation of the Border country, by enlarging the fpherc, and facilitating the means of emigration.
Seite 37 - ... followed, was, that the whole inhabitants, men and women, ran down, and by main force, dragged her up the beach, out of the reach of the waves, which would otherwise have d-fhed her to pieces.
Seite 127 - The uppermoft grains of the oats, which always fill looneft, had thick milk in them, and were frofted four or five grains down the head. The grains below thefe all ripened well. The barley, which might be about equally forward with the top grains of the oats, was totally deltroyed.
Seite 390 - The maa who who holds the plough walks by its fides and dire&s it with < ftilt or handle fixed on the top of it. The driver, if he can be fo called, goes before the oxen, and pulls them on by a rope tied round their horns ; and fome people with fpades follow the plough, to level the furrow and break the clods. The only crops are black oats, fbwn in April, and barley, fbwn in May.
Seite v - Dooms-day Book; and that, from the ample and authentic facts which it records, it must be resorted to by every future Statesman, Philosopher, and Divine, as the best basis that has ever yet appeared for political speculation.
Seite 384 - ... fits of a very extraordinary kind seem peculiar to this country. The patient is first seized with something like fainting, and immediately after utters wild cries and shrieks, the sound of which, at whatever distance, immediately puts all who are subject to the disorder in the same situation. It most commonly attacks them when the church is crowded, and often interrupts the service in this and many other churches in the country. On a sacramental occasion...

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