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It would be improper to conclude without returning my best acknowledgments to the Clergy in general, for the attention they have paid to the different requisitions with which I have troubled them, and for the very polite and flattering manner with which they have personally addressed themselves to me on the occasion. The spirit and alacrity with which they have enga. ged in fo laborious an undertaking must ever do them infinite credit; and they must feel the utmost satisfaction from the reflection, that they have contributed to the formation of a Work, of which it may be truly faid, in the words of a respectable citi. zen of this country *, “ That no Publication of equal “ information and curiosity has appeared in Great “ Britain since Book; and that, from the “ ample and authentic facts which it records, it must “ be resorted to by every future Statesman, Philoso. " pher, and Divine, as the best basis that has ever

yet appeared for political speculation."

• George Dempster, Esq;


E 2DIN. MAY 25.





The Statistical Account of a Parochial District.

As many of the Clergy may be desirous of having a particu

lar form laid down for drawing up the Statistical Account of their respective Parishes, the following plan for that purpose is submitted to their confideration,

The name, and its origin
Situation and extent of the parish
Number of acres
Description of the foil and surface
Nature and extent of the sea coast
Lakes, rivers, islands, hills, rocks, caves, woods, orchards, &c.
Climate and diseases
Instances of longevity
State of property
Number of proprietors
Number of residing proprietors
Mode of cultivation
Implements of husbandry
Seed-time and harvest
Remarkable instances of good and bad seafons
Quantity and value of each species of

Total value of the whole produce of the district
Total real and valued rent
Price of grain and provisions


Total quantity of grain and other articles consumed in the

Wages and price of labour
Services, whether exacted or abolished
Manufacture of kelp, its amount, and the number of people

employed in it
Towns and villages
Inns and ale-houses
Roads and bridges
Ferries, and their state
Number of ships and vessels
Number of feamen
State of the church
Stipend, manse, glebe, and patron

Number of poor

Parochial funds, and the management of them
State of the schools, and number of fi holars
Antient state of population
Caufes of its increase or decrease
Number of families
Exact amount of the number of souls now living
Division of the inhabitants

1. By the place of their birth 2. By their ages 3. By their religious perfuafions 4. By their occupations and situation in life 5. By their residence, whether in town, village, or in the

country VOL. I.


uninhabited houses
dove-cots, and to what extent they are destructive

to the crops

horses, their nature, and value
cattle and ditto
sheep and ditto

swine and ditto
Minerals in general
Mineral springs
Coal and fuel
Eminent men
Parochial records
Miscellaneous observations
Character of the people
Their manners, customs, ftature, &c.
Advantages and difesanatos
Megas by which their fituation could be meliorated


C O N T E N T S.




37 48

1. Parish of Jedburgh

Holywood 3.


Hounam S.

Kirkmichael 6.

Sprouston 7.

Longformacus 8.

Lauder 9.


Carriden 12.

Coylton 13.


Terregles 15

Edrom 16.

Innerwick 17.

Linton (in Peebleshire) 18.

Newlands 19.

Kirkmaiden 20.

Tinwald 21.

Crossmichael 22.

Parton 73.


54 65 69 72 79 89 97 IOI 103 114 116


121 126

148 153 159 167 184

190 Parila

• It may be proper to remark, that, by some mistake, it was quitted to be mentioned, that the account of Ballantrae was transmitted by the Rev. Mr William Donaldson, minister of that parilh, who took a very early and active part in this inquiry,

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