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RCA Service Company will assign E. P. White as Minority and Small Business Coordinator for this contract. RCA also will take the following steps to ensure mooximum participation of disadvantaged small businesses:

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Review all major procurements (over $2,500) to ensure
that small and socially and economically disadvantaged
businesses are included in the bid list.

Maintain membership in the National Minority Purchasing
Council and other volunteer organizations and to seek new
potential sources.

Review progress (on a monthly basis) with the Manager of
Materials and the Coordinator.


Furnish management assistance to those businesses needing
assistance in becoming qualified suppliers.
As part of RCA's established practices, training programs,
seminars, workshops, and other activities related to the use
of Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses will be sched-

uled during the term of the contract. RCA will pass down the required clauses as stated in the applicable Defense Acquisition Regulations in all subcontracts which offer further subcontracting opportunities.

During the course of the program we will continue to seek other qualified firms to support RCA, depending on task assignment and required specialties.

RCA will request and utilize the Small Business Administration's "Procurement Automated Source System" in order to locate and develop the maximum amount of Small Businesses and economically and socially disadvantaged suppliers for materials or services to meet our requirements.



Duties of the Minority and Small Business Coordinator:

A. Inform and assist Buyers in locating and using appropriate small and

small disadvantaged business sources of supply.

B. Responds to inquiries from potential vendor and ensures they are

brought together with Buyers and other appropriate people who may
be able to employ their products and services.

C. Reviews subcontract potential for small and small disadvantaged

business partitipation on specific contracts.

D. Participates in make-or-buy decisions and identifies maximum practical

opportunities for these firms.

E. Participates in establishment of relevant subcontract goals and monitors


F. Collects data and reports on achievements as required.

G. As RCA's representative, attends monthly National Minority Supplier

Development Council (Formerly Minority Purchasing Council) Meetings, attends Trade Fairs, & Seminars for small and small disadvantaged business concerns.

H. Assists in development of seminars that cover updating of Public Low

95-507 requirements and programs to assist Buyers in expanding contracts with small and small disadvantaged business concerns.

1. Reports to Mr. V.R. Giacoboni, Director of Purchasing for RCA Service

Company, who is an active member of RCA Corporation's Minority
Business Advisory Group.



The Government contracts of RCA Service Company are under the cognizance of Defense Contract Administration Services Region (DCASR) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. DCASR maintains a branch office in Moorestown, New Jersey. Mr. F.P. Battaglini, as Administrative Contracting Officer in this office, administers RCA contracts, subcontracts, and purchasing. The ACO reviewed the following RCA Service Company procedures and approved them on the date indicated.

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RCA will submit quarterly reports to the Contracting Officer, and/or others so specified, on purchases from disadvantaged concerns. These will be compared with the negotiated goals set forth in the contract. Any particular problems which may cause concern will also be reported to ensure that RCA is in compliance with the contract requirements.

RCA will maintain the following records:

o Number of disadvantaged businesses solicited.

o Number of disadvantaged business bids rejected together with the

rationale for the decision.

o Number of orders, including dollar volume, awarded during the performance

of this contract.

o Monthly measures of purchases measured against contract goals.


Listing of all known disadvantaged businesses, subdivided into commodity classifications.

o Monthly reports to RCA Corporate Staff.

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RCA will comply with all other reporting requirements of DAC-76-24, paragraph 7-104.14() (6).

o RCA Purchasing Activities shall submit monthly reports stating the

number of orders/subcontracts and total value of them, including categorization by Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses, plus identification of vendors. Also recorded shall be a summary of efforts expended to locate and utilize Small and Small Disadvantaged vendors. This information will form the basis of complying with PL95-507 requirements, use in SBA reviews and the development of source lists. Existing source lists, such as RCA's, PSAS, SBA's Pass and the Minority supplier development councils vis, will be augmented accordingly.

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1. This Policy reaffirms RCA's longstanding commitment to ensure

that minor ity-owned busnesses have an equal opportunity to
compete for a fair and equitable portion of RCA's purchases.

A minority business enterprise is a business enterprise
that is owned or controlled by one or more socially or
economically disadvantaged persons. Such disadvantages may
ar ise from cultural, racial, chronic economic circumstances
or background, or other similar causes. Such persons
include, but are not limited to, Blacks, Orientals, Puerto
Ricans, Spanish-speaking Americans, American Indians,
Eskimos, and Aleuts. Minority business enterprises in

Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam qualify under this definition. b. These purchases include not only the materials and services

normally purchased by the Purchasing activity, but also

include such services as are required for advertising, :

banking, insurance, consulting, marketing, personnel

services, etc. 2. RCA Corporation, its divisions and subsidiary companies, will

aggressively seek out minority owned business and as appropriate assist and counsel them in becoming qualified suppliers of goods and services. The use of minority owned businesses will be encouraged at all levels of RCA business activity where specific decisions are made regarding the purchase of goods and

services. 3. Corporate Materials is responsible for overall direction and

monitoring of the RCA Minority Business Enterprise Program in accordance with instructions in the RCA Purchasing Manual. Corporate Materials will coordinate this program with the Corporate Community Relations Program and the Government

Relations Program. 4. Each Major Operating Unit will actively promote the RCA

Minority Business Enterprise Program among its executives, requisitioning functions and purchasing personnel. Each unit will develop and monitor goals and specific programs designed

to increase purchases from minority businesses. 5. Purchases under Government contracts will be handled in accor

dance with applicable government regulations and directives.

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