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Subcontracting Plan
In Accordance with PL95-507

1. Solicitation Number:

Southern Division
Naval Facilities
Engineering Command
2144 Melbourne St.
Charleston, s.c. 29411
Attn: M, Howard

Term: 1 Yr. Plus Two 1 Yr Options 2. Contractor Name:

RCA Base Support Services, Inc.

A Subsidiary of RCA Corporation 3. Name of Person Completing Plan: E.P. White Telephone No:

(609) 338-6518 Total Estimated cost of Proposal: $4,418, 234 Per Year 5a. Total Estimated Value of Subcontract: $1,135,936 Per Year 51, Goals:

Small Business - 71.6%

Small Disadvantaged Business -3.5% $ 40,000.00
5c. This contract contains a $6967,000 set aside for small local

firms to perform sub-contracts in excess of $2,000; $402,971 for
material and $36,965 for a pest control sub-contract.
The $696,000 in subcontracts will cover as yet unidentified
minor construction and alteration work, equipment installation
work and major repairs,
The $402,971 will cover materials, supplies, parts for the
office, fire department, motor pool, shops, utilities and pest
The $36,965 will cover the services for pest control at Whiting
Upon identification of the various tasks we will locate and
contact the appropriate vendors to give them the opportunity

to compete for the subcontract,
6. The designated employee within the employ of the contractor

bidder or offeror who will administer the subcontracting program
of this proposal is:




E, P, White

Administrator, Government Subcontracts

RCA Service Company

Bldg. 203-1, Route 38, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08358 Telephone:

609-338-6518 (Duties) :

See Attachment 2. Attachments 1 and 2 and associated procedures describe the efforts that will be taken to ensure that small business and small disadvantaged business concerns, owned and controlled by the socially and economically disadvantaged, will have an opportunity to compete'

for any subcontracts that pertain to this proposal. 8. Attachment 3 and associated procedures provide a recitation of the

types of records RCA will maintain to demonstrate procedures which have been adopted to comply with the requirements and goals set forth in this plan, including the establishment of source listing of small and economically and socially disadvantaged business concerns, and efforts to identify and award subcontracts to such

business concerns as they pertain to this proposal. 9. I, the undersigned, and authorized Agent of RCA Base Support Serv

ices, Inc. assure that as prime contractor, RCA will submit such periodic reports and cooperate in any studies or surveys as may be required by the contracting agency or the Small Business Administration in order to determine the extent of compliance by RCA with this plan.

F. J. Hanson
Authorized Agent



RCA officially created a Minority Business Enterprise Program in 1970. It is managed by the Director of Government Procurement Programs (a Corporate Staff position) who serves as the Corporate Minority and Small Business Liaison Officer.

Each RCA Division and business operating unit has a minority and small business
coordinator who administrates the local programs within the Corporate framework
and guidelines (RCA Corporate Policy 22109 and Purchasing Instruction C-12007,
and integral part of the Corporate Purchasing Manual.) (Copies Attached)
To further ensure an innovative and productive program, a nine-member RCA Minority
Business Advisory Group was created. It is comprised of three Corporate Executives
and six Divisional Purchasing Executives who meet three times a year to:

(1) Review and establish policy;
(2) Submit suggestions which may improve performance;
(3) Develop promotional and award programs; and

(4) Review and develop goals. The committee also assigns a business goal to each division and business unit purchasing activity. These goals are monitored (on a monthly basis) at the corporate level to ensure that the established goals and objectives are met. To further ensure the desired results, RCA is a National Member of the National Minority Purchasing Council. The Minority and Small Business Coordinator is a member of the Regional Minority Purchasing Councils located in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Harrisburg. The RCA Corporate Small and Minority Business Liaison Officer is a member of NMPC's Executive Board and Board of Directors.

RCA's system has consistently produced an increase in the amount of business annually done with Small and Minority Businesses.



RCA Service Company will assign E. P. White as Minority and Small Business Coordinator for this contract. RCA also will take the following steps to ensure maximum participation of disadvantaged small businesses:

• Ensure that an adequate list of potential

sources is available to each buyer.
Review all major procurements (over $2,500) to ensure
that small and socially and economically disadvantaged
businesses are included in the bid list.

Maintain membership in the National Minority Purchasing
Council and other volunteer organizations and to seek new
potential sources.

Review progress (on a monthly basis) with the Manager of
Materials and the Coordinator.

Furnish management assistance to those businesses needing

assistance in becoming qualified suppliers.
o As part of RCA's established practices, training programs,

seminars, workshops, and other activities related to the use
of Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses will be sched-

uled during the term of the contract. RCA will pass down the required clauses as stated in the applicable Defense Acquisition Regulations in all subcontracts which offer further subcontracting opportunities.

During the course of the program we will continue to seek other qualified firms to support RCA, depending on task assignment and required specialties. RCA will request and utilize the Small Business Administration's "Procurement Automated Source System" in order to locate and develop the maximum amount of Small Businesses and economically and socially disadvantaged suppliers for materials or services to meet our requirements.

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