Harrison's British Classicks, Band 5

Harrison and Company, 1786

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Seite 732 - For swift descent ; with him the cohort bright Of watchful Cherubim ; four faces each Had, like a double Janus ; all their shape Spangled with eyes more numerous than those...
Seite 833 - But this is certain, that a noble writer should be born with this faculty in its full strength and vigour, so as to be able to receive lively ideas from outward objects, to retain them long, and to range them together, upon occasion, in such figures and representations, as are most likely to hit the fancy of the reader.
Seite 1106 - ... figure in it, that as I looked upon him I could not forbear laughing at myself, insomuch that I put my own face out of countenance. The poor gentleman was so sensible of the ridicule, that I found he was ashamed of what he had done ; on the other side, I found that I myself had no great reason to triumph, for as I went to touch my forehead, I missed the place, and clapped...
Seite 819 - Our general taste in England is for epigram, turns of wit, and forced conceits, which have no manner of influence either for the bettering or enlarging the mind of him who reads them, and have been carefully avoided by the greatest writers, both among the ancients and moderns.
Seite 1106 - ... to them. One of these looked like a man walking upon stilts, and was so lifted up into the air, above his ordinary height, that his head turned round with it ; while the other made...
Seite 803 - Try me, O God, and seek the ground of my heart ; prove me, and examine my thoughts. Look well if there be any way of wickedness in me ; and lead me in the way everlasting.
Seite 762 - Shall finish what his short-lived sire begun : Their vines a shadow to their race shall yield, And the same hand that sow'd shall reap the field. The swain in barren deserts with surprise Sees lilies spring, and sudden verdure rise ; And starts, amidst the thirsty wilds to hear New falls of water murmuring in his ear. On rifted rocks, the dragon's late abodes, The green reed trembles, and the bulrush nods. Waste sandy valleys once perplex'd with thorn, The spiry fir and shapely box adorn : To leafless...
Seite 937 - I asked a gentleman the other day, that is famous for a good carver, (at which acquisition he is out of countenance, imagining it may detract from some of his more essential qualifications,) to help me to something that was near him; but he excused himself, and blushing told me, "Of all things he could never carve in his life;" though it can be proved upon him that he cuts up, disjoints, and uncases with incomparable dexterity.
Seite 992 - River being crofled, we were received upon the further Bank by our Friends and Acquaintance, whom Comfort had brought out to congratulate our Appearance in the World again. Some of...
Seite 887 - In short, heaven is not to be looked upon only as the reward, but as the natural effect of a religious life.

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