The Life and Times of Sixtus the Fifth, Band 2


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Seite 328 - Nothing has surprised me more than to see your Holiness, after an act inspired by God (the bull against Henry of Navarre) leaving time to the heretics to take root in France, without even ordering that the Catholic partisans of 'the Bearnais' should separate from his cause. The church is on the eve of losing one of its members; Christendom is on the point of being set on fire by the united heretics; Italy runs the greatest danger, and in the presence of the enemy we look on and we...
Seite 99 - Nel primo si contiene il ragionamento che fa 1'autore con Gio suo discepolo. Nel secondo si tratta di diverse vivande di carne, si di quadrupedi come di volatili. Nel terzo si parla della statura e stagione de' pesci. Nel quarto si mostrano le liste del presentar le vivande in tavola, cosi di grasso come di magro. Nel quinto si contiene 1'ordine di far diverse sorti di paste, et altri lavori. Nel sesto et ultimo libro si ragiona de' convalescent!, et molte altre sorti di vivande per gli infermi.
Seite 136 - after an absence of ten years, and do not recognise it, so new does all appear to me to be : monuments, streets, piazzas, fountains, aqueducts, obelisks, and other wonders, all the work of Sixtus V. .... If I were a poet I would say that to the imperious sound of the trumpet of that magnanimous Pope, the wakened limbs of that half-buried and gigantic body which spreads over the Latin Campagna...
Seite 99 - Con il discorso funerale che fu fatto nelle essequie di papa Paulo III. Con le figure che fanno bisogno nella cucina & alii reuerendissimi nel conclaue, Venetia: M.
Seite 122 - When it had been proposed to raise the obelisk of Nero in the centre of the piazza of St. Peter, ' Michael Angelo and San Gallo, who were the first architects of the day, were unanimous in declaring the undertaking to be impracticable. Their opinion being law,' the idea was given up. Fontana afterwards designed a plan which was accepted ; but, as the mason was still young, two ' architects of eminence ' were ordered by the Commission to carry out the work. Fontana then, appealing to the Pope, declared...
Seite 122 - ... the architect to be too young, the commission intrusted Giacomo della Porta and Bartolommeo Ammanati, of Florence, with the carrying out of the works from the plans of Fontana. The latter complained to the Pope that ' No one can better carry out a plan than the man who has conceived it, for nobody can perfectly master the thoughts of another.' Struck by the justice of this observation, Sixtus V. intrusted the whole business to his former mason., Eome was loud in its condemnation, and thought...
Seite 358 - Catholic religion, which was seriously compromised, and the maintenance of France in the rank of the first Powers of Europe. He was convinced that if the new creed should be enthroned in France it was all over for some time, nay, perhaps for generations, with the Catholic religion in Europe. Its defenders would succumb in Germany ; Italy would be invaded by heresy ; Eome would fall. Spain also could scarcely resist the invasion. It is not a supposition of our own ; CHAP.
Seite 123 - Home, in Eonciglione, and in Subiaco were engaged upon it. The fine forests of Nettuno furnished the beams, which were of enormous size. To transport each one of them, fourteen buffaloes were required. The planks, which were of elm and . oak wood, were brought from San Severa. Not only Rome, but the whole of Europe, watched the works with anxious curiosity. In October work had begun, and already on May 7 of the following year (1586), the most hazardous portion of the undertaking, that of laying the...
Seite 196 - I have done, which was not only lawful but pious, since it had for its object to insure the peace of the public by the death of a private individual.

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