A History of England from the First Invasion by the Romans, Band 9


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Seite 213 - Morice-Dances ; and the setting up of Maypoles, and other sports therewith used : so as the same be had in due and convenient time, without impediment or neglect of divine service. And that women should have leave to carry rushes to the church for the decoring of it, according to their old custom.
Seite 375 - The King willeth that right be done according to the laws and customs of the realm ; and that the statutes be put in due execution, that his subjects may have no cause to complain of any wrong or oppressions, contrary to their just rights and liberties, to the preservation whereof he holds himself as well obliged as of his prerogative.
Seite 108 - The entertainment and show went forward, and most of the presenters went backward, or fell down; wine did so occupy their upper chambers.
Seite 392 - We the commons, in parliament assembled, do claim, protest, and avow for truth, the sense of the articles of religion which were established by parliament in the thirteenth year of our late queen Elizabeth, which by the public act of the church of England, and by the general and current exposition of the writers of our church, have been delivered unto us. And we reject the sense of the Jesuits and Arminians, and all others that differ from us."* Bishop Laud, in his answer to this protestation, has...
Seite 261 - ... and of right ought to have, freedom of speech to propound, treat, reason, and bring to conclusion, the same...
Seite 383 - Who rules the kingdom ? The king. Who rules the king ? The duke. Who rules the duke? The devil.
Seite 28 - you aim at a Scottish presbytery, it agreeth as " well with monarchy as God with the devil. Then " Jack, and Tom, and Will, and Dick, shall meet, and " at their pleasure censure me and my council, and all
Seite 127 - Your Majesty hath lost a great subject and a great servant. But if I should praise him in propriety, I should say that he was a fit man to keep things from growing worse but no very fit man to reduce things to be much better.
Seite 428 - I should to the rack for it ; and as I did not know it directly that it was approved by such, so did I hold it in my conscience the best not to know any more if I might.
Seite 370 - Every man must now do according to his conscience ; wherefore, if you (which God forbid) should not do your duties in contributing what the State at this time needs, I must, in discharge of my conscience, use those other means, which God hath put into my hands, to save that which the follies of some particular men may otherwise hazard to lose.

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