Gods and Goddesses in Love: Making the Myth a Reality for You

Simon and Schuster, 01.11.2007 - 240 Seiten
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In ancient times, the Greeks created the gods and goddesses to represent the various personalities of human nature. In Gods and Goddesses in Love, Agapi Stassinopoulos tells the stories of the primary goddesses and gods, and how their myths can provide insight into your own romantic relationships.
Included are two fun and fascinating quizzes: one for women to determine their own dominant personality type and which goddess she most embodies; and a second that will help every woman understand more about the "god" she is involved with, or searching for.
In the book, the seven archetypal goddesses are portrayed in modern terms, highlighting not only each goddess's unique strengths but also the pitfalls or stumbling blocks she is likely to encounter in a relationship with her partner. Also included are interviews with real couples who reveal how they overcame obstacles to find true love.
For anyone who desires the self-knowledge and empowerment to find their ideal other, Gods and Goddesses in Love is an uplifting, instructive, and enlightening guide for achieving greater fulfillment in love.

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Gods and goddesses in love: making the myth a reality for you

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The Gods and Goddesses
Your Goddess and His GodThe Quizzes
Aphrodite Goddess of Love
Hestia Goddess of the Hearth and Home
Persephone Goddess of the Depths
Artemis the Independent Goddess
Hera Goddess of Marriage
Athena Goddess of Wisdom
Demeter Goddess of the Earth
Dionysus Celebrating Life

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Über den Autor (2007)

Greek-born author and speaker Agapi Stassinopoulos was educated at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and holds a degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She adapted her first book, Conversations with the Goddesses, into a one-woman show that she performs around the country. She is a frequent speaker at women's groups and business conferences, and conducts workshops on empowerment through the Greek archetypes. Her website is www.sevengoddesses.com.

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