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of prey

So-make what speed you can: I'll wait you Enter MICHAEL


[Ercant. Mich. The guests are comc--the servants all

SCENE II.-A hall in Arden's house. returned. Mos. Alicia, be thyself; and mask thy heart They must pass undescried : gardens and fields

.[Mosby lifts up Alicia. Are dreary deserts now. Night-fowls and beasts From every prying eye with courteous smiles. Alic. Thou canst not think me mean enough Avoid the pinching rigour of the season, to live?

Nor leave their shelter at a time like this. Mos. You would not chuse an ignominious And yet this night, this lingering winter night, death?

Hung with a weight of clouds, that stops her Alic. That's all I dread-Might but the silent course, grave,

Contracts new horrors, and a deeper black, When it receives me to its dark abode,

From this damned deed.-Mosby, thou hast thy Hide, with my dust, my shame !- might that wish. be,

Arden is dead; now count thy gains at leisure. And Arden's death revenged ! 'Tis my sole prayer. Dangers without, on every side suspicion ; If not, may awful justice have her course! Within, my starting conscience marks such wounds,

[Erit Alicia. As hell can equal, only murderers feel. [A pause. Mos. Sister! our lives are thine

This, this the end of all my flattering hopes ! Mar. Though Mosby has shook off humanity, O! happiest was I in my humble state : I cannot be his accuser.

[Erit Maria. Though I lay down in want, I slept in peace : Mos. Follow them, Green, and watch Alicia's My daily toil begat my night's repose; conduct.

My nighit's repose made day-light pleasing to me. Green. I will, but cannot answer for my own. But now I've climbed the top-bough of the tree, o Arden! Arden! could we change conditions! And sought to build my nest among the clouds :

[Erit Green. The gentlest gales of summer shake my bed, B. Will. Why, what a crew of cowards! And dreams of murder harrow up my soul. In the same moinent murdering and repenting. But hark !-Not yet :- Tis dreadful being alone. Mos. Give me the ring, that is on Arden's fin- This awful silence, that, unbroken, reigns ger.

Through earth and air, awakes attention more, Shake. There. Will you have his purse too? l'han thunder bursting from ten thousand clouds: Mos. No, keep that.

S’death!'tis but Michael-SayB. Will. Thanks for our own: we should have kept the ring,

Enter MICHAEL. Were it not too remarkable.

Mich. Dead Arden lies But how must we dispose of the body?

Behind the abbey-'tis a dismal sight! Mos. Convey it through the garden, to the It snowed apace while we disposed the body. field

Mos. And not as you returned ? Behind the abbey-wall : Michael will shew the Mich. No, sirway.

Mos. That's muchThe night is dark and cloudy-yet, take heed, Should you be questioned as to Arden's death, The house is full of company.

You'll not confess? B. Will. Sir, if you doubt our conduct, do it Mich. No, so Maria's mine. yourself.

Mos. She's thine, if all a brother canMos. Nay, gentlemen


-What's if? Shake. Pretend to direct us!

I bought her dear, at hazard of my soul,
Mos. For your own sakes-Arden will soon be And force shall make her mine.-

Mos.Why, how now, coward !
Shake. We know our business, sir.
Mos. I doubt it not.

Enter MARIA.
There's your reward. The horses both are sad- Mar. The guests refuse to take their seats

dled, And ready for your flight.

Alicia's grief too borders on distraction. B. Will. Use them yourself:

Thy presence may appeaseI hope we're as safe as you.

Mos. Increase it rather. Moe. Why, gentleinen-Arden! I used thee Mar. Michael, your absence too has been ob


served. B. Will. We shall take care, however, for our Mos. Say we are coming. [Erit Maria own sakes.

Mich. One thing I'd forgot. [Returning Mos. 'Tis very well—I hope we all are friends. Soon as the company have left the house, So--softly—softly-Michael, not that door- The rutħans will return.

[Michael going out at the wrong door. Mos. What would the villains ?

without you.


Mich. They muttered threats and curses,

Enter Mayor, 8C. And seemed not satisfied with their reward.

[Erit Michael. Mayor. Go you with these, and do as I directe Mos. Let them take all. Ambition, avarice, lust,


(Ereunt officers and others. That drove me on to murder, now forsake me. I'm sorry that the duty of my office Oh Arden! if thy discontented ghost

Demands a visit so unseasonable. Still hovers here to see thy blood revenged, Mos. Your worship doubtless were a welcome View, view the anguish of this guilty breast,

guest And be appeased!

[Erit. At any hour; but wherefore thus attended ?

Mayor. I have received a warrant from the SCENE III.-- A room in Arden's house. A table council, spread for supper.

To apprehend two most notorious ruffians;

And information being made, on oath, GREEN, BRADSHAW, Adam Fowl, ALICIA,

That they were seen to enter here to-night, MARIA, &c.

I'm come to search. Brad. Madam, be comforted.

Green. I'm glad it is no worse. [ Aside. A. Fowl. Some accident, or business unfore- Mos. And can you think, that Arden enterseen, detains him thus.

tains Brad. I doubt not of his safety.

Villains like those, you speak of? Were he here, Alic. I thank you, gentlemen; I know you loved You'd not be thanked for this officiousness. My Arden well, and kindly speak your wishes. Mayor. I know my duty, sir, and that respect,

So justly due to our good neighbour's worth.Enter Mosby.

But where is Arden? Mos. I am ashamed I've made you wait: be Alic. Heavens! where indeed! seated.

Mar. Alicia, for my sake

[Aside. Green. Madam, first take your place.

Alic. If I were silent, Alic. Make me not mad

Each precious drop of murdered Arden's blood To me henceforth all places are alike. (Sits. Would find a tongue, and cry to leaven for venMos. Come, since we want the master of the geance! house,

Mayor. What says the lady? rll take his seat for once.

Mos. Oh! sir, heed her not; Alic. Dares he do this?

[Aside. Her husband has not been at home to-night, Mos. I'm much afflicted, that he stays so late; And her misboding sorrow for his absence The times are perilous.

Has almost made her frantic.
Green, And he has enemies.

Mayor. Scarce an hour,
Though no man, sure, did e'er deserve them less. Since I beheld him enter here with

Mos. This day he was assaulted in the street. Mos. The darkness of the night deceived you, sir;
Green. You saved himn then.

It was a stranger, since departed hence. Mos. Would I were with him now !

Mayor. That's most surprising ! No man knows Mar. She starts, her looks are wild. [Aside.]

him better. How fare you, madam?

Frank. (without] Within there-ho-bar up Alic. I'm lost in admiration of your brother.

your gates with care,
Mar. I fear her more than ever. (Aside.]- And set a watch. Let not a man go by—
Madam, be merry.
Mos. Michael, some wine. Health and long

Franklin, and others, enter with lights. life to Arden,

(Rising: And every tongue, that gave not its consent Alic. The good you wish, and have procured To Arden's death, join mine, and cry aloud for Arden,

[Rising. To Heaven and earth for justice. Honest Arden, Light on thyself!

My friend, is murdered ! Mar. For Heaven's sake!

Mayor. Murdered! Alic. Give me way.

[Comes forward. Green. How? Let them dispatch, and send me to my husband : Mos. By whom?

[All rise.

Frank. How shall I utter what my eyes have I've lived too long with falsehood and deceit.

seen! [Knocking at the gate. Horrid, with many a gaping wound, he lies 4. Fowl. What noise is that?

(Exit Michael

. Behind the abbey, a sad spectacle ! Brad. Pray Heaven, that all be right ! Mos. Bar all the doors.

Mayor. Justly art thou moved.

Passion is reason in a cause like this.

Frank. Eternal Providence, to whose brighteye
Mich. We are discovered, sir ! [To Mosby. Darkness itself is as the noon-day blaze,
The mayor with officers, and men in arms. Who brings the midnight murderer, and his deeds,
VoL, I,


you !

To light and shame, has, in his own security, B. Will. Since we are sure to die, though I Found these.

could wish it were in better company (for I hate Mayor. Here seize them all this instant : that fawning rascal, Mosby), I will tell the truth

[Alicia faints. for once. He has been long engaged in an affair Look to the lady. This may be but feigned. with Arden's wife there; but fearing a discovery, Your charge but goes along with my suspicions. and hoping to get into his estate, hired us to hide Brad. And mine.

him. That's all. A. Fowl. And mine.

Mayor. And you the horrid deed performed? Frank. First hear me, and then judge,

Shake. We did, with his assistance, and Green's Whether, on slight presumptions, I accuse them. and Michael's. These honest men (neighbours and townsmen all) Mayor. This letter proves Alicia, from the Conducted me, dropping with grief and fear,

first, To where the body lay: with them I took these Was made acquainted with your black design. notes,

B. Will. I know nothing of that; but if she Not to be trusted to the faithless memory. was, she repented of it afterwards. So, I think,

Huge clots of blood, and some of Arden's hair, you call a change of mind.
May still be seen upon the garden-wall;

Mayor. That may avail her at the bar of heaMany such rushes, as these floors are strewed with,

ven, Stick to his shoes and garments; and the prints But is no plea at our's (Alicia brought in)

. Bear Of several feet may in the snow be traced,

them to prison; From the stark body to the very door!

Load them with irons, make them feel their guilt,

And groan away their miserable hours, These are presumptions he was murdered here, Tili sentence of the law shall call them forth And that the assassins, having borne his corpse To public execution. Into the fields, hither returned again.

Alic. I adore Mos. Are these your proofs ?

The unerring hand of justice; and with silence Green. These are but circumstances, Had yielded to my fate, but for this maid, And only prove thy malice.

Who, as my soul dreads justice on her crimes, Frank. And this scarf,

Knew not, or e'er consented, to this deed. Known to be Arden's, in the court was found, Mayor. But did she not consent to keep it seAll blood.

cret? Mayor. Search them.

Mos. To save a brother, and most wretched Mich. I thought I'd thrown it down the well. friend.

[ Aside. Mayor. She has undone herself. Behold how Mayor. (To an Officer) Enter that room, and innocence search the lady there;

May suffer in bad fellowship.-And Bradshaw, We may, perhaps, discover more.

My honest neighbour Bradshaw, too: I read it [Officer goes out, and re-enters; in the With grief and wonder.

mean time, another Officer searches Brad. Madam, I appeal
Mosby and Green.

To you; as you are shortly to appear 1. Off. On Arden's wife I found this letter. Before a judge, that sees our secret thoughts, 2. Of. And I this ring on Mosby.

Say, had I knowledge, orMayor. Righteous Heaven !

Alic. You brought the letter, Well may’st thou hang thy head, detested villain! But well I hope, you knew not the contents. This very day did Arden wear this ring;

Mayor. Hence with them all, till time and farI saw it on his hand.

ther light Mos. I freely yield me to my fate.

Shall clear these mysteries.

A. Fowl. If I'm condemned,
Enter another Officer.

My blood be on his head, that gives the sentence. Offi. We've seized two men behind some stalks I'm not accused, and only ask for justice. of wood.

Frank. You shall have justice all, and rigorous Mayor. Well, bring them in.

justice. Black Will and SHAKEBAG brought in.

So shall the growth of such enormous crimes,

By their dread fate, be checked in future times. They answer the description;

Of avarice, Mosby a dread instance prove, But let them wait, till I have done with these. And poor Alicia of unlawful love! Heavens! what a scene of villany is here!

[Exeunt omnes. [Having read the letter.








ANDERSON, chief lord of Dalecarlia. CristieRN, king of Denmark and Norway, and Arnoldus, a Swedish priest, and chaplain in usurper of Sweden.

the copper-mines of Dalecarlia. Trollio, a Swede, archbishop of Upsal, and vice-Sivard, captain of the Dalecarlians.

gerent to Cristiern. PETERSON, a Swedish nobleman, secretly of the

WOMEN. Danish party, and friend to Trollio.

Cristina, daughter to Cristiern. LAERTES, a young Danish nobleman, attendant Augusta, mother to Gustavus, prisoners in to Cristina.

Gustava, sister to Gustavus, a Cristiern's GUSTAVUS, formerly general of the Swedes, and child,

сатр. first cousin to the deceased king.

MARIANA, attendant and confident to Cristina. ARVIDA, of the royal blood of Sweden, friend and cousin to Gustavus.

Soldiers, Peasants, Messengers, and Attendants,

Scene-Dalecarlia, a northern province in Sweden,


ing ray

SCENE I.— The inside of the copper-mines of Ne'er hold their den, but where some glimmerDalecarlia.

May bring the cheer of morn. What, then, is he? Enter Anderson, ARNOLDUS, and Servants,

His dwelling marks a secret in his soul, with torches.

And whispers somewhat more than man about And. You tell me wonders !

him. Arn. Soft, behold, my lord,

Arn. Draw but the veil of his apparent wretch[Points behind the Scenes. edness, Behold him stretched, where reigns eternal night! And you shall find, his form is but assumed, The flint his pillow, and cold damps his covering ! | To hoard some wondrous treasure, lodged within. Yet, bold of spirit, and robust of limb,

And. Let him bear up to what thy praises He throws inclemency aside, nor feels

speak him, The lot of human frailty.

And I will win bim, spite of his reserve, And. What horrors hang around! the savage Bind him, with sacred friendship, to my soul,

And make him half myself.


Arn. 'Tis nobly promised;

But never can I dare to rest a hope
For worth is rare, and wants a friend in Sweden; On any arm but his.
And yet I tell thee, in her age of heroes,

Arn. And yet, I trust,
When nursed by freedom, all her sons grew great, This stranger, that delights to dwell with dark-
And every peasant was a prince in virtue :

ness, I greatly err, or this abandoned stranger Unknown, unfriended, compassed round with Had stepped the first for famne—though now hc wretchedness, seeks

Conceals some mighty purpose in his breast, To veil his name, and cloud his shine of virtues; Now labouring into birth. For there is danger in them.

And. When came he hither? And. True, Amoldus;

Arn. Six moons have changed upon the face Were there a prince, throughout the sceptered

of night, globe,

Since here he first arrived, in servile weeds, Who searched out merit, for its due preferment, But yet of mein majestic. I observed him, With half that care our tyrant seeks it out And, ever as I gazed, some namcless charm, For ruin; happy, happy were that state, A wondrous greatness not to be concealed, Beyond the golden fable of those pure

Broke through his form, and awed my soul beAnd early ages. Wherefore this, good Ileaven? fore him. Is it of fate, that, who assumes a crown,

Amid these mines, he earns the hireling's porThrows off humanity?

tion; Arn. So Cristiern holds.

His hands out-toil the hind; while, on his brow, He claims our country as by right of conquest, Sits Patience, bathed in the laborious drops A right to every wrong. Even now, 'tis said, Of painful industry I oft have sought, The tyrant envies what our mountains yield With friendly tender of some worthier service, Of health, or aliment; he comes upon us, To win him from his temper; but he shuns Attended by a numerous host, to seize

All offers, yet declined with graceful act, These last retreats of our expiring liberty. Engaging beyond utterance: and, at eve, And. Say'st thou ?

When all retire to some domestic solace, Arn. This rising day, this instant hour, He only stays, and, as you see, the earth Thus chaced, we stand upon the utmost brink Receives him to her dark and cheerless bosom. Of steep perdition, and must leap the precipice, And. Has no unwary moment e'er betrayed Or turn upon our hunters.

The labours of his soul, some favourite griet, And. Now, Gustavus !

Whereon to raise conjecture? Thou prop and glory of inglorious Sweden, Arn. I saw, as some bold peasants late deWhere art thou, mightiest man?

-Were he but plored here!

Their country's bondage, sudden passion scized I'll tell thee, my Arnoldus, I beheld him, And bore him from his seeming; strait his form Then when he first drew sword, serene and Was turn’d to terror, ruin filled his eye, dreadful,

And his proud step appeared to awe the world: As the browed evening ere the thunder break; When checked, as though an impotence of For soon he made it toilsome to our eyes

rage, To mark his speed, and trace the paths of con- Damp sadness soon usurped upon his brow, quest.

And the big tear rolled graceful down his viIn vain we followed, where he swept the field;

sage. 'Twas death alone could wait upon Gustavus. And. Your words imply a man of much imArn. He was, indeed, whatc'er our wish could portance. form him.

Arn. So I suspected, and at dead of night And. Arrayed and beauteous in the blood of Stole on his slumbers; his full heart was busy, Danes,

And oft his tongue pronounced the hated name The invaders of his country, thrice he chaced Of-bloody Cristiern- -there he seemed to This Cristiern, this fell conqueror, this usurper,

pause; With rout and foul dishonour at his heels, And, recollected to one voice, he cried, To plunge his head in Denmark.

O Sweden! O my country! Yet I'll save thee.' Arn. Nor ever had the tyrant known return, And. Forbear-he rises---Heavens, what maTo tread our necks, and blend us with the dust, jesty! Had he not dared to break through every law That sanctifies the nations, seized our hero,

Enter GUSTAVUS. The pledge of specious treaty, tore him from And. Your pardon, stranger, if the voice of us,

virtue, And led him, chained, to Denmark.

If cordial amity from man to man, And. Then we fell.

And somewhat that should whisper to the soul, If still he lives, we yet may learn to rise, To seek and cheer the sufferer, led me hither,

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