The Armies of To-day: A Description of the Armies of the Leading Nations at the Present Time

Harper & brothers, 1892 - 438 Seiten

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Seite 68 - Now were brought into service a new sort of soldiers, called Grenadiers, who were dexterous in flinging hand grenados, every one having a pouch full ; they had furred caps with coped crowns like Janizaries, which made them look very fierce, and some had long hoods hanging down behind, as we picture fools. Their clothing being likewise piebald, yellow and red.
Seite 15 - During the war this most vital branch of the service never failed. It answers to the demand, and is ever ready to meet the national call. It is plain, therefore, that the abundance of our means for war enables the government of the United States to reduce the standing force to a lower degree than any other nation. Unless war be actually raging, the military force can be brought within very narrow limits. However sudden the exigency calling...
Seite 65 - England, whatever might be the feelings towards him in moments of great national danger. The following doggerel has always been only too true : "When war is rife and danger nigh, 'God and the soldier' is the people's cry; When peace is made and all things righted, God's forgot and the soldier slighted.
Seite 6 - We have borne all that men can bear — our property is expended — our private resources are at an end, and our friends are wearied out and disgusted with our incessant applications.
Seite 11 - ... personnel and materiel of the service. The records referred to are a consequence of the Articles of War and special laws. The duties of an officer of the Inspector-General's Department also require special and peculiar qualifications, but of a kind marked by distinctive features, the officers having to do with the inspection of the Army through every department and branch of service, and of all matters relating to its operations, embracing all fiscal concerns, discipline, and police. It is the...
Seite 9 - ADVANCE-GUARD one second lieutenant. Consequently, in the artillery regiment there are twenty-six first lieutenants, allowing two for each company, and one each as adjutant and quartermaster. The field officers consist of a colonel, lieutenantcolonel, and three majors. In each regiment of artillery there are two horse batteries, the officers of which are changed from time to time with the officers of foot batteries, so that all may be in structed in this important part of the artillery officer's...

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