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Seite 246 - At first, the flowers are enclosed in a sheath, but as they come to maturity, that drops off. The fruit is about an inch in diameter, eight or nine inches long, and bent a little on one side. As it ripens, it turns yellow ; and when ripe, it is filled with a pulp of a luscious sweet taste. The Banana...
Seite 194 - Maize is now very extensively cultivated, not only in America, but throughout a great part of Asia and Africa, and also in several countries of the south of Europe, as in Spain and Italy. In many of the provinces of France, it forms almost exclusively the sustenance of the inhabitants.
Seite 152 - Britain, and fill every bay and creek with their numbers : others pass on towards Yarmouth, the great and ancient mart of herrings : they then pass through the British channel, and after that in a manner disappear...
Seite 117 - ... arts. It is employed by lapidaries in the cutting and polishing of precious stones, by opticians in smoothing the surface of the finer kinds of lenses, preparatory to their being polished, by cutlers and other manufacturers of...
Seite 230 - Penang canes from the island of that name, together with some other small palms which are used for walking-sticks, the roots serving to form the knobs or handles. The knobs of these sticks exhibit irregular dots something like the scales of snakes ; these arise from the small roots proceeding from the principal stem, which latter shows dotted fibres at each end of the stick, and streaks along the side of the same. The twisted...
Seite 284 - ... the woof is hidden beneath the warp, which, presenting an even, close and smooth surface, is the more capable of reflecting the rays of light. In this way satin acquires that lustre and brilliancy which distinguish it from most other kinds of silks. The chief seats of this branch of manufacture are Lyons in France, and Genoa and Florence in Italy.
Seite 16 - ... entertainment with instruction. The book is well written, the accounts of naval engagements are graphic and inspiring, and if no attempts have been made to write a systematic history of maritime enterprise, there is at all events presented a vast mass of information in an attractive form."—Athenceum.

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