Report of the Annual Meeting, Band 39

J. Murray., 1870

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Dr A Matthiessen and C R Wright on the Action of Hydrochloric Acid
Report of a Committee consisting of Mr C W Merrifield F R S
Mr W H Russell on the Mechanical Tracing of Curves
Report of the Committee appointed to consider and report how
Preliminary Report of the Committee appointed for the determination
On the Chemical Reactions of Light discovered by Professor Tyndall
Dr Thomas Moffat on the Oxidation of Phosphorus and the Quantity
On Fossils obtained at Kiltorkan Quarry Co Kilkenny By Wm Hel
Report of the Committee on the Chemical Nature of Cast Iron
Report on the practicability of establishing A Close Time for
Experimental Researches on the Mechanical Properties of Steel
Prof Clkland on the Interpretation of the Limbs and Lower Jaw
Dr Chables Kidd on the Physiology of Sleep and of Chloroform Anesthesia
Second Report on the British Fossil Corals By Dr P Marttn Duncan
The Rev J MCanns Philosophical Objection to Darwinism or Evolution
Report of the Committee appointed to get cut and prepared Sections
Fifth Report of the Committee for Exploring Kents Cavern Devon
Report of the Committee on tho Connexion between Chemical Consti
On Emission Absorption and Eeflection of Obscuro Heat By Prof
Report on the best means of providing for a uniformity of Weights
Supplement to the Second Report of the Committeo on the Condensation
Report on Mineral Veins in Carboniferous Limestone and their Organic
Notes on the Foraminifera of Mineral Veins and the adjacent Strata
Interim Report of the Committee on the Laws of the Flow and Action
On the Influence of Form considered in Relation to the Strength
On the Penetration of Armourplates with long Shells of large capacity
Dr Balfottb Stewabt on a Selfrecording Raingauge 52
Dr Thomas Andrews on the Absorptionbands of Bile 59
Dr T L Phipson on the Solubility of Lead and Copper in pure and impure
Mr Walter Weldon on the Manufacture of Chlorine by means of perpetu
Mr Robert Brown on the Elevation and Depression of the Greenland Coast 85
Mr G Wareinq Ormerods Sketch of the Granite of the Northerly
Mr H Woodward on Freshwater Deposits of the Valley of the River Lea
Mr It Brown on the Mammalian Fauna of Northwest America 109
Letter from Prof Wyville Thomson to the Rev A M Norman on
Dr J D Heatons further Observations on Dendroidal Forms assumed
Sir Duncan Gibb on the Paucity of Aboriginal Monuments in Canada 133
Address by Sir Bartle Frere President of the Section 152
Beke on a Canal to unite the Upper Nile and Red Sea 150
Address by tho Right Honourable Sir Staffobd Nohthcote Bart C B
Mr William Botley on the Condition of the Agricultural Labourer 170
Mr Frank P Fellowes on our National Accounts 100
Mr F Pordys Statistical Notes on some Experiments in Agriculture 107
Mr John Frederic Bateman and Julian John Rbvts Description of
Mr Thomas Login on Roads and Railways in Northern India as affected
Mr G J Symons on a Method of determining the true amount of Evapora
Mr T S Prideaux on the Occasional definition of the Convolutions of
Prof Leone Levi on the Economical Condition and Wages of the Agricultural
Dr Hickss Notes on the Discovery of some Fossil Plants in the Cambrian
Professor F CraceCalveht on the Amount of Soluble and Insoluble Phos
Mr Trelawney W Saunderss Account of Mr Coopers Attempt to reach

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Seite xlii - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another, and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Seite 171 - L'honneur est comme une île escarpée et sans bords : On n'y peut plus rentrer dès qu'on en est dehors.
Seite xvii - Members of the Association. Persons not belonging to such Institutions shall be elected by the General Committee or Council, to become Life Members of the Association, Annual Subscribers, or Associates for the year, subject to tho approval of a General Meeting.
Seite 317 - Commission appointed to inquire into the best mode of distributing the Sewage of Towns, and applying it to beneficial and profitable uses.
Seite 162 - On his return, he published an account of the country, full of the grossest and most palpable lies that were ever attempted to be imposed on the credulity of mankind...
Seite 139 - I have lived with communities of savages in South America and in the East, who have no laws or law courts but the public opinion of the village freely expressed. Each man scrupulously respects the rights of his fellow, and any infraction of those rights rarely or never takes place. In such a community, all are nearly equal.
Seite 151 - Each organism exhibits within a short ' space of time, a series of changes which, when supposed to ' occupy a period indefinitely great, and to go on in various ' ways instead of one way, give us a tolerably clear conception ' of organic evolution in general.
Seite civ - ... which I regard, not as balancing and suspending the ordinary physical laws, but as working with them and through them to the attainment of a designed end. What this something, which we call life, may be, Is a profound mystery. We know not how many links In the chain of secondary causation may yet remain behind; we know not how few. It would be presumptuous indeed...
Seite 5 - Were it not unbecoming to dilate on one's personal experience, I could tell a story of almost romantic interest about my own latest researches in a field where Geometry, Algebra, and the Theory of Numbers melt in a surprising manner into one another, like sunset tints or the colours of the dying dolphin, "the last still loveliest...
Seite xvii - SUBSCRIBERS shall pay, on admission, the sum of Two Pounds, and in each following year the sum of One Pound. They shall receive gratuitously the Reports of the Association for the year of their admission and for the years in which they continue to pay without intermission their Annual Subscription. By omitting to pay this Subscription in any particular year, Members of this class (Annual Subscribers) lose for that and all future years the privilege of receiving the volumes of the Association gratis...

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