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" He ßeiveth no Mercy to a Man, 'who is like Himfelf, and doth he ajk... "
The means of redressing, and the duty of forgiving injuries consider'd, a sermon - Seite 15
von George Periam - 1755
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Sermons Upon the Following Subjects: The Natural Advantages of Men for ...

John Orr (Archdeacon of Ferns.) - 1749
...beareth Hatred again/I Eccluf. another, and doth he feek Pardon from the 3> 4"'" Lord? He Jheiueth no Mercy to a Man who is like himfelf, and doth he ajk Forgivenefs of his own Sins ? 5. Laftly, To render our Prayers fuccefsful, we muft follow them with...
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Poems, &c. &c

Mary Alcock - 1799 - 183 Seiten
...forgiven ; one man beareth hatred againft another, and doth he feek pardon from the Lord ? he fheweth no mercy to a man who is like himfelf, and doth he afk forgivenefs of his own fins ? If he that is but flefh nouriili hatred, who will entreat for pardon...
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