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Printed for C. Bathurst, W. Strahan, J. F. and C. Rivington,
J. Hinton, L. Davis, W. Owen, T. Caflon, E. Johnson, S. Crowder,
B. White, T. Longman, B. Law, E. and C. Dilly, C. Corbett,
T. Cadell, H. L. Gardener, J. Nichols, J. Bew, J. Beecroft,
W. Stuart, T. Lowndes, J. Robfon, T. Payne, T. Becket,
F. Newbery, G. Robinson, R. Baldwin, J. Williams, J. Ridley,
T. Evans, W. Davies, W. Fox, and J. Murray,


[blocks in formation]

Perfons Represented

King of France.
Duke of Florence.

Bertram, Count of Roufillon.

Lafeu, an old Lord.

Parolles, a parafitical follower of Bertram ; a coward, but vain, and a great pretender to valour.

Several young French Lords, that ferve with Bertram in the Florentine war.


} Servants to the Countess of Roufillon.

Countess of Roufillon, mother to Bertram.

Helena, daughter to Gerard de Narbon, a famous phyfician, fome time fince dead.

An old widow of Florence.

Diana, Daughter to the widow.

Violenta 3,


Neighbours and friends to the widow.

Lords, attending on the King; Officers, Soldiers, &c.

SCENE lies partly in France, and partly in Tuscany.

The perfons were first enumerated by Rowe.

2 Parolles.] I fuppofe we should write this name Paroles, i.e. a creature made up of empty words. STEEVENS.

3 Violenta only enters once, and then she neither speaks, nor is fpoken to. STEEvens.


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