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" ... radioactivity reveals the atom as a reservoir of energy. The measurements of Curie and Labord show that the disintegration of one gram of radium produces 300,000 times as much energy as is produced by combustion of one gram of coal. Thompson estimates... "
Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society - Seite 96
von Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society (Chapel Hill, N.C.) - 1911
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The South Atlantic Quarterly, Band 10

John Spencer Bassett, Edwin Mims, William Henry Glasson, William Preston Few, William Kenneth Boyd, William Hane Wannamaker - 1911
...combustion of one gram of coal. Thompson estimates that enough energy is stored within the atoms of one gram of hydrogen to raise a million tons through a...electric transmissions, sources of light, and related phenomona, it must not be assumed that the problem of the ultimate nature of matter has been solved....
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War, Science, and Terrorism: From Laboratory to Open Conflict

Jacques Richardson - 2002 - 342 Seiten
...bane of humanity. Chemist George Pegram commented to the North Carolina Academy of Sciences (1911), 'Probably the most important problem before the physicist today is that of making the enormous energy [within the atom] available for the world's work.' The following year Pegram invited...
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