Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Band 27

Vols. 20- include Proceedings of the North Carolina academy of science, 1902-

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Seite 41 - We thought, as we hollowed his narrow bed, And smoothed down his lonely pillow, That the foe and the stranger would tread o'er his head, And we far away on the billow ! Lightly they'll talk of the spirit that's gone, And o'er his cold ashes upbraid him ; But little he'll reck, if they let him sleep on In the grave where a Briton has laid him.
Seite 96 - In fact, that all mass is mass of the ether, all momentum, momentum of the ether, and all kinetic energy, kinetic energy of the ether. This view, it should be said, requires the density of the ether to be immensely greater than that of any known substance.
Seite 71 - ... Carolina I found in this garden a superb collection of trees and plants that had survived almost a total neglect for nearly the space of four years. I likewise found there a great number of trees belonging to the old continent, that my father had planted, some of which were in the most flourishing state. I principally remarked two ginkgo bilobas, that had not been planted above seven years, and which were then upward of thirty feet in height; several sterculia platanifolia, which had yielded...
Seite 96 - ... radioactivity reveals the atom as a reservoir of energy. The measurements of Curie and Labord show that the disintegration of one gram of radium produces 300,000 times as much energy as is produced by combustion of one gram of coal. Thompson estimates that enough energy is stored within the atoms of one gram of hydrogen to raise a million tons through a hundred yards. This enormous supply of energy found within the atom has been used to account for the sun's heat, and to greatly modify our opinion...
Seite 71 - ... upward of six years; in short, more than a hundred and fifty mimosa illibrissin, the first plant of which came from Europe about ten inches in diameter. I set several before my return to France, this tree being at that time very much esteemed for its magnificent flowers. The Agricultural Society at Carolina are now in possession of this garden: they intend keeping it in order, and cultivating the useful vegetables belonging to the old continent, which, from the analogy of the climate, promise...
Seite 96 - ... structure, like a cobweb, a milky way, or a comet's tail; and the inertia of matter — that is, the combined inertia of a group of electrified ether particles— must be a mere residual fraction of the mass of the main bulk of undifferentiated continuous fluid occupying the same space; of which fluid the particles are hypothetically composed, and in which they freely move.
Seite 70 - Carolina must be favourable to the culture of several useful vegetables of the old continent, and made a memorial of them, which he read to the Agricultural Society at Charleston. A few happy essays confirmed him in his opinion, but his return to Europe did not permit him to continue his former attempts. On my arrival at Carolina I found in this garden a superb collection of trees and plants that had survived almost a total neglect for nearly the space of four years.
Seite 96 - Thus our hypothesis is as follows: Throughout the greater part of space we find simple unmodified ether, elastic and massive, squirming and quivering with energy, yet stationary as a whole. Here and there, however, we find specks of electrified ether, isolated yet connected together by fields of force, and in a state of violent locomotion. "These specks are what, in the form of prodigious aggregates, we know as 'matter'; and the greater number of sensible phenomena, such as viscosity, heat, sound,...
Seite 170 - A Medico-Botanical Catalogue of the Plants and Ferns of St. John's, Berkeley, South Carolina " (Charleston, 1847) ; " A Sketch of the Medical Botany of South Carolina " (Philadelphia, 1849) ; " The Medicinal, Poisonous, and Dietetic Properties of the Cryptogamic Plants of the United States " (New York, 1854) ; " Illustrations of Disease with the Microscope, and Clinical Investigations aided...
Seite 95 - ... that the whole mass of any body is just the mass of ether surrounding the body which is carried along by the Faraday tubes associated with the atoms of the body.

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