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1843 187. Mr. Hamilton to the Earl of Nov. 22 Case of Negress Serafina 417

Aberdeen 193.

Dec. 2 Negroes of the Paquete

de Benguela and Asseiceira

420 194.

Dec. 23 Case of the Dous Amigos 422

1844 196. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Feb. 27 Case of the Vencedora... 423

Hamilton 197.

Feb. 27 | Reply to demand for re

storation of Negro

424 201. Mr. Hamilton to the Earl of Jan. 27 | Ubatuba affair. Apology Aberdeen

demanded from Gover-
nor of St. Paul

424 204.

Feb. 27 Non-fulfilment by Brazil

of stipulations of the

Slave 'I'rade Treaty........ 427 208. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. April 26 Approval of above

Hamilton 209. Mr. Hamilton to the Earl of Mar. 12 Case of the Dous Amigos 445

Aberdeen 210.

Mar. 12 | Demand for restitution of
Negro André

446 211.

Mar. 12 Passenger in Vencedora

slaver, M. J. Madeira,

sent to the Cape ........... 447 215.

April 24 Case of the Vencedora.... 447 216.

April 24 Ditto ditto

454 217. M. Lisboa to the Earl of Aber- June 27 Demands recall of the indeen

structions issued September 11, 1843, to the Sierra Leone Commissioners respecting refer. ence to arbitration in Brazilian cases of equipment

.... 456 219. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. July 2 Case of the Maria Theresa 459

Hamilton 220. Mr. Hamilton to the Earl of May 13 Detention of the RelamAberdeen

pago by H. M. S. Dolphim.....

459 225.

July 17 Detention of the Relampago

460 230.

Oct. 12 Case of the Cyrus..

461 231.

Oct. 12 Principe Americano vi

sited by H.M.S. Racer, complaint

461 232.

464 233. M. Lisboa"to the Earl of Aber. Dec. 20 Case of the Relampago ; deen

Oct. 12 Case of the Sooy

claims indemnity 465 234. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Dec. 31 Instruction as to sending Hamilton

emancipated Negroes to the British West India colonies

...... 467

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SUBJECT. Consular:

235. Mr. Hesketh to the Earl of Aber. Nov. 11 Explanation of his rea-

sons for refusing to
attest M. Fonseca's pa-


1844 236. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Mar. 6 On his refusal to attest Hesketh

M. Fonseca's papers .... 469 242. Mr. Hesketh to the Earl of Aber. July 27 Destruction of M. Fon. deen

seca's goods at Cabinda 470 244.

Sept. 25 British subjects impli

cated in Slave Trade ..., 471

BRAZIL (PABA.) Consular:

1843 253. Mr. Ryan to the Earl of Aberdeen Nov. 10 Report on Slave Trade

and slavery in the pro

vince of Para............... 471 254.

Nov. 24 Replies to queries on

Slave Trade and slavery

in the province of Para 475

1844 256.

Jan. 10 Census of province of

Para, December 31,1843 478

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BRAZIL (PABAIBA). Consular :

1844 263. Mr. Newcomen to the Earl of May 29 Report on slavery and Aberdeen

Slave Trade in Brazil.... 478 24.

July 22 Statistics of population

of province of Paraiba 494


1844 265. Mr. Cowper to the Earl of Aber- Jan. 1 Annual report on Slave

Trade and slavery ........ 496



1843 269. Sir Edward Disbrowe to the Earl Dec. 29 Negroes illegally introof Aberdeen

duced into Surinam

after the Treaty of 1818 502

1844 271. The Earl of Aberdeen to Sir Feb. 5 Negroes of the Légère... 503

Edward Digbrowe 272. Sir Edward Disbrowe to the Earl Feb. 6 Ditto ditto

504 of Aberdeen 273.

Feb. 20 Ditto ditto

505 277. Mr. Hudson to the Earl of Aber. Mayo Negroes of the Snow 506 deen

May 7 Negroes of the Légère.... 506 279.

May 7 Case of the Negro Cas






281. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. June 25 Negroes bought in Dela-

goa Bay by the master
of the Dutch brig Bra-
zilia ........

508 283. Mr. Hudson to the Earl of Aber- July 12 Negroes of the Légère. deen

Beverley and Leach,

512 285. The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Sept. 3 Relatives of the Negroes Hudson

of the Snow, held in sla

very in Surinam 513 286. Mr. Hudson to the Earl of Aug. 81 Negroes of the Snow Aberdeen

claim to compensation
for their labour in Suri.




289. Sir T. Cartwright to the Earl of Jan. 30 Further orders sent for

dismissal of M. Gaspary
from Tunis

516 291.

Oct. 18 Proposed emancipation of
slaves in St. Bartholo-





331. Mr. Griffiths to the Earl of Aber- Nov. 1 Replies to queries on

Slave Trade and slavery
in the Argentine Con-


359. Colonel Walpole to the Earl of Dec. 14 Replies_to queries on

Slave Trade and slavery
in Chile


1844 361.

Jan. 18 Limits of right of search 521 365.

Feb. 27 Establishment of Mixed


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.. 525

No. 1.-Mr. Bulwer to the Earl of Aberdeen.-(Rec. January 15.) My LORD

Madrid, January 7, 1844. In obedience to the instructions contained in your Lordship's despatch of the 19th ultimo, I have the honour to inclose a copy of the note which I have addressed to Senhor Gonzalez Bravo, regarding the late occupation of the island of Fernando Po by the Spanish Government.

I have, &c. The Earl of Aberdeen, K.T. HENRY LYTTON BULWER. (Inclosure.)-Mr. Bulwer to Señor Gonzalez Bravo. Sir,

Madrid, January 3, 1844. Her Majesty's Government having received information of the intention of the Government of Spain to assume the administration of the Island of Fernando Po, and to establish a settlement upon it, I have been instructed to make to your Excellency the following observations.

Her Majesty's Government having acknowledged the right of Spain to the sovereignty of Fernando Po, they have no objection to offer to the measures which it is said the Spanish Government are about to take with respect to it.

The object which Her Majesty's Government had in view, in offering to purchase from the Spanish Crown the sovereignty of Fernando Po, was the effectual suppression of the Slave Trade ; for which object they were of opinion, that the possession of that island would afford greater facilities. And if now Her Catholic Majesty's Government are about to form an establishment on that island, Her Majesty's Government feel that they are justified in requiring that the great and humane purpose to which I have just alluded, shall be kept steadily in view; and that, in accordance with the spirit of the Treaty by which the 2 Crowns are bound, the Spanish Government shall not permit the baneful evil of Slave Trade to spring up in the spot they are about to occupy; but on the contrary, use every means which their position in Fernando Po will afford them for putting down this irregular traffic.

I am further directed specially to require, that any Spanish authorities who may be established in the island shall be enjoined to gire that protection to the persons and property of the English missionaries and settlers which, in virtue of ancient friendly Treaties, it is the duty of Her Majesty's Government to claim for them as subjects of the British Crown.

I thus address your Excellency in the perfect confidence that Her Catholic Majesty's Government will readily furnish the assurance that the wishes of Her Majesty's Government will in this instance be fully complied with.

I have, &c. H.E. Don Luis Gonzalez Bravo. HENRY LYTTON BULWER.

No. 2.- The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Bulwer. SIR,

Foreign Office, January 18, 1844. With reference to my despatch of the 13th ultimo, respecting the conduct of the authorities in Cuba, in the execution of the Treaties between Great Britain and Spain, I herewith transmit to you copies of a despatch from Her Majesty's Commissioners, and of 2 despatches from Her Majesty's Consul-General, which I have received since the date of my despatch to you. From these communications you will perceive that the Slave Trade is still permitted to be carried on with impunity in Cuba and that the Captain-General, following out the intention which he intimated in his note of the 29th October to the Consul-General, has not even acknowledged the receipt of Mr. Crawford's last communication; and he has required Her Majesty's Commissioners, in addressing him, to limit themselves to statements of acts done, without venturing upon any observations inculpating Spanish functionaries.


You will state to the Spanish Minister, by note, that Her Majesty's Government may reasonably hope that the Government of Her Catholic Majesty will not countenance the conduct of the Captain-General of Cuba in this particular.

It is the duty of Her Majesty's agents to make communications to the Spanish Local authorities on the execution of Treaties between Great Britain and Spain ; and it is no less the duty of the Spanish functionaries to receive and pay due attention to such communications.

If there had been, in the letters of Her Majesty's Commissioners, or of Her Majesty's Consul-General, upon these occasions, anything objectionable, either in matter or in tone, Her Majesty's Government would have deemed it incumbent upon them to express their disapproval of the conduct of the British functionaries in this respect; but it appears to Her Majesty's Government that the letters in question contain only matter which it was right that Her Majesty's Consul-General and Commissioners should bring to the knowledge of the Captain-General, and that they are couched in language in which there is nothing to disapprove. Such being the case, Her Majesty's Government feel that the Captain-General of Cuba ought to be directed to change his conduct towards the British functionaries, and to receive, acknowledge, and attend to the representations made by them; and you

will therefore demand that orders to that effect may be issued to him.

The information contained in the accompanying despatches, respecting the Slave Trade carried on in Cuba, will serve to strengthen the remonstrances which, by my instruction of the 31st ultimo, you are directed to make upon this point to the Spanish Government.

I am, &c. H. L. Bulwer, Esq.


No. 10.-The Earl of Aberdeen to Mr. Bulwer. SIR,

Foreign Office, March 25, 1844. DURING the last war between Great Britain and the United States of America, the British forces having occupied a post on the coast of Florida, called Prospect Bluffs, a portion of the population of that part of the country were taken into British service, On the

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