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MESSAGE of the Government of Buenos Ayres, on the Opening

of the Legislative Assembly.-Palermo de San Benito,

December 27, 1843. (Translation.) GENTLEMEN REPRESENTATIVES,

I CONGRATULATE you upon the inauguration of your high mission. The criminal efforts made by the sanguinary Unitarians to prevent you from attaining to this auspicious moment, have been as pertinacious as they were futile. Never fading laurels have crowned your brows, and deathless renown is your acknowledged desert, while the Omnipotent, irradiating your supreme counsels, has endowed you with the most exalted virtues. The victorious Confederation, fearless as to the judgment of civilized nations, heroically defends its liberties and shines forth resplendent with glory. It is true that the attainment of the blessings of peace, so ardently desired, has been prevented by an act of the most horrible perfidy and inhumanity, abetted by crafty machinations, but it is on the enemies of reason that will rest exclusively the awful responsibility of the dire consequences of such proceedings. Justice has triumphed over their blood-thirsty schemes, and glorious victories have been prepared by your wisdom and energetic virtue. There are events which, surviving all other recollections, immortalize the name of the nation they are associated with. At length you have reached this auspicious day, and, for this, as well as for other infinite favours granted by Divine Providence, I pour out my thanksgivings, and impressed with feelings of the humblest gratitude for the protection vouchsafed us by the Omnipotent, I tender you, Honourable Representatives, my sincerest congratulations, - I rest obedient to your sovereign will.

Department of Foreign Affairs. The Argentine Confederation, faithful to the principles of peace and of strict neutrality as regards the internal affairs of other States, draws still closer the ties of amity and good will with frienaly nations.

I have laid before you, Honourable Representatives, the account of an unexpected occurrence which requires your most careful consideration.

Commodore John Brett Purvis, commander of the naval forces of Her Britannic Majesty on the Eastern Coast of South America, making common cause with the enemies of the Confederation in Monte Video, co-operates in their triumph, and has inflicted the most serious injuries upon the Republic.

To insinuations, derogatory to the national Sovereignty, he added public insult to the Argentine flag; and, in contempt of the law

of nations, and the faith of Treaties, he protracts the war, causing thereby a vast effusion of blood, and an immense loss of property.

In the explanations which were promptly required by the Government, and of which you have been already informed, it demanded the satisfaction and reparation due for such unjustifiable outrages.

The official, conclusive, and friendly assurances which Her Majesty's Minister resident here gave to this Government, have been renewed by the declarations of the Court of London.

I hare submitted my conduct to your sovereign judgment, and you have deigned to accord it your entire approbation.

Although Her Britannic Majesty's Government had recognized the blockade of the port of Monte Video, this same British Commodore has recently given fresh offence by repudiating it a second time, under the pretext that the legal President of the Oriental State had ordered the port of Maldonado to be closed against trading vessels.

This unpleasant event took place a few days after the British Minister had informed this Government of his baving received orders from Her Majesty to acquaint it that, with respect to the proceedings of the British Commodore in Monte Video, Her Majesty's Government had sent such instructions to the commander of their naval forces in the River Plate as would insure a due respect on his part to the belligerent rights of the Argentine Republic.

By this fresh and extraordinary act of animosity, the British Commodore has rendered still more culpable his former irritating attacks upon the universal principles which regulate the 2 conditions of war and neutrality. He has attacked the territorial rights of the lawful authority of the Oriental State of the Uruguay, and the belligerent ones of the Argentine and Oriental Republics. He has not only taken upon himself, but has also laid upon Her Britannic Majesty's naval forces under his command, an immense responsibility in the face of these Republics, of America and the whole civilized world. The Government views with deep dissatisfaction such unexampled obstinacy on the part of the British Naval Commander, so opposite to the friendly and dignified conrse pursued by Her Majesty's Minister, but it confidently expects to obtain full satisfaction and compensation from the Cabinet of Great Britain. Her Majesty and all friendly Governments will recognize in this sincerity and moderation the most significant proof of an unremitting love of peace. It is the strict duty of the Government never to consent to any diminution of the sovereignty, liberty, honour, and dignity of the Confederation. In due time it will lay before you the result, and submit its conduct, in this delicate question, to your sovereign decision.

The Government of Great Britain was pleased to communicate to that of the Republic the lamented decease of His Royal Highness the

Duke of Sussex, the much-beloved uncle of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

The Confederation sympathized with Her Majesty in her affliction, and all the civil and military employés went into the customary mourning.

The auspicious birth of a princess with whom Divine Providence has blessed Her Majesty, having been notified to the Government, the latter hastened to offer its sincerest congratulations to Her Majesty. . On account of the indisposition of the Governor of the Province, the presentation of the Royal letter, in which Her Majesty announces the marriage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta Caroline Elizabeth Mary Sophia Louisa of Cambridge with His Royal Highness the Hereditary Grand Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitz, has not yet taken place; but as soon as the above functionary becomes convalescent, the Government will have great pleasure in receiving it, and in expressing to Her Majesty its cordial congratulations.

The Government trusts that, actuated by a spirit of justice, Her Britannic Majesty's Government will speedily take into consideration the rights of the Republic to the territory of the Falkland Islands,

Encouraged by the aggressions of Commodore Purvis, a portion of the French population in Monte Video has risen in arms against the Confederation. The Minister Plenipotentiary of His Majesty the King of the French to this Government, pursuing an honourable and praiseworthy line of conduct, has entered his written protest against this occurrence, which he has reprobated in the strongest and most unequivocal terms.

The Government has deeply deplored this extraordinary event, which the urgent commands of His Majesty have, as yet, failed to put an end to; but while perfectly aware of the evils already occasioned by this occurrence, as well of the future ones which may result therefrom, nevertheless, fully persuaded of the upright policy of His Majesty, the Government hopes that by adopting measures of justice and foresight, they may be avoided. It was with much satisfaetion the Government announced to you that His Majesty the King of the French had approved the conduct of his Minister Plenipotentiary to this Republic, relative to the recognition of the blockade of the port of Monte Video.

In consequence of this approval and of the elevated policy maintained by His Majesty's Government, that of the Confederation recognizes with pleasure in the honourable, pacific, and neutral conduct of His Majesty's agents, the gratifying result of the justice with which the Government of France is animated in the war which the Republic is now carrying on against Rivera.

His Majesty has, with deep feeling, acknowledged our expressions of poignant grief for the lamentaule death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Orleans. The civil and military employés of the Confederation went into the usual mourning for 2 days.

It having pleased Divine Providence, in its regard for France, to preserve the lives of His Majesty, the Queen, the Duchess of Orleans, and the Count of Paris, from a serious danger which threatened them, the Government has assured His Majesty of its satisfaction at this happy event, and offered him its sincere congratulations thereon.

The Minister of His Majesty the King of the French having presented the bases for the establishment of a line of steam-packets between Europe and America, the Government has had much satis. faction in accepting them subject to such conditions as it deemed expedient to propose.

The Governor of the Province will, as soon as the state of his health permits, have great pleasure in receiving the Royal letter addressed to him by His Majesty, announcing to him the marriage of Her Royal Highness the Princess Clementina of Orleans with the Prince of Saxe-Coburg Gotha, and in conreying to His Majesty his sincere congratulations on the happy event.

I have informed you that the enlightened Governments of Her Britannic Majesty and of His Majesty the King of the French, rendering due justice to that of the Confederation, have approved of the replies of their Ministers Plenipotentiaries accredited to this Republic, recognizing the blockade of the port of Monte Video. In the correspondence with their Ministers here, the joint disapproval by the 2 Courts of the acts of Commodore Purvis is expressly stated.

The Republic of Bremen has ratified the recognition of the independence of the Confederation, made by the Consul of Hamburg here, in the name of the Senate of that Republic.

The Government maintains its relations of brotherly friendship with the American States. It respects their independence, observes the strictest neutrality in their internal dissensions, and ardently desires that they may enjoy peace both at home and abroad.

The Government trusts that the illustrious Cabinet of the United States of North America will finally be convinced of the justice of our claims.

You have been informed, Honourable Representatives, of the correspondence which has taken place with the Brazilian Minister to this Republic, relative to the unscrupulous proceedings of the Minister resident in Monte Video, in regard to the non-recognition of the blockade of that port, and of the resolution which the Government was forced to adopt in order to preserve peace with the Empire, and to maintain the high respect due to the dignity of the Republic. You have approved of its conduct, and prescribed to it important duties.

The Government feels a satisfaction in anticipating that the Cabinet of Brazil, whose policy is at once friendly and sincere, will not, especially after having disapproved of the conduct of its Ministers in this Republic and in Monte Video, disregard the just remonstrances and well-founded claims of the Argentine Minister accredited to His Majesty. The triumphs of the Imperial arms in the province of San Pedro, on the Rio Grande, have been highly gratifying to the Government, and it sincerely hopes that no connivance between the rebel chief Rivera and the insurgents may disturb the happy peace of the Empire.

His Imperial Majesty having been pleased to announce the marriage of the Princess Francisca Carolina, his beloved sister, with His Royal Highness the Prince of Joinville, son of His Majesty the King of the French, the Government has felt unqualified pleasure in congratulating His Majesty upon the event.

Circumstances sufficiently notorious, and well known to Representatives, have prevented the Government from coming to a decision upon certain matters connected with its relations with that of the Republic of Chile, and have consequently retarded the departure of the Argentine Minister. It will, however, effect this object, as soon as possible, in that spirit of brotherly kindness which it has always evinced towards that country.

A horrible conspiracy, encouraged by the atrocious designs of the enemy of America, disturbed the peace and happiness of Bolivia. The assassins have expiated their crime. The Government has congratulated the illustrious President of that Republic on the special protection vouchsafed to him by Divine Providence.

That of Bolivia, animated by the most friendly sentiments towards this country, has accredited a Chargé d'Affaires, whom this Government has felt pleasure in recognizing. It is desirous of strengthening the amicable relations already established with that Republic, and of carrying into effect the mission which has been announced.

The Oriental Republic of the Uruguay has destroyed the humili. ating domination of a truculent usurper, and the anthority of the laws, re-established by the will and courage of Orientals and Argentines, now reigns throughout the greater part of its territory. The happy day approaches in which, by the disappearance of foreign interference and of the remnants of the hordes of the American renegado, peace will be restored in the 2 Republics of La Plata, and each of them will be enabled to consolidate its respective, absolute, and glorious independence.


The provinces of the Confederation defend their liberties with distinguished glory, while their Governments faithful to the sacred

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