The Country Gentlemen's Lawyer: And, the Farmer's Complete Law Library

W. Stratford, 1801 - 135 Seiten

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Seite 49 - ... to the House of Correction, there to be kept to hard labour for any time not exceeding three calendar months...
Seite 95 - No length of time elapsed after the sale, will alter the nature of a contract originally false. Neither is notice necessary to be given. Though the not giving notice will be a strong presumption against the buyer, that the horse at the time of the sale had not the defect complained of, and will make the proof on his part much more difficult. The bargain is complete, and if it be fraudulent on the part of the seller, he will be liable to the buyer in damages, without either a return or notice.
Seite 86 - ... doing was fraudulent, the parting with the property had not changed the nature of the possession, but that it remained unaltered in the prosecutor at the time of the conversion; and that the prisoner was therefore guilty of felony.
Seite 63 - all such gifts, grants, or deeds made by infants which do not take effect by delivery of his hand, are void: but all gifts, grants, or deeds made by infants by matter in deed or in writing, which do take effect by delivery of his hand, are voidable by himself, by his heirs, and by those who have his estate.
Seite 167 - That, after earnest given, the vendor cannot sell the goods to another without a default in the vendee; and therefore, if the vendee does not come and pay and take the goods, the vendor ought to go and request him ; and then, if he does not come and pay, and take away the goods in convenient time, the agreement is dissolved, and he is at liberty to sell them to any other person.
Seite 197 - That no nuncupative wilt fhall be proved by the witnefles after fix months from the making, unlefs it were put in writing within fix days. Nor...
Seite 60 - ... thereof, and other than the owner and occupier of a river or fishery ; and except fishermen and their apprentices lawfully authorized in navigable rivers. And the owner or occupier of the river or...
Seite 56 - Realm ; and all such Offences shall be prosecuted before Two or more Justices of the Peace of the Place where the Offence shall be committed, who are required, in default of Payment of any pecuniary Penalty, to commit the Offender to the common Gaol for any Time not exceeding...
Seite 16 - ... be committed to the houfe of correction for any time not exceeding one month, nor lefs than ten days, there to be whipped^ and kept to hard labour.
Seite 106 - ... one moiety to the informer, and the other to the poor of the parifh. IX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid...

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