My Journal in Malayan Waters: Or, The Blockade of Quedah

Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1860 - 360 Seiten

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Seite 295 - All in a hot and copper sky, The bloody sun, at noon, Right up above the mast did stand, No bigger than the moon. " Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion, As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean.
Seite 279 - WHEN the breeze of a joyful dawn blew free In the silken sail of infancy, The tide of time flow'd back with me, The forward-flowing tide of time ; And many a sheeny summer-morn, Adown the Tigris I was borne, By Bagdat's shrines of fretted gold, High-walled gardens green and old ; True Mussulman was I and sworn, For it was in the golden prime Of good Haroun Alraschid.
Seite i - SWEET MEMORY, wafted by thy gentle gale, Oft up the stream of Time I turn my sail, To view the fairy-haunts of long-lost hours, Blest with far greener shades, far fresher flowers.
Seite 333 - There is a magnet-like attraction in These waters to the imaginative power, That links the viewless with the visible, And pictures things unseen. To realms beyond Yon highway of the world my fancy flies...
Seite 257 - I must need be short, as only long acquaintance with their prejudices and domestic feelings could afford a clue to the impulse of their actions. Of a Creator they have not the slightest comprehension, a fact so difficult to believe, when we find that the most degraded of the human race, in other quarters of the globe, have an intuitive idea of this unerring and primary truth imprinted on their minds, that I took the greatest care to find a slight image of the Deity within the chaos of their thoughts,...
Seite 322 - As the light leaf, whose fall to ruin bears Some trembling insect's little world of cares, Descends m silence — while around waves on The mighty forest, reckless what is gone ! Such is man's doom ; and, ere an hour be flown, — Start not, thou trifler ! — such may be thine own.
Seite 51 - December we had reason to believe that small prahus escaped out of the river or entered it at top of high water, by keeping close in to the jungle ; and as we had ascertained that there was deep water inside the bar, it was determined to cross the bar at night, directly the tide rose high enough to allow us to do so, and to remain close off the stockade until the tide again fell, so as to compel us to retreat rather than risk an action with fort and war-prahus combined. This measure gave great umbrage...
Seite 259 - how miserable," but of this the objects of their commiseration were not aware ; in them they have provided all their wants ; their children sport on the shore in search of shell fish at low water ; and during high water they may be seen climbing the mangrove branches, and dashing from thence into the water, with all the life and energy of children of a colderclime, at once affording a proof that even they have their joys.
Seite 105 - Silently we lay on our oars, or rather paddles ; not a sound of the flying eanoe could be heard : it was evident that the scout had escaped, and it only remained for us to make the best of our way back again — a task which, in the absence of all excitement, we found an extremely tough one; indeed, we grounded so often on the roots of the mangrove trees, that I proposed to wade through the mud and water, dragging the canoe after us. To this, however...
Seite 333 - ... groves — the shores of conch and pearl, Where she will cast her anchor and reflect Her cabin-window lights on warmer waves, And under planets brighter than our own : The nights, of palmy isles, that she will see Lit boundless by the fire-fly — all the smells Of tropic fruits that will regale her — all The pomp of nature, .and the inspiriting Varieties of life she has to greet, Come swarming o'er the meditative mind.

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