National Energy Strategy: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, First Session, February 20, 1991--Goals ... March 20, 1991--Electric Utility Reform, Band 1;Band 4;Band 102,Ausgabe 29


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Seite 394 - The safeguards required by the article shall be applied on all source or special fissionable material in all peaceful nuclear activities within the territory of such State, under its jurisdiction, or carried out under its control anywhere.
Seite 24 - Scenario II: New Supply and Efficiency Improvements. Figure 6 illustrates the impacts of three new sources of supply assumed to begin coming on line in the year 2000 and three levels of transportation efficiency improvements phased in gradually through the year 2020. The line labeled "Alternative Fuels I...
Seite 501 - Provide an array of retrofittable emission control options which satisfy, at reduced cost, the void between present physical coal cleaning capabilities and flue gas scrubbing for existing power plants. • Provide improved coal utilization alternatives for both repowering and new plant application. Of particular significance are fluidized bed combustion and coal gasification /combined cycles which combine high levels of emission and effluent control with reduced cost and improved efficiency.
Seite 482 - Increased Automobile Fuel Efficiency and Synthetic Fuels: Alternatives for Reducing Oil Imports.
Seite 73 - Mr. OXLEY. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I ask unanimous consent that my opening statement be made part of the record.
Seite 483 - In the first phase of tbe study, OTA evaluated the implications for US energy policy of volatile oil prices, emphasizing the effects of low prices on domestic oil production, eg, plugging of stripper wells and loss of production from tertiary and some secondary recovery operations in the shorter term, loss of production and reserves due to lower drilling rates, reduced R&D expenditures, and so forth in the longer term. In the second phase...
Seite 483 - ... sources of uncertainty, primarily political uncertainty.) Finally, the study will identify and evaluate policy options that would add flexibility to the energy system, ie to increase the system's ability to adapt to the range of futures consistent with these uncertainties.
Seite 467 - Increases in fuel costs in the 1970s accompanied rising construction costs of new power plants, particularly nuclear, due to a combination of factors: increased attention to environmental and safety issues (contributing to extended construction lead-times and added equipment costs), a continuing unpredictable economic regulatory environment, an inflation-driven doubling of the cost of capital (that has since subsided), and in some cases poor management.
Seite 247 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Secretary, it is a pleasure to have you before our committee once again.
Seite 378 - To address this problem, the budget proposes that the Southeastern Power Administration, the Southwestern Power Administration, and the Western Area Power Administration finance hydropower operation and maintenance costs directly, in a manner similar to the mechanism used by Bonneville.