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Seite 21 - Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run, Along Morea's hills the setting sun: Not, as in northern climes, obscurely bright, But one unclouded blaze of living light!
Seite 310 - ... possibly be too sanguine ; but they believe this will be the taughtest, trimmest, dryest ship ever built, irrespective of the more important qualities for which it was planned ; they comfort those who dread sea-sickness with the hope that a ship, too long to pitch and too flat to roll, will be bearable even to " the gentlemen of England, who live at home at ease...
Seite 215 - I cannot pretend to say ; but no sooner were the words out of my mouth than the whole...
Seite 68 - Constantinople, which cannot fail to arrest the attention of the most superficial observer, who has been half an hour in the place.
Seite 167 - Oh, certainly ; but this is the first time that I ever heard of a ship being detained in consequence.
Seite 201 - He thought his problem over again, going step by step over the same way which he had traversed before — and it seemed to him that he had at last found the true and the only solution. He could not withdraw himself from the Vice-Consul's house without an explanation ; that would be impossible; therefore the only thing to be done was to go to the Vice-Consul himself, and tell him how the case stood. " I cannot be sure of myself if I go on seeing her every day ; therefore I must give up seeing her...
Seite 110 - A dancing dervish was in attendance, but did not seem to take any more active part in the proceedings than to receive and put by the turbans of the others.
Seite 58 - I have commonly read of such things as gilded domes ; and yet I will venture to assert that there is not one single

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