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Vallejo, Monday, January 5th, 1852. In pursuance of the provisions of the Constitution, the Assembly met this day, and were called to order by George 0. McMullin, Esq., the former Clerk, when, on motion of Mr. Hammond, the Hon. W. S. Sherwood, Judge of the Ninth Judicial District, was requested to administer the oath of office.

Mr. Hammond moved that the Clerk call the names of members elect, commencing with San Diego County, and that the members come forward, present their credentials and take the usual oath of office. Agreed to.

The Clerk then proceeded with the call, when the following gentlemen appeared and were sworn.

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Mr. Wall presented a petition, signed by certain members, protesting against the organization of the Assembly at Vallejo, which was read, and, on motion, laid on the table.

Mr. Wood presented a petition from citizens of San Francisco, protesting against Mr. Chauncey taking his seat, which was read, and, on motion, laid on the table.

The Clerk then continued to call over the Counties in their rotation, when the following members came forward, presented their credentials, and took the oath of office :

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Mr. McCandless came forward and presented papers relative to the election in Shasta County, when Mr. Morse moved that, as the said papers presented did not contain a certificate of his election, the oath of office be not administered.

Pending said motion, Mr. McCandless asked, and obtained, leave to withdraw the papers.


The Clerk then proceeded to call the Counties in their rotation :

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Mr. Coates, from Klamath, presented his certificate of election, when, on motion of Mr. Wood, said certificate was read.

Mr. Wood moved that the oath of office be not administered to Mr. Coates.

Mr. Crabb demanded the ayes and nays.

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Not agreed to.
Mr. Coates then came forward and took the oath of office.
The Clerk proceeded to call the Counties :

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