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Sept. 21, Wm. B. Slaughter,

200 00 1840. Jan'y 14,

740 76 July 22,

220 00 Oct. 30, 66

452 56 (see house

journal 1840, 241, page 186.) 447 41 Feb’y 19, 56 F. J. Dunn, Secretary W. T., on final settlement,

361 50

$15,519 72 Deduct this sum of $15,519 72, which has been disbursed by the agent from the sum of $15,719 72 which was in his hands, and there is a balance left in the hands of the agent of the sum of $200 00.

Your committee would also further state, in relation to the error in computation inade by the "select committee” to whom was referred the memorial of Messrs. Collier & Pettus, (Ilouse journal 1839—40, page 350)

Ist. It will be seen from the settlement herewith, marked "A," that there is a deficiency of iwo hundred dollars, which can only be accounted for by allowing a double credit for the sum of 200 dollars, paid Wm. B. Slaughter, Sept. 21st, 1839. .

2d. That the committee on claims," of the session of 1839— '40, in their report, page 214 of the journal, only considered so much of the receipts and disbursements of the said fiscal agent, as related to the sum of 15,000 dollars, received by him from Collier & Pettus; and from said report, and from vouchers before your committee, it will appear that the sum of 200 dollars (paid by said fiscal agent to Wm. B. Slaughter, Sept. 21st, 1839,) was included in the sum of $3200 00, there set forth. And in further proof that it was so included in said sum of 3200 dollars, by reference to the report of the select committee," (house journal 1839—40, page 350,) it will be scen that the said select committəe did investigate the circumstances of the payment of the sum of 32,00 dollais, and reported that the payment of 200 dollars to Wm. B. Slaughter, Sept. 21st, 1839, was included therein.

It will furiher appear that said " select committee” of the session of 1839—40, had under their consideration, not the setile. ment of the accounts of the fiscal agent for moneys received from Messrs. Collier & Pettus, but that they were investigating the ac

counts of the fiscal agent for moneys received by said agent from the treasury of the United States, and the manner in which he disbursed said money so received; which amount was $15,000.

It is therefore apparent to your committee, that said fiscal agent was credited 200 dollars (paid Wm. B. Slaughter Sept. 21st, 1839) by the “ committee on claims" of the session of 1839—40, in their report as to the amount of inoney received of Collier & Pettus and disbursed by said fiscal agent, and that said agent was credito ed a second time for said sum of 200 dollars, paid Win. B. Slaughter Sept. 21st, 1839, by the “ select committee" of the same ses'sion, who were investigating the disbursements of said fiscal agent of the 15,000 dollars received from the treasury of the United States by him, (see journal of the house, session of 1839—40, page 350.)

The error in computation by said select committee is so apparent, that your committee deem any further explanation entirely unnecessary.

Your committee deem it proper to state, that the hon. M. M. Strong, gave every facility in his power to aid your committee in this investigation, and that they are fully satisfied that the accounts of the said fiscal agent have been settled in the manner herein before stated, and that the said agent paid over to F. J. Dunn, Esq. secretary of Wisconsin Territory, by order of the legislature, the sum of three hundred and sixty-one dollars and fifty cents, on final settlement; except the error in the computation by the select committee of 200 dollars, paid Wm. B. Slaughter, Esq. Sept. 21st, 1839, which at that time was, as your committee believe, uno known to either party.


Chairman on the part of the Council. JOHN H. MANAHAN,

Chairman on the part of the House.

[SEE JOURNAL, Page 155.]

COMMUNICATION Of M. M. Jackson, Atty Gen'l, relative to the suit of Doughty

vs. the Territory of Wisconsin,


Mineral Point, January 6th 1844. Hon. GEORGE H. WALKER,

Speaker of the House of Representatives:

Sir-I have deemed it my duty, through you, to icform the legislature, that the case of William Doughty vs. the Terrilory of Wisconsin, which has been for some time pending in the district court for Dane county, is still undetermined. A demurrer has been filed on the part of the territory, in order 10. obtain a judicial decision upon the important question as to whether the territory can be sued; and, by agreement of counsel, the points arising upon the demurrer were to be submitted in writing to the court, and the case was to stand continued until the next term, when the decision of the court will probably be given. In the present attitude of the case, I am not aware that any action of the legislature will be required. · Yery respectfully, your obedient servant, MORTIMER M. JACKSON,

Altly Gen'l Wis. Ter

(SEE JOURNAL, Page 152.]

REPORT Of James Morrison, Treasurer of the Territory of Wisconsin, relating to the vouchers in his hands, for which scrip wus issued.



Madison, January 10, 1844. To the Hon. Legislative Assembly:

In accordance with the resolution passed by the hon. the house of representatives, on the 8th instant, calling upon the treasurer to report the amount of duplicate receipts remaining in his hands under act of legislative assembly approved February 15, A. D. 1842, not delivered up to the secretary of the territory, I herewith transmit to your hon. body the enclosed report in compliance therewith. Very respectfully,

, ,

JAS. MORRISON, Treasurer,

DUPLICATE RECEIPTS remaining in the hands of James Morrison,

Treasurer of Wisconsin Territory, under act of Legislalive Assembly, approved February 15th, A. D. 1842.

Date of dupli

By whom executed. cate receipts.

For what service.

Am't of du. rec'ts

1842. February 18, Lorenzo Janes, Member of the council, $261 00 18. D. A. J. Upham, do.


253 50 19.J. F. Potter, Trans, clerk to do.

210 00 19.J. F. Meade, Assist. clerk to house of reps. 270 00 18. Wm. S. Dering, Door-keeper to council, 175 00 19. John Graham, Assist. do. do.

175 00 19, T. J. Emerson, do. secretary do.

126 00 Catharine Arndt, Ex pay to hon.C.C.P. Arndt,

dec'ů mem. of council, 204 00 22. Wm. D. Daggett, Making desks, &c., for legislative assembly,

733 35 19. Harrison Reed, Printing laws of 1841 & news

papers for legis, assembly, 100 00 22. Boyd Phelps, Chaplin house of reps.

200 00 22. George Hyer, Pub.proceedings house of reps 150 00 23. Chas. C. Sholes, Printing for legis. assembly, 4819 07 22. La Fayette Kellogg, Rent, sup. clerk's office,

26 00 18. Jas. A. Hibbard, Assist. door-keeper,

15 00 March 24. Wallace Mygatt, Newspapers furnished legisla

tive assembly,

25 00 February 25, Henry 0. Sholes, Newspapers furnished do. 10 00

21, Simeon Mills, Rent, sup. clerk's office, 60 00
28, A. P. Field, Postage,stationery,money ad-

vanced for hauling furniture
purchasing furniture, office

rent, coping laws, &c., 1160 00 19, T. P. Burnett, Rep. decisions of sup. court,

& preparing same for pub., 250 00 21, James Morrison, Services issuing drafts in con

formity to the law for that purpose, ap. Feb. 15, 184,

125 00 21, Simeon Mills, Trans. laws of session of 1841,

to the county of Green, 5 00 28, James Morrison, Rent of library room, lumber,

crape for Arndt's funeral,
and ink for the use of legis-
lative assembly,

93 19 28, Sec'y of Wisconsin, To pay interest due on bonds

issued under acts of assem.

ap. Feb. 13 & 19, 1841, 3500 00 21, Chas. S. Peaslee,

Materials and labor placing

carpets in legislative kalls, 13 00 August 31, Calvin Frink, Enclosing public grounds, 200 00

$13,159 11


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