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business that under no possible emergency could any possible loss fallepon a single creditor..

It has at all times been willing and desirous to have its charter modified in such a manner as to give the most ample and satisfac. tory security for the payment of all its debts. Acting, as it has, with the utmost good faith towards the public, it has been willing to place at their disposal a greater degree of security than was ever before offered by any monied institution in the country.

When the committee was appointed at the last session, it was hoped that some modification of the charter could be mutually agreed on, which would have satisfied the public mind and have: freed the company from the embarrassments and injuries attending a discussion of its powers and solvency at each session of the. legislature. In this hope the company was disappointed. In consequence of the absence of one of the members of the committee. no modifications were proposed or agreed upon.

The company was not prepared to expect a recommendation, for an unconditional repeal of its charter, and I need not occupy the time of the legislature in pointing out the injurious results which would flow from the adoption of that recommendation.

To show the desire of the company to act in the utmost good faith to the public and the legislature, I submit, here with, certain modifications in its charter which it is believed will remove all. the objections which have heretofore existed against it. If security for its creditors be required, it is here offered.

I offer these terms without consultation with the directors of the company--but should they be acceptable to the legislature, I have no doubt they would be readily assented 10 by the directors and stockholders, in the hope that so long as they confined themselves to their charter, they would be left in the quiet enjoyment of all their rights and privileges.

Standing alone, as I do here, but a secondary officer in the com. pany, it would be my wish that any action affecting the company should be deferred until I shall be enabled io confer with its president and directors.

I do not desire this postponement for the purpose of embarrass, ing or preventing the action of the legislature, but that I may be. able to protect the interests of the stockholders, and in the bope and belief that, after consultation with the directors, such terms: and modifications of the charter may be agreed upon as will forev

er satisfy the public and the legislature. The business of the company requires my presence at Milwaukee, and it is of material consequence to its interesis that I should return at as early a day as possible.

I would therefore respectfully request that the resolution now. before the house, and all farther action in relation to the company, may be postponed until the 6th day of January next--that being, I think, as early a day as I shall be able to return to this place,

I trust I shall not be considered as having trespassed on the rights and duties of the legislature in making this request, and, whatever the determination may be as to the final disposition of the company, I believe that a due regard will be paid to its rights and interests, and that the same facilities will be afforded by the legislature for the proper adjustment of all matters, that have heretofore been afforded it by the company for the proper understanding of its situation and affairs.

ADEX 'R MITCHELL, Secretary. A BILL to amend an act to incorporate the Wisconsin Marine

and Fire Insurance Company.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

Sec. 1. That, within one month after the passage of this act, it shall be the duty of the secretary of this company to file in the office of the secretary of the territory, a list of the siock holders of said company, logether with their names and the number of shares by them respectively held; and from time to time, whenever any of the stockholders of said company shall sell or dispose of the shares by them held, it shall be the duty of said secretary to give notice of the same to the secretary of the territory, and also the name or names of the person or persons to whom such share shall have been sold, and the number of shares by such persons held respectively.

Sec. 2. That the stockholders of said company shall be held jointly and severally liable in their individual and natural capacity for all debts and liabilities heretofore contracted or incurred by said company, not only for the time when such stockholders shail be interested in said company, but for six months after they shall have disposed of their stock and notice thereof shall be filed in the office of the secretary of the territory as herein required.

or refuse

Sec. 3. That if the said company, after the passage of this act, shall at any time for the space of ten days, fail, on demand made at their office during business hours, to redeem with gold or silver coin, the value of which is fixed by the laws of the United States, any check, certificate of deposite, or other evidence of debt, that has been issued, or shall hercafter be is. sued, by or on behalf of the said company, shall be deemed and taken as a forfeiture of the charter of said company, and all franchises, powers and privileges conferred by this act of incorporation.

Sec. 4. The debts and liabilities of said company shall at no time exceed the amount of capital actually paid in, and should the debts or liabilities of said company at any time exceed that sum, it shall be considered a forfeiture of its charter, as provided in the second section of this act.

Sec. 5. The secretary of said company shall, at the commencement of each annval session of the legislative assembly, lay before the same a statement of the situation, liabilities and resources of said company, verified by the oa:h of said secretary ; the affairs of said company shall be subject to examination by committee of the legislative assembly.

Sec, 6. This act shall take effect froin its passage; and the said company are required, within two months from said time, to file with the secretary of the territory, its assent and approval, under its corporate seal, of all the provisions of this act.


[SEE JOURNAL, Page 100.]


Relating to the Communication of Moses M. Strong, late Fiscal

Agent. The committee on territorial expenditures to whom was re, ferred the communication of the Hon. Moses M. Strong, late fiscal

agent, respectfully submit that they have considered the same and have unanimously agreed on the following report:

1st. That there is due from the said fiscal agent, the sum of two hundred dollars with interest from the 27th January, 1840.

2nd. That the error in the settlemant of the accounts of said agent, was made by the "select committee" to whom was reserred the communication of Messrs. Collier & Pettus and the communication of said fiscal agent before named, (see house journal, 1839, 40; page 349.) And for the purpose of satisfying the members of this house-the people—and also to justify your committee in the conclusion they have arrived at, they submit he rewith two plans of a settlement, also a statement of the error committed by the “ select committee” above referred to; each of which propositions prove conclusively to the minds of your committee the truth of the opinions above submitted.


"A." Hon. Moses M. Strong, Fiscal Agent, W. T.,

Dr. Dec. 1838. To money borrowed of Collier & Pettus, $15,000 00 May 1839.

received from U.S. Treasury, 15,000 00 Feb. 1841. “ interest,(see h. jour. 1840'41, p. 186) 78 96

March 11,

$30,078 96 of this sum of $30,078 96, the said agent has paid as follows, the voucher for each payment having been presented to your committee: 1839. Jan'y, Paid Appropriations,

$5,917 14 Per deim and mileage,

4,311 60
March, M. M. Strong, for services, 830 50
Feb‘y 15, «
Wm. B. Slaughter,

1,000 00

2,000 00 April 1, Collier & Pettus,

300 00 July 27,

12,973 03 Collier & Pettus, excess weight of lead,

124 43 Sept. 21, " Wm. B. Slaughter,

200 00 1840. Jan'y 14, "

740 76 July 22,

220 00 Oct. 30,

452 56 Wm. B. Slaughter a receipt of



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447 44

N. C. Prentiss, (see house

journal 1840, 41, page 186) F.J. Donn, Secretary of W. T.

on final settlement,

1811. Feb'y 19, “

361 50

$29.878 96 The above sum of $23,878 96 deducted from $30,070 93, leaves a balance due from said agent of $200 00.


6 B." Hon. Moses M. Strong, Fiscal Agent, W. T.,

Dr. 1828. Dec. To inoney received of Collier & Petrus, $15,000 00

Of this sum of $15,000 00 received by the said fiscal agent, he has disbursed the following sums of money, and for which disbursements vouchers were produced to your committee, to wit: 1839. Jan'y, Paid Appropriations,

$5,917 14 Per deinn and mileage,

4,311 60
M. M. Strong, for services, 830 00
Feb'y 15, “
Win. B. Slaughter,

1,000 00 March 11,

2,000 00 April 1, Collier & Pettus,

300 00

$14,359 24 The said sum of $14,359 24, deducted from the sum of $15,000 00 received by said agent from Collier & Pettus, will leave a balance in the hands of the agent (up to the time he received the sum of $15,000 00 from the treasury of the United States) of $640 76. To this sum of

$640 76 Add the sum of $15,000 00 rec'd from U.S. treas., 15,000 00 Also add the sum of $78 96 for interest as per re

port of select committee, (house journal, 1840, 41, page 186.)

78 96

$15,719 72 of which sum of $15,719 72, the said agent has disbursed the following sums, as per vouchers produced to your committee, viz: 1839, July 27, Paid to Collier & Petlus, $12,973 03

for excess of lead,

124 43

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