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28 00 56 00 15 00 96 00

Door from court room to clerk's room, and cutting out

the partition,
Extra work on 8 columns,
One chimney-piece, extra,
Extra work on 16 windows above,
Extra work on 8 windows above, and materials for the

Extra work on 4 doors above,
Extra work on 2 doors above,
Four columns in court room,
Extra shingling on roof,
Work and materials on the walls, to put them in a

suitable condition to receive the plastering, equal
to three coats,

34 00 28 00

8 00 100 00 30 00

35 00


Dane county, ss. Henry C. Parker, being duly sworn, doth depose and say, that he is a carpenter and joiner; that he has examined the contract of Daniel Baxter with the Territory of Wisconsin; that he has estimated the work mentioned in the annexed account; that he believes it ought to be allowed to said Baxter as extra work--it being the opinion of this deponent that said work was not included in his said contract for completing the capitol; and that the aniount in the said estimate is reasonable and just.

This deponent further states, that the joiner work on the windows of the capitol, as they are finished, is worth $13 and $15 each.

HENRY C. PARKER. Subscribed and sworn before me, this 25th March, A. D. 1843.


Clerk Supreme Court, W. T.


To amount of contract on the capitol

To Daniel Baxter, Dr.

$7000 00

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Twenty-six posts in basement of capitol, including labor and materials, $3 75 each,

97 50 Sixteen days joiner labor, working over 5 windows below,

32 00 200 feet of pine for the same, and 25 lbs. nails,

8 50 Taking off old roof to piazza,

15 00 Extra shingling on the roof,

60 20 Proportion of scaffolding, to be charged to extra shingling on the roof,

10 00 800 feet of pine for 4 windows in lower hall,

24 00 25 lbs. nails for same,.

2 50 Work, finishing the 4 windows,

60 00 Taking out two doors below, enlarging the openings, and putting in new doors, casings, &c.,

54 00 Furnishing two new doors in place of old ones taken out in hall below, at $12 00 each,

24 00 Raising up timber above, fastening partition to library, spikes, &c.,

10 00 250 feet of pine put in the frieze of dome,

7 50 6 lbs. nails in the dome,

60 4 days carpenters work in dome,

7 50 Lumber, nails, labor, making holes and cases for stove-pipes, 4 75 Labor and materials casing scuttle to loft,

5 00 Paid Sevier for making holes in chimneys,

3 00 Putting in 3 hearths, at $5 00 each,

15 00 Making hall to governor's room, nails, lumber, &c., 63 00 Plastering hall to governor's room, 143 yards,

71 50 83 feet base to hall, at ten cents,

8 30 Painting work to do.,

10 00 Extra work on 809 feet base, being the best base, at 17 cents per toot,

137 50 Extra work on 9 windows below, at $4 00 each,

36 00 Extra work on door to governor's room,

3 00 Door from clerk of supreme court room to court room,

30 00 Extra work on 8 columns in the halls, at $6 00 each,

48 00 One chimney piece, extra,

13 00 Extra work on 16 windows above, at $4 00 each, 64 00 do. 8 do.

2 50

20 00 do. 4 doors do.

5 00

20 00 do. 2 do. do.

3 00

6 00

400 00

Extra plastering on the outside walls, averaging equal

to 3 coats of 990 yards, necessary to fit the walls to

receive the 3 last coats to finish the work, Mason work, filling the stone work of winduws for fin

ishing, 4 columns in the court room, Taking off 570 yards of old plastering, Work on the dome, certified by commissioner, 6 sucks of timber put in partitions, extra, Work done by Van Bergen on front door, Paid Sevier, for opening chimney in court toom, Paid Sevier, for putting extra plastering on inside par

titions, fitting for 3 last coats, Taking out old floor in lower hall, and putting down

new one,

20 00 100 00 35 63 47 31 11 25 12 00 3 00

20 00

157 50

$5778 04

Deduct amount received,

$5,000 00 Deduct comr's estimate to finish capitol, 1,595 00

7596 00

[blocks in formation]

Of Mr. Palmer, a minority of the select committee to which the

account of D. Baxter was referred. Tre minority of the select comunittee to whoin was referred the account and contract of Mr. Baxter for the completion of the capitol, beg leave to report:

Your committee have carefully examined the contract made with Mr. Baxter, together with the account connected there with, and the minority of said committee have arrived at the following conclusion, to wit:

The minority of your committee find that by a contract entered into between Mr. Baxter and the Territory, that Mr. Baxter in consideration of the sum of seven thousand dollars, undertook to complete the capitol according to a plan therein specified within a certain time, and that he was to receive payment for his work as it progressed; that said contract was not complied with by Mr. Baxter in the manner agreed upon in said contract; that Mr. Baxter has received the sum of six thousand dollars, while the amount of unfinished work on his contract amounts to two thousand three hundred and sixteen dollars.

The following is the estimate of the unfinished work on capitol: Dome and piazza, contract by county commissioners

of Dane, with Mr. Van Bergen, Ballustrade, per estimate of Mr. Hoadley,

350 00 Various items of unfinished work as estimated by superintendent of public buildings,

1481 00

$185 00

$2316 00

Total amount of unfinished work,
Total amount to have been paid for completion of cap-

tol, according to contract,
From which should be deducted for unfinished work

and paid to Mr. Baxter,

7000 00

2,316 00

$4,684 00 $6,000 00

The amount which has been paid to Mr. Baxter,
From which deduct the amount which should have

been paid him for work,

4,684 00

$1,316 00

Leaving amount overpaid him on contract,
From this amount deduct what has been allowed by

superintendent for extra work,

468 24

$847 76

Leaving balance overpaid to Mr. Baxter, for all work

done by him on capitol,

According to this estimate, it appears that Mr. Baxter has been overpaid by the territory, for the entire work done by him on the capitol, the sum of eight hundred and forty-seven dollars and seventy-six cents.


COMMUNICATION, Of Alexander Mitchell, relating to the charter of the Wisconsin

Marine and Fire Insurance Company.

MADISON, 21st Dec. 1843, To the Hon. the Legislative Assembly:

I arrived at this place on Saturday evening last, and learned that the select committee, appointed to examine into the affairs and situation of the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company, has recommended the repeal of its charter. By the resolution appointing said coinmittee, they were auihorized to examine into the situation and method of doing business of said company, and to report what modifications should be effected in its charter which would more effectually protect the creditors of the instituion.

The company has been aware that, for some time past, fears have been entertained by many of the people of the territory, unacquainted with the institution, as to its ultimate solvency, and a desire has been expressed that its charter should be so amended as to render them more secure in becoming its creditors. Knowing the firm ground upon which it stood, and that nu State of affairs could possibly arise by which its creditors could, in the most remote degree, ever sustain any loss, the company has regarded these fears as growing out of the evils arising from the depreciated currency with which the country was flooded within the last few years, and it trusted to time and the returning confidence of the people to do it justice.

These fears, it is believed, have been strengthened by the previous action of the legislature, which has tended to embarrass the company in its operations, create unnecessary alarm in the minds of people at a distance, and, it may be, loss to some who are but ill able to bear it.

The company has attempted to remove and overcome these fears and prejudices by confining its operations to what, by its charter, it believed they were limited, and by so conducting its

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