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Montreal river, the present line between the territory and Michigan. Several important discoveries have been made east of that river; and also on Isle Royale, which, unfortunately, proves not to have been included in the treaty of last fall, as was supposed. But no doubt exists but that within this territory both copper and silver will be found in great quantities. On the north-west coast of the lake, copper is said to be more abundant than on any other part of it. And on the St. Louis river, about the falls, virgin copper and

copper ore are easily obtained. And above the falls, for twenty miles, inexhaustible quarries of the finest slate lie naked, and invite the enterprise of man to supply the nation, or the world from its abundance,

The country immediately on the margin of the lake is, for a short distance, flat and wet. But in receding from the lake, it soon rises, gradually, the timber is more open and of better quality, the soil improves in character, and is more inviting to agriculturists. A little west of La Pointe, and 10 or 10 miles south of the lake shore, the prairie country commences, which extends to and beyond the St. Croix and the Mississippi, and offers great inducements to agriculturists who like such a high north latitude. The winters, however, are much milder here than in the same lat. itude east of us.

East of south from La Pointe, and extending into Michigan, the country is thickly timbered, more broken, and offers less facilities for farming purposes; but at present holds out the greatest inducements for copper mining.

In reference to the road we opened, I may say, that in thirty years extensive travels in the west, I have never seen so good ground for a road, in a state of nature, and so few streams to cross for the same distance, as that between this place and La Pointe: The latter place is not five miles, either way, from due north from the former, and in a direct line only 260 miles. A road can be made, probably, in 300, and if necessary, a branch of it can diverge either way from the dividing ridge, to Montreal river, or Fond du Lac. A waggon with one yoke of cattle, travelled through the whole distance in 20 days, after we had opened the road.

I am satisfied that it is the best route for a road froin the lead mines to the lake; and that if congress would appropriate 10,000 dollars for that purpose, the road could be made fit for post coaches, which could run it in five or six days. I respectfully submit

it to the legislature, to petition congress for such an appropriation. Respectfully, your obedient servant,



REPORT Of the select committee to which the accounts of D, Baxter were


The select committee appointed to investigate the accounts of Daniel Baxter have performed the duty assigned them, and submit the following report, to wit:

Estimate of work yet to be done to complete the capitol, as by commissioner's estimate, $1596. This sum, taken from the original contract, $7000, leaves $5404; to which add $468 24, the amount estimated as extra work by commissioner, would make $5872 24; to which add $1020, allowed by committee and not allowed by commissioner, would amount to $6892 24; from which deduct $6000, having been paid Mr. Baxter, leaves a balance in his favor of $592 24; to which add one and one-half year's interest, $108 67; which would make the sum total allowed by the committee $1000 91. It appears, if the committee have judged correctly, that the sum of $892 24 is due Mr. Baxter; and if due, the committee see no reason why he should not be allowed interest, which would make the sum total to be allowed Mr. Baxter as, above $1000 91.

The committee are aware that there is a very strong prejudice prevailing against Mr. Baxter, and they feel bound to say that they have very much altered their minds since they began to investigate the matter. And after a very careful examination of the whole matter, they do not believe they allowed him any more than he is actually entitled to, nor as much as he would have obtained had the matter been before a court of justice. And the committee deem it no more than justice to Mr. Baxter to say, that even with the amount they have allowed hiin, they think he has sustained a heavy loss--and that loss was caused by circumstances beyond his control, and which in the opinion of the committee casts a foul stain upon the character of persons high in office in this Territory. The committee would remark, however, that Mr. Bax ter is not satisfied with the amount as allowed by the committee, and has herewith transmitted a copy of his account, together with the estimates of Mi. Nelson and Mr. Parker, two mechanics, under oath, which would make the balance in his favor $1305 15. The committee conclude by offering the following resoluion. All of which is respectfully submitted,


Ch'n Select Committee.

LYMAN CROSSMAN, An item of $7 64 for work done on the sky-light of the dome, and allowed by Mr. Smith, was inadvertently omitted in the above estimate, which, added to the above sum of $1000 91, would make $1008 55.


LYMAN CROSSMAN. Resolved, by the council ang house of representatives, That Daniel Baxter be allowed and paid the sum of $1008 55, being the amount agreed upon by the committee, including interest up to this day; and that said Baxter be allowed interest on the same until paid.


Twenty-six posts in basement of capitol, $3 75 each,

including all the labor and materials, Sixteen days joiners labor, working over five win:

$97 50

dows below, 200 feet of pine for same, and 25lbs of nails, Taking off old roof to piazza, Proportion of scaffolding to be charged to extra shing

ling on roof, 800 feet pine for four windows in lower ball, 25 lbs. nails for said four windows,

32 00.

8 50 15 00

10 00 24 00 2 50

60 00

54 00

24 00

10 00 7 50

60 7 50

4 75 5 00 3 00 15 00

Work re-finishing the above four windows,
Taking out two doors below, enlarging the openings,

and putting in new doors, castings, &c., $27 00 for

each door, Furnishing two new doors in place of old ones taken

out in hall below, $12 each, Raising up timbers above, fastening partition to libra

ry, spikes, &c.,
250 feet pine for frieze in dome,
6 lbs, nails for dome,
Four days work in dome,
Lumber, nails, and labor, making hole and case for

stove pipe,
Labor and materials for scuttle and case to loft,
Paid Sevier for making holes in chimney,
Putting in three hearths, $500 each,
Making hall to governor's room, nails, lumber, and

Plastering hall to governor's room, 143 yards,
83 feet base to governor's hall,
Paint work on governor's hall,
Extra work on 809 feet base, being the best base, at

17 cents per foot, Extra work on nine windows below, at $4 00 each,

it being worth $14 00 to do the work on each

Extra work on door to governor's room,
Door from clerk's to court roorn, having to cut the

Extra work on 8 columns in halls, $6 00 each,
One chimney piece, extra,
Extra work on 16 windows above, $4 00 each,
Extra work on 8 windows above, $2 50 each,
Extra work on 4 doors above, $5 00 each,
Extra work on 2 doors above, $3 00 each,

63 00 71 50

8 30 10 00

137 50

36 00 3 00

30 00 48 00 13 00 64'00 20 00 20 00 6 00

$911 15

Extra plastering on the walls, average equal to three

coats of 900 yards, necessary to fit the walls for
putting on the last three coats to finish, worth

400 00

Mason work fitting the stone work of windows for fin,

ishing, Four columns in court room, Extra shingling on roof,

20 00 100 00 29 60


Dane County, ss. John Nelson, being duly sworn, doth depose and say, that he is a carpenter and joiner; that he has examined the contract of Daniel Baxter with the Territory of Wisconsin, and that he does not see the foregoing bill of work embraced in said contract; and believes the same should be allowed as extra work; and further, that he has estimated the work contained in said bill, and believes the charges are reasonable and just,

Subscribed and sworn before me,
this 25th March, A. D. 1843.

Clerk Supreme Court, W.T.


$96 00 32 00 7 00

Twenty-six posts in basement story, for the purpose

of supporting and raising the floors,
Repairing five windows,
Materials for the above windows,
Taking down and rebuilding 4 windows in the hall

Taking down and re-building four doors, and materi-

als for the same,
Materials and labor raising the upper floors,
Work and materials in dome,
Work and materials on the hall leading to the gov-

100 00

100 00 10 00 8 00

ernor's room,

60 00 65 00

Plastering the hall leading to the governor's room,
Extra work on 809 feet of base, and materials for the

Extra work on 9 windows below,

137 00 54 00

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