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and to preside over your deliberations—but felt confident that you would extend to me that indulgence and support which honesty and purity of intention will ever command.

I know that I have often erred, but never intentionally, they were errors of ihe head, not the lieart-and from the ing resolution which you have just adopted, I feel assured that I am at least exonerated from any wilful dereliction of duty.

We have endeavored, while acting in our legislative capacity, to pass such laws as would suit the varied interests of our rising territory. Whether those laws are such as are required, time alone will determine; but I hope that our constituents will at least be satisfied that we have done all we could for them, situated as we now are.

As is usual in all deliberative bodies, differences of opinion have unavoidably arisen, out of which hard feelings and heartburnings may for the time have been engendered; but I sincerely hope that when we leave this capitol, we shall also bury all such feelings, and part with those better sentiments of friendship which ennoble and dignify human nature. May we act the part of good christians--forgive as we would be forgiven--and may your constituents, as well as mine, act with the same spirit, and receive us with “ well done, good and faithful servants." Let

me, in conclusion, assure you, gentlemen, that the honor conferred on me by your partiality, will ever be remembered by me as the proudest distinction of my life; and if I have secured your approbation, my cup is full io overflowing.

May you have a safe and speely return to your friends and få milies; and may the blessings of lieaven rest on you and them, both here and hereafter.

I now pronounce this house adjourned without day.




ANNUAL REPORT Of John Y. Smith, Superintendent of Territorial Property.

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To the hon. the Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin Territory:

The superintendent of territorial property would respectfuily beg leave to report:

That in April last he advertised for sealed proposals for furnishing upon the capitol square, for the use of the legislature, two hundred cords of wood. On the 18th of April, the bids were opened, and were as follows: Joshua Boyles,

$1 48% per cord. Peter H. Van Bergen,

1 50 Wm, G. Van Bergen,

1 621 Adam Lemon,

1 87 Wm. C. Wells,

1 75 William A. Webb,

1 73 T. Conkey & S. M. Van Bergen,

2 00 George Lemon,

1 75 Martin Van Bergen,

1 75 Jonathan Larkin,

2 00 Thomas Lindsley,

] 50 Alfred Boyles,

1 74 David Brigham,

2 10 James Lemon,

2 00 Steptoe Catlin,

1 69 Joshua Boyles, being the lowest bidder, was entitled to the contract; but he being absent from Madison, and it being uncertain when he would return, it was given to Peter H. Van Bergen, the next lowest bidder, who appeared and claimed the contract, and at the price above stated, as will further appear from the contract,

of which is herewith submitted, In contracting for the stationery, I did not deem it prudent to

a copy

advertise for sealed proposals, on account of the great variety of kinds and qualities in that line of trade, and the consequent difficulty of making definite specifications which would not be liable to equivocation. I went to Milwaukee, and after careful inquiry at different places, I closed a contract with Mr. P. C. Hale, of that place, a copy of which is also submitted.

In pursuance of a law of the last session of the legislature, the county commissioners of Dane county contracted with Peter H. Van Bergen for new shingling the roof of the capitol, at four hundred and fifty dollars, and also a verbal contract to cover the hips of the main roof with sheet lead. This contract was entered into on the 3d of Jure last, and was to have been completed by the first day of October.

Without any apparent good reason, this contract is not yet falfilled; and some damage has accrued to the building in consequence. The roof, however, is nearly completed, and is well done as far as it has progressed, with the exception of a few items, which should be made good before the work is accepted.

Some time in June last, the clerk of the board of commissioners of Dane county informed me that the commissioners wished to ascertain whether I would give my consent to their doing any thing niore upon the capitol than to new shingle the roof. In reply to this inquiry, I addressed a communication to the board of commissioners, dated June 30th, as follows:

Gentlemen: Your clerk, Mr. Williamson, has corresponded with me, respecting the propriety of undertaking in the name of your county, to re-tin the dome of the capitol. This certainly ought to be done, and if you are disposed to do it, I will readily consent to it; but I am not authorized to bind the territory in any way to pay the

expenses; and if you do it, it must be with the understanding, that so far as any action of mine is concerned, the legislature will be at perfect liberty to pay the expense, or


On the 7th of October last, the commissioners contracted with Peter H. Van Bergen to finish the back piazza and re-tin the lome, for the sum of four hundred and eighty-five dollars. The work on this contract has progressed as rapidly as could have been expected, considering the lateness of the season when it was commenced. The tinning is completed, and it only remains to secure it properly at the top with sheet lead and to renew the sky

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