Manual of British rural sports, by Stonehenge


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Seite 497 - Or, if the ball, from the stroke of the bat, or hand, but not the wrist, be held before it touch the ground, although it be hugged to the body of the catcher ; 17.
Seite 499 - When there shall be more than four players on a side, there shall be no bounds. All hits, byes, and overthrows shall then be allowed.
Seite 373 - If a better be absent on the day of running, a public declaration of the bet may be made on the Course, and a demand whether any person will make stakes for the absent party, and if no person consent to do so, the bet may be declared void.
Seite 497 - If the bowler shall toss the ball over the striker's head, or bowl it so wide that in the opinion of the umpire it shall not be fairly within the reach of the batsman, he shall adjudge one run to the party receiving the innings, either with or without an appeal, which shall be put down to the score of " wide balls." Such ball shall not be reckoned as one of the four balls ; but if the batsman shall by any means bring himself within reach of the ball, the run shall not be adjudged. 13. If the bowler...
Seite 211 - ... be permitted to name, enter, or run, either in his own name or in that of any other person, any horse of which he is either...
Seite 122 - We shall now see if they will hunt as well as run; for there is but little scent, and the impending cloud still makes that little less. How they enjoy the scent! See how busy they all are, and how each in his turn prevails!
Seite 497 - Crease must be in a line with the stumps; six feet eight inches in length; the Stumps in the centre, with a return crease at each end towards the Bowler, at right angles.
Seite 497 - no ball" or a "wide ball," the striker shall be allowed as many runs as he can get, and he shall not be put out except by running out. In the event of no run being obtained by any other means, then one run shall be added to the score of "no balls" or "wide balls," as the case may be. All runs obtained for "wide balls
Seite 353 - ... colt for the subsequent use of the girths which are required to retain the saddle in its place. This should be put on at first with the girths quite loose, and with a crupper in addition, because having already worn one, the tail has become accustomed to its use, and it often prevents the saddle from pressing with undue force upon the withers, which are very sensitive and easily made sore. The colt should be walked out and lunged for a day or two with the saddle on before he is mounted, so as...
Seite 497 - Or, if with any part of his person he stop the ball, which, in the opinion of the umpire at the bowler's wicket, shall have been pitched in a straight line from it to the striker's wicket, and would have hit it.

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